Past, present, future

Anushree dipped the gray muffled rag into the filthy water. She ringed the rag before bending over and wiping against the instruments. She tried her best not to get her burqas wet it was the only one she possessed. After scrubbing the tool properly she then set it aside and reached for another. As she did the same thing to the next tool her niece wiped over the one she just did. Anushree allowed a gracing smile touch against her lips at the sight of a child imitating her actions. Although her smile couldn't be seen it was still worth the energy. Exhaling through her nose Anushree picked up a second tool and scrubbed away. The sun was hot but still gave off its natural beauty, blessing its rays over all of Kashmir. India's wild and most beautiful flowers swayed in the gentle smooth breeze. Such a fine day it was and such a perfect time to teach Anushree's niece the importance of working, the tools were nearly finished indicating it was almost time for the next chore. Anushree leaned over close to the child's side.
"Good job Amana" complimented Anushree as she picked up the many tools careful as not to cut herself. Little Amana followed Anushree from one room to the next. The larger room was the master's room. At the far side laid an elevated bed but wasn't too high off the ground. Fine clay bowls lay neatly around the sides of the clay walls. Some were full of water others were empty and some were full of fine rich soil. Anushree bowed her head respectfully as she crossed the room. Even though master wasn't inside the room at the moment, it was still only proper to bow your head as you cross 'his' room. Anushree turned as did Amana before entering the side room where supplies were kept and all his property including his women.
Anushree lowered herself to her knees slowly and easily demonstrating to Amana how the sit was done. After Amana watched she then copied as well lowering herself trying not to fall over. Anushree watched as Amana gracefully lowered, but then shook her head disapproval when Amana let herself drop at the end of that graceful resting. Anushree gently picked up a clay cup sitting in front of her and demonstrated how to serve a man. Amana's eyes watched carefully as Anushree walked slowly and respectfully from one side of the room where the 'pretend' master was seated. She gracefully held out the cup with both her finger tips resting on the sides and waited for him to take the cup. Once this 'pretend' character the (table) had the cup Anushree then folded her hands in front of her neatly and walked backwards slowly. Amana nodded as she collected the information. Anushree watched as Amana did the same she did. Anushree nodded approval.
"Good job" she said sweetly she was quit good, after all Anushree is 15 and Amana is 7 years old. Amana smiled feeling rather proud of herself for accomplishing this all on her own without any help except for one small little demonstration. Anushree sadly glanced down at the floor. Her master or husband has made it clear that it must be done today no other day but today. Anushree swallowed a guilt lump. There was something about this that seemed wrong. Anushree's niece was taken from her sister and given to her so she could learn the skills of teaching. That was to be her new position here was taking care and teaching the young. Amana was now old enough to marry another. The boy's name that was to marry her was Ghanshyam which means -dark cloud-.

Anushree walked over to one of the shelves that held bottles and boxes full of clay. Anushree grabbed the new burqas she had made the other evening. Anushree walked up beside the happy child and knelt beside her. Amana stared up at Anushree curiously. Anushree ignored those big brown eyes attaching to her. After a deep sigh Anushree quickly slipped the cloth over the girls head tugging at it until only her eyes were showing. Amana whined and complained "no" she snapped as she yanked and pulled at the burqas. But her pleadings and tugging was of no use Anushree only held her grip on the burqas so it wouldn't be pulled off. "You must have this on Amana." Anushree stated as she held the firm grip. Amana broke out into tears and whimpers "I don't want it" she yelled as she pulled trying her best to slip the ray off. Before Anushree could respond she suddenly let go of the burqas when she heard the sounds of footsteps.
Master and the father of Ghanshyam were here. Anushree's heart picked up pace at the sound of the men mumbled a few soft comments. Anushree rushed over to the now bawling child frantically. She threw the long veil over Amanas head again while talking quickly and softly. For it was forbidden to speak in the presence of company.
"Amana, Amana listen." Anushree tried her best to dry Amana's tears with her thumb. "Amana you want to show the guest how well you serve?" Amana nodded while snuffling against her tears. Anushree also wanted to cry but she has learned to hold the tears back. Anushree patted Amana's shoulder reassuringly. "Please do not take the veil off Amana." Amana nodded and snuffled uneasily. Anushree filled the cups with green tea then walked out of the room gracefully and slow. Amana followed.
Anushree bowed her head so low that the back of her neck started to hurt. Amana walked in with her head bowed as well. Anushree lowered the tray so Amana could reach the cups. Trying her best not to spill the tea Amana walked nicely and slowly to the men. The master was severed first, then the guest and Amana's new master. Anushree wasn't able to look at the profile of the boy's face that would be taking Amana away soon. She curled her fist tight and angrily at the thought of Amana leaving with someone that Anushree hadn't even looked upon yet. She heard soft chuckles from the men as they started her conversation. Anushree let her shoulders drop disappointedly, she knew Amana wanted a compliment from how well she severed.
Amana walked backwards until she was standing beside Anushree. They both hung there heads and placed there hands neatly in front of themselves. "Father my wife is the shorter one right?" asked a young voice. "I believe so" an older more mature voice said. Anushree saw Amana tense, Anushree felt pity for her knowing that she hadn't explained to Amana what was to happen. Hopefully she'd take it alright.
Anushree listened to there conversation for a long while feeling the hot stare of the determined boy eyeing both Amana and Anushree. Anushree allowed herself to swallow a little bit nervously but also swallowed slightly so no one would notice. "Amana come here" a strict dark and deep voice demanded. Master had ordered Amana to come forth which she was use to listening to him but. what about these other men? Amana broke out into tears as the boy grabbed her arm both demandingly and playfully he was after all just a child. That's when Amana lost it she pulled back with a growl and fiercely shook under the boys grip. Amana yanked back and rushed into Anushree's legs for safety. But Anushree didn't respond the way Amana wanted her to.
"Please" Amana begged in a childish cry as she cupped
Anushree's baggy pants, "Please, no, please, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, don't send me AWAY!" Amana cried as she buried her face into Anushree's clothing. Anushree wanted so bad to wrap her arms around her but she couldn't. "Please, please, PLEASE!" Amana screamed louder hoping that her aunt would it least make eye contact with her. Anushree also wanted to peer into her eyes but couldn't, knowing that it would only be harder for the both of them. Master stormed angrily towards Amana as did the other older father and master of the little boy. They both tugged and yanked on the little girl until she plucked off of Anushree's pants. Amana's new master swung back and released a kick into Amana's stomach making her scoff before silencing.
Anushree couldn't bare it any longer tears escaped her eyes. The master stormed back into the house and yanked on Anushree's arm hard. The sobbing woman stumbled forward on his tug. He then threw her against the wall and shoved to the ground. Anushree held her hands up in front of her face for protection hoping that, that wouldn't make the situation worse. Her husband pounded to her pulling her hair and smashing her into the wall. Kicking and spiting at her yelling numerous names to insult her and break her spirit. He was angrily and embarrassed that Amana acted the way she did. Running to Anushree did nothing more but make Anushree look very guilty. After kicks and punches Anushree's husband finally turned away back out into India's streets.
Anushree rolled over and cried raising her hands up to cry into them. She didn't cry from the pain of being beaten but the pain of losing someone she truly loved. Anushree rolled on her back then back on her side. But everywhere she turned there was a sore spot that made her whole body wince. She blinked against her swollen eyes trying to adjust everything before standing on top of a pair of wobbling legs. Anushree limped to the window to look at searching frantically for the one she loved but she was no where to be seen. Anushree's stomach sank disappointedly, she turned to continue cleaning and probably should clean the blood spills to.
As she turned Anushree suddenly stopped dead at the sight of something, Anushree's heart stopped her breaths suddenly caught in her throat. At the sight of something Anushree has never seen before.


"Hit-tow-Ha-Ha-He-Haw!" Ikkakujyuu yelled as she struck her teacher again and again. No matter how hard she tried her instructor easily blocked. Ikkakujyuu growled angrily as she struck again and again trying her best to tag him it least once, just one tag is all she wanted. Ikkakujyuu threw her fist forward repeated idly but again her trainer simply dodged. "Damn it" she screamed as she swung her arm back hitting her trainer in the shoulder. He stumbled a foot back and smiled. "Well done Ikkakujyuu," Ikkakujyuu smiled feeling proud for finally pinning him. Not the best spot but it least she got a hit in.
"I did" Ikkakujyuu breathed "I actually did it" her sprits lifting. Suddenly. 'Ka-boom!' Ikkakujyuu's trainer dropped down swinging his legs to hers. Ikkakujyuu fell hard on her back. "New lesson, always be prepared." Ikkakujyuu still lying on her back watched as her trainer walked away down the hill. Ikkakujyuu grabbed at the grass angrily pulling at it fiercely. "Damn" Ikkakujyuu screamed as she sat herself up and rose to her feet. Ikkakujyuu looked out in the distance above her village at the beautiful sunset.
After a long days work and training it was always nice to just sit back and watch the pink and purple sky. Ikkakujyuu smiled as birds flew from the trees giving the sunset look its finishing art. Down below from the hill Ikkakujyuu saw her lively village slow down the heart beating race to a fragile slow and calm pace. Mothers grabbing gently at there children's hands urging them to come inside for the evening, men pushing wheel barrels down the dirt roads to there sheds. And the rest of the farmers led the field goats, cattle, and horses to there rightful stables.
Ikkakujyuu couldn't imagine another village here in Japan that even came close to hers. Ikkakujyuu hugged her knees close to her as she watched the sun dip behind the tall mountains. "Ikkakujyuu, Ikkakujyuu," Ikkakujyuu's mother called from the house below. Ikkakujyuu stood up and rushed down the hill trying her best not trip in her baggy fighting Kimono.

Ikkakujyuu quickly kicked her flip flops off before stepping into the house. Ikkakujyuu excitedly ran across the wooden floor to sit beside her cousin Ayema. She hated being seated next to her brother Kohaku. He always pinched or slapped her to make her yelp at the table which was not a polite thing to do. "Walk Ikkakujyuu," Ikkakujyuu's father reminded her. The fourteen year old slowed her pace but still walked quickly to the spot she wanted. Finally she reached there and politely seated herself on her knees atop the sitting pillow after father and brother had seated themselves. Mother held up her chopsticks waiting for permission to eat. Ikkakujyuu did the same and same with her cousin. Father gave everyone his nod. Ikkakujyuu felt her stomach growl hungrily she reached for the rice first.
Dinner time was always the best part of the day. Waking up to prepare morning meals for the men wasn't fun. Either was washing out the horse's water krait, cleaning the stables, and throwing feed to the hens. Collecting rice seeds wasn't so bad; Ikkakujyuu enjoyed the time with talking with her friends. She just didn't like working under a hot sun. But then again who does? Ikkakujyuu's mother works very hard for everyone. Keeping the house completely spotless, mending the wounded. And preparing the men to battle when they were in war, wars happen a lot lately. Ikkakujyuu dreads on the thought of going into war again.
That is why she is being trained to be one of the finest ninja's that she could possibly be. Her trainer is training her how to use special weapons and also training how to be prepared. The village chief wants both Ikkakujyuu and her brother Kohaku to go out and spy on a far away village who supposedly is planning to attack us. They want the land and women here. Ikkakujyuu smirked 'not if I have anything to do with it.' After a full meal of rice, pickles, and boiled vegetables Ikkakujyuu walked outside to a water barrel to wash her face.
Ikkakujyuu stared at her reflection long and hard. Long straight black hair, creamy white skin, and a heart shaped mouth. She was definitely pretty that's how she got her name Ikkakujyuu, which means unicorn. Ikkakujyuu admired herself for a moment then shook her head looking away. She hated this life being a woman; she wanted to be a samurai more than anything. But wasn't aloud because of the gender she was. Her father and village rules all in all Japan doesn't allow women to fight. The closest to anything that Ikkakujyuu was aloud to become was one of the village ninja's to spy and protect the village. There was another time that Ikkakujyuu wanted to be a Buddha but wasn't aloud 'again' because of her gender.
"Why couldn't I have been a boy?" Ikkakujyuu asked herself as she splashed water on her face wiping on her face gently. Ikkakujyuu reached over grabbing her Kama which is naturally a weeding tool that farmers use but Ikkakujyuu sometimes used it for training. She broke out into a slight yawn as she walked back inside the house. Across the room folded neatly on the shelf lay a beautiful Kimono. Ikkakujyuu slipped it on over her baggy fighters wear. "Ikkakujyuu feed the dog" Ikkakujyuu's mother called. "Yes momma" Ikkakujyuu whispered softly so as not to wake the neighbors or brother. Ikkakujyuu turned around then froze her heart skipped a beat at the sight of something she's never seen before. She held the Kama close praying to any god that would listen to send this away.


Dear Grandmother,

I've received the letter you've sent to me. Thank you dearly for that. School is swell still full of laughter and joy. I've been spending my days reading 'Two ships down wing' it's a lovely book I highly suggest reading it when given the chance. Mother, Father, Brother, and sisters are swell, I myself am still learning the English language and working hard on hand writing, literature, and mathematics. My days are long and tiring but still warm. Yes the weather is nice indeed it is. Warm breezes and lots of lovely blossoms this year. I'm working in a play; I hope to get the role of Isabel. Mother and I recently returned from a formal ballet dance it was simply outstanding and beautiful. My brother is working heavily on his art and might even send his paintings in the art museum when older. It's nice to hear from you Grandmother and I hope to hear from you again.

Sincerely: Hazlet Ilsa

Ilsa snapped her head to the side allowing her milky honey like hair to flip over her shoulder. It was mid afternoon almost time for tea. Ilsa slipped her letter into the fine blue envelope before writing her grandmother's address on it. Then headed down stairs for tea with her younger sisters and mother, as she neared the parlor Ilsa took the time to check over herself making sure she looked it least seemingly presentable. Wearing a dark knee high skirt that hugged her hips perfectly long sleeved white button down blouse, and white high heels without nylons on. Her hair wasn't up today which will probably make mother grunt but it least it was straight without waves or curls.
Ilsa entered the parlor smiling the best smile she could possibly put on. Ilsa saw through the light her two young twin siblings sitting beside there mother at the small round tea table. The sun shined through the window giving her family a bright and colorful look. The twins had short blond hair that curved in at the bottom towards there plump pink faces. They wore knee high black dresses with white stripes, a bonnet the same texture as there dresses. And young heels for there sizes the color black. Ilsa smiled at the family picture before her eyes. Mother was the prettiest of them all. Chestnut hair, blue eyes, and perfect skin, wearing loose gray pants that came up to her waist and bell bottomed at the feet. She had on a thick black belt to hug her pants close, and white short sleeved blouse tucked into her pants. She also wore fine pearled necklace and ear rings. Where as Ilsa only wore small blunt silver ear rings.
"Ilsa darling you hair" Ilsa's mother said before taking a sip of her tea. Ilsa seated herself across her mother. "What mother, do you not like the natural beauty of my hair being hung down?" Mother stirred in some cream to her younger daughter's cups. "I truly adore your hair Ilsa but it's just boring that's all." Ilsa sipped on her tea again trying to ignore what her mother had just said. "So how are your studies going?"
"Fine mum" Ilsa said simply as she nibbled on a biscuit. "Well your father won't be showing home until late again." Ilsa almost choked on her tea as she shot a look at her mother. "Again. but why?" Before Ilsa's mother could answer Ilsa shot up from her chair and rushed to her mother's side. "Momma" Ilsa pleaded as she gave her mother a tug. "Now settle yourself Ilsa, I'm not sure exactly why all I know is that you father is doing work. You know how it is and everything being a German officer and all." Ilsa looked down sadly not feeling up for seating herself again. "Mamma look!" One of the twins gasped. Both Ilsa and her mother looked up to see.
"What in the world?" Ilsa's mother said with her mouth handing wide open. Ilsa's eyes widened. Ilsa's mother snatched at her younger daughters and pulled them toward her. "Ilsa run outside quickly!" Mother snapped. But Ilsa couldn't move she could only stare on feeling completely paralyzed. "Ilsa did you hear me I said get back!" Ilsa took a step forward. "No, no Ilsa! GET BACK I SAY!" Two African cook slaves walked around the corner to see what was going on. Both jumped back startled "Don't just stand there you fools get help!" Both slaves ran like mad out of the parlor outside. Ilsa reached her hand up. "ILSA, ILSA, ILSA!!!"


"Pick it up boy!" The guard yelled as he kicked sand into Cornelius's face. Cornelius flinched dipping his head down to shield himself. The guard kicked Cornelius in the side. "I said pick it up!" Cornelius grabbed the bucket full of water well. half full of water then scurried away feeling embarrassed. 'I can't believe I tripped in front of a guard!' Cornelius ran as fast as he could trying his best not spill the left over water. He was only aloud to have one pale of water a day and had to share the water with his younger sister Cornelia. Cornelius ran down the crowded streets keeping the pale of water low towards the road so it wouldn't spill. Cornelius burst through the door to the stoned house finding his sister sitting far across the room holding a ragged doll.
"Cornelia I fetched water come and drink." Cornelius watched as his sister walked over to the pale and cupped the water in her hands. She was so beautiful and looked nearly identical to mother. Thin gold papers cut in the shapes of vines weaved in her pulled back hair. She wore what all girls are required to wear, white nearly sleeveless dresses that hung reaching Cornelia's ankles. She wore flip flops very rarely only to go outside in. The rest of the day she went barefoot. Cornelius wore a similar form of clothing but somewhat different. He wore a long shaggy nearly sleeves white gown. Also a gold colored belt pulled around his waist held some of the dragging gown up. He wore flip flops all the time which gave his thin flip flops a worn out look to them.
He to had vines weaving and wrapping around his head and hair, except his vines weren't gold colored they were more like greenish bluish. Cornelia stopped sipping and pulled back allowing her brother to finish. Her brother reminded her of Hercules. Of course she's only heard of there god Hercules through stories, but still she was sure she knew what Hercules looked like. Her brother had strong thick arms of muscle indicating that he had been working for quit some time as one of the guard's slaves.
Cornelia even at the age of seven also was a slave. During these hours she came home to rest and wait for water breaks with her brother than cleaned the house for the rest of the evening until nightfall. She was to be wedded to one of the older slaves on the day of her eighth birthday coming very soon. Cornelius dreaded that day, he would be so lonely here in there mother and father's home by himself. He enjoyed the mornings waking up to see his sister working or cooking for him. He enjoyed watching her by the river when she's at play with the very few friends she has. Well it least she has friends as where Cornelius has none. No time to play anyways so he didn't dread on that too much. "You clean and prepare yourself a meal I'll be back by night fall." Cornelius said as he set the bucket aside. Cornelia knew he was going to say that. He says the same thing to her every day. Sometimes she wonders if he even remembers there days of laughing and playing and talking together. Does he even like her anymore? Surely he loves her but does he like her?
"Yes Cornelius" Cornelia said politely as she bowed her head. She stood and walked back to her doll. She seated herself with her doll in hand then turned her head so she could say one last thing to Cornelius. But stopped at the sight of something, Cornelia squinted her eyes couldn't quit figure what it was. Cornelius also caught the sight and also couldn't look away he was extremely afraid so scared he couldn't even speak.
"C.C. Cornelia?" He stuttered leaning back to grab her hand. Cornelia grabbed it but never left her eyes from the. thing.. NEVER


"YAH, YAH, YAH!" The horse flew over the plains and through the woods. The sounds of the hoofs pounding the ground and pots, pans, and silverware clinging together lifted Anthony's spirits. He leaned forward urging his steed to ride faster. "Go men kill the thief!" Someone cried from behind. Anthony laughed as he loosened his grip from the reins giving his horse some head space. He gave the animal another kick in the side. The horse grunted before leaping forward and fast. Through the corners of Anthony's eyes he saw arrows being flown at him stabbing at the ground beside him. "Come on now YAH!" He seethed as he pushed his horse forward. When given the chance Anthony glanced behind him at the knights chasing him. He laughed again pleasingly so many times has a played cat and mouse with these people and so many times has he always one. Why not have some fun while he's at it?
Recognizing the land he was on Anthony pulled the reins hard on the right making his horse turn. The animal shifted and galloped into a shadowy part of the woods down a rugged path. Once the soldiers were out of sight Anthony yanked his horse to the side before sliding off. "Run home" He ordered as he slapped the horse's rump. The sounds of soldiers coming closer made Anthony jump both nervously and excited idly.
"Which direction did he go to?" One of the soldiers said looking around. "Damn you! You don't know which direction the bloody thief has gone to!" Another soldier angered back. "How am I supposed to know he was right here?" The soldiers bickered back and forth until they finally decided to press on.
"OH~O~O~O boys" Anthony called from up a tree. All soldiers looked towards the direction from where the voice came from. Once they saw him they regretted it. Anthony drew out his sword swung it back and bit down on a rope. That's when a giant log came out of know where flying down to where the men on there horses were. The log knocked all but three men off. The men landed in mud others landed in thorn bushes, some haven't even landed yet. Anthony laughed as he hopped down from the tree landing perfectly on his feet. "Do you like it? I've been working on it for some time now. I'm glad it works." The men on horses frowned as they slid from there horses. "Return the items you have taken or by god there will be blood spilt here today." Anthony held up his sword so the point was aimed at the man on the horse. "So you want to fight then lad?"
"I beg your pardon but.. Lad? I happen to be 22 years old." Anthony said as he swung his sword forward. The guard easily blocked the attack. "Anyone who steals is no more but a lad!" He threw his sword back but Anthony blocked. Both swords clanged together hitting one another bouncing off one another, Anthony did his best to stay on his feet. He lunged, pulled back, and spun. The guard wasn't an easy opponent but Anthony kept on it swinging and throwing the sword here and there. The guard swept his sword below Anthony planning to strike and nail Anthony in the legs but Anthony jumped up dodging the attack. "I say. where are you aiming at?" Both men leapt forward at one another and both not making a single hit.
The guard swung his sword up and over aiming towards Anthony's shoulder. Anthony moved his hand from the handle of the sword down to the blade cutting his hand a little in the process. But did this for a good purpose Anthony used the handle to block the flying sword and smirked. "I say you don't know who I am." Anthony said as he stepped forward hitting the guard's sword away. "I know damn well who you are! A thief a Jew a dirty filthy street rat!" Anthony pulled back then threw forward managing a slice across the guard's face.
"No I am the son of John Williams" *swords slap* "Son of an excellent swordsman" *swords slaps again* "And he's taught me well" Anthony swiped down and up knocking the guard's sword completely out of his hands. The guard dropped to his knees hesitating a bit before glancing defeat. Anthony smirked "Well it looks like one has bowed before a lad." The guard bowed his head "please I beg of you please spare me." Anthony stared long and hard battling the decision to slice or hold back. He's killed many times this one should be no different. Anthony sheathed his sword and smiled "That'll do man" he then scurried away down the muddy road. Color was already changing around him. Dark gray clouds took over the sky making everything seem shadowy and misty outside. A soft rain took place making Anthony haste a little faster.
The rain went from soft to hard thumping to the ground and against the leaves on the trees. Anthony picked his pace up as he flew down the road heavily. Shelter shouldn't be far from here.' He thought as he turned off the path. Puddles and mud slides already started to form as the rain poured hard now and thick. Anthony could barely keep his eyes open from how much rain was being poured.
Anthony slowed down into a jog when he laid eyes upon something. What is that thing? He thought as he came to a complete stop. 'Thump, thump, thump' Anthony's horse thumped over the land and stopped beside him. Anthony, not leaving his eyes from this thing, patted his horse's side before climbing upon it. He shifted his weight side to side for a good fit before staring back down at the thing curiously. That's when....


"Excuse me, pardon me, I'm sorry" Matt said as he hurried down the hall trying to keep his papers close. Matt's heart sped up as he dodged through the people. 'I have three minutes and twenty-two seconds before I'm late to my destination in lab 4B!' Matt rushed zig-zagged lines weaving through the people in his way. Every now and then he bumped someone completely down but had to ignore it as he continued his running. Finally three guards, seven speakers, and nine scientist later (that's how many he knocked down) Matt reached the lab door. He shuffled his papers and folders to his farthest right so he had a free hand. With his free hand he placed smacked dab in the middle of the door. A computer like voice came on.

Age 18, weight 113 lbs, height 5'6, red hair, green eyes, freckles (some), code # 1H26, welcome back Matt- Linderman

The sliding doors opened revealing a white lab so white it would have blinded Matt had he not been use to this whiteness by now. Scientist walked back and forth across the white floors, there white robes blended them into the white walls. Some scientist wore goggles meaning they were busy in there experiments. Others carried clip boards and stacks of books or paper. Matt stepped inside listening and waiting for the doors to close behind him before rushing through the white room to his office just around the corner. He kicked open the door and made a wild dash into his computer chair. As quickly as he could Matt typed hungrily at his keyboard. It didn't take him long to type the passwords to open up his files after all he broke the typing record, able to type at 2,459 w.p.m!
Finally Matt's files opened. Matt smiled "yes" he whispered excitedly as he added his new files to the ones on his computer. A knock came out the door breaking Matt from his work only slightly. "Come in" he said calmly as he continued typing away. A woman scientist appeared at the door. "Excuse Mr. Linderman sorry to interrupt but you have a call on line two." Matt nodded "Very well thank you" She bowed her head respectfully as she closed his door. Matt didn't want to leave his eyes from his computer and most certainly didn't want to stop typing. He leaned back reaching out one hand to grab the phone. His other hand was still typing busily. That's when (CONK) Matt's whole chair flipped back. Matt stood up dusting himself then looked around to make sure no one saw.
Feeling pretty embarrassed Matt leaned over and grabbed his phone pressing the number two on it. "Hello?" Matt asked as he sat back down to type and talk at the same time.

Phone conversation

"Matt it's me Rickey"

"Oh hey Rickey how's it going?"

"Matt I really need those files how far are you on them"

"I got them done last night I'll e-mail them to you"

"Thanks Matt oh and a. no mistakes right?" "No mistakes Rickey"

"Great I'll see ya later"

"Ok bye" Matt hung up

End of conversation

Matt sighed Rickey always made him do his work and e-mail it to him. But if Matt didn't then Rickey would beat him up. That was defiantly not something Matt wanted to deal with and besides he is the smartest robot in the whole laboratory anyway. So doing someone else's work wasn't so bad. Matt typed away fast allowing his fingers and mind to do the rest. That's when something strange happened all the files suddenly disappeared leaving a thing on the screen. Matt leaned forward wondering what it was. "What the?" he said as he reached out a hand to touch the computer screen.


'Up and down, up and down, up and down.' Joey repeated this in his head for a long time. It was the rhythm he used when chopping would. Oh how miserable it was, chopping in humid air not hot nor cold, plus the fact that Joey wore thick stockings, trousers, and a ring hat. After a neat pile was made from the chippings of wood Joey collected it and carried it all back to the wood shed. 'Winter was coming soon making chores longer and harder.' Joey picked up his ax and walked into the woods. Pa was busy salting the meat while ma and sis were sewing, cleaning, and tying vegetables together on strings. The pigs were shot yesterday and were being hung in the meat house right now. All the cows were killed about a week ago and they to were being hung and salted. Rabbits, one bear, a moose, and tons of fish were going through the same process.
Sis had stored the berries as long as they could last so tonight they shall feast on rotten but sweet berries. Milk, cheese, and bread were all stored away for the long lonely winter. Seeing how the wood shed was only half full of woof Joey figured pa would probably be wanting more wood? Joey stomped through the leaf covered terrain in search of good ole dry logs to chop. Not many squirrels or monks out in this type of weather. Joey thought as he looked around.
Last year when he was twelve Joey use to kill them squirrels and monks with a sling shot. But pa said now that he's twelve he aint need for a sling shot toy, he needs to learn to be a man. Therefore pa gave Joey his very first gun. They weren't nice like war muskets but they were still pretty and needed to be fed powder in order to work. Joey carried his ax, on his back was his gun, and hanging on his belt was the powder holder for his musket. Inside one of his boots lay a pocket knife pa said to always carry with him. And stuffed inside Joey's hat was one of ma's biscuits he stole while they was fresh. Because sometimes pa says he can't eat and should allow ma and sis to eat first.
Joey would be damn if he'd let his sis eat and him starve again. Joey swung his ax up then down biting hard on the logs to make good sized fire wood. The mosquitoes were already growing thick and there were a lot of them to. Joey stopped here and there to slap at the annoying insects then carried on with his work. The sound the ax made against the wood made the whole forest seem to shake. Joey sighed wiping sweat of his forehead then leaned down and scooped the wood up to carry back. He hitched his ax against his belt ignoring the long ax handle that banged against his legs when he walked. That's when Joey noticed something very wrong. 'The birds stopped chirping.' He thought to himself as he saw the house come into view. That's when he saw a well. he wasn't quit sure what it was but it was defiantly a something. Joey blinked a few times making sure he wasn't imagining it. Then reached a hand up to.


".So does anyone know why General Meade was second guessing there attack on round top?" Monica sunk low in her seat. Maybe if she was low enough her stupid teacher wouldn't call on her. "Monica, perhaps you know the answer?" Monica cursed her luck as she rose to a proper sitting position since everyone obviously was staring at her. "Why General Meade was uneasy of course. everyone knows that." The class chuckled knowing Monica defiantly didn't know the answer. Everyone knew Monica as the best female skater, basketball co captain of her team, and the class clown. But never has she been known as the 'smarty' or 'nerd' or 'bookworm.' Monica swallowed hard as she worked up the best answer she could possibly think of. Truth-be-told Monica didn't even know who this 'general Meade' was.
"Well you see. uh. He uh." That's when it hit her, a brilliant answer that her teacher could never turn down. ".Mr. Meade was deaf." Monica watched as her teacher leaned against her desk heavily "death Monica?" Monica smiled feeling proud of her answer. "That's right deaf, you see general Mad I mean Meade was a very secretive man indeed he was. He had secrets from sucking his thumb to wearing girl underwear all the way back to being deaf. You see he knew the Union army was at round top waiting for him and uh. he uh. didn't want the. enemy uh. sneaking up on him since he couldn't hear. That's why he decided to attack them instead of them attacking him.
So uh. yeah. that's my answer." Monica seated herself with an ear to ear smile. Monica's teacher Mrs. Huges walked up until she was standing right in front of Monica's desk. "Monica, you do understand that it's two marks on the bad list for not paying attention in class and its three marks for making a scene in my classroom." Monica's stomach sunk and her smile fell. "O-f. of course I know that Mrs. Huges, and might I say how beautiful looks today."
"Monica" Mrs. Huges growled. Monica's shoulders dropped preparing herself for what she knew was coming. "Yes" she said weakly. "To detention NOW!" Monica let out a long sigh as she stood and walked out of the room. Then laughed to herself as she walked down the hall.
School ended three hours later (let the fun begin). Monica, without hesitation, grabbed her skateboard and ran outside towards the skate park. Her long dark, dark, dark brown hair whipped from side to side as she ran. Her heavy green eyes full of excitement and joy as she neared her destination and a little but strong, tan framed body moving swiftly along the sidewalk. After leaving school premises Monica released her board and hopped on it. Scooting herself from the sidewalk to the road leaning into the wind to increase her speed. Monica let a smile grace her lips as she started to think about meeting up with her friends. John, Michael, Timmy, Samantha, Julie, Gaia, and of course Allie, Monica scooted herself faster increasing her speed more.
Gaia was the first to great her as she entered the park. "Hi Monica" Monica smiled as she slapped on her knee pads. "Hello Gaia, what do you have today?" Gaia smiled as she held her paper up to Monica had a better view. A picture drawn from a pencil, an excellent sketch of the skateboards. It almost looked like she had taken a video of one of the skaters then traced the picture onto the paper. Monica smiled "nice work Gaia, hey where is everyone." Skaters filled the park but the rest of Monica's friends were no where in sight. "They went to by sodas they'll be back pretty soon." Monica's shoulders dropped she was planning to skate with her friends today and couldn't wait around all day long for them to return. "Hey Gaia grab your board lets skate." Monica watched as Gaia slid her art notebook in her backpack before grabbing her skate board and skated down the slope with Monica.
Both friends skated long and hard neither of them messed up nor fell down as they claimed the whole skate park. Evening skies took over indicating play time was up. Both Gaia and Monica skated home of course unlike Gaia Monica wasn't too thrilled to get home so soon. Monica walked up the porch and slid off her shoes in front of the little gray house before her. Monica let out one more final sigh before entering. All was quite (so far) Monica smirked. She was expecting hollering and crying. Monica turned the corner down the hall to her bedroom to set her skateboard down. That's when she heard it.
"Sam no Sam!" Monica whipped around to see her stepfather glaring an evil death glare at Monica. But Monica wasn't afraid she simply stared back. Monica watched as her mother grabbed a hold of Sam's arm. "Please Sam leave her alone she has nothing to do with any of this." Sam ignored as he held up an empty beer bottle pointing it at Monica. "Where the hell have you been all day?" He asked in a drunken voice. Monica frowned as she grabbed a hold of her door. "At school" she said before slamming the door shut. She heard on the other side Sam pound his fist into the door. "Open the god damn door now!" Monica ignored completely use to the yelling and screaming. She seated herself at her desk to do her homework (that's she's really not good at)
"Sam stop leave her alone she has no part in this." Monica's mother yelled trying her best to calm Sam down. Monica bowed her head low trying to block the screaming from her ears as she looked at one of her problems. That's when. SMACK. something wasn't right. That sound wasn't the sound of Monica's drunken father tripping over his drunken self. It wasn't the sound of Monica's sister slamming the front door. And it sure as hell wasn't the sound of Monica's cat Nancy playing with her plastic mouse. Monica jumped up and rushed to the door.
She opened it to see her mother clear across the other side of the room with a bloody nose. Monica's eyes widened, she opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out. Her heart pounded and her throat suddenly went raw. "M-. mom" Monica choked as she observe red the scene before her.
"I'm alright dear it's ok." Monica watched with teary eyes as her mother stood up wiping her bloodied nose. "Sam now take it easy Hun. I only want to talk to you." "Shut up bitch!" Monica's heart skipped a beat when she witnessed Sam's hand bite across Monica's mother's face. Monica's eyes widened and a pinching sensation that soon unfolded into fire bursting and boiling inside her took over her instincts. Monica found herself walking fast no. running in Sam's direction. She couldn't stop she wasn't sure why she was running but she was, and really she didn't care to even stop herself. Monica body slammed Sam hard.
Both Monica and her step-father fell to the floor. Monica quickly pushed herself up on her knees before flopping over the man and throwing punches to his face. She felt under her fist Sam's cartilage in his nose pop. Monica cringed inwardly but didn't think much of it since her anger took over completely. Monica punched down again and again completely exposing her anger. "Monica NO STOP NOW!" Monica didn't stop she couldn't stop even if she wanted to. "MONICA!!" Monica's mother screamed so loud and hard the whole house seemed to have shook. Monica's eyes widened in surprise that her mother screamed loud now but not when Monica was getting beat up by this ugly stupid arrogant freak.
Monica felt her mother grip her arms and yank her away from Sam. Monica watched as her mother helped her husband to his feet. He coughed a little "Sam are you alright.? Answer me Sam!" Sam pushed Monica's mother away slightly as he moved his gaze to Monica and held it there. Monica's frowned deepened. "Don't you ever hit my mother again" She said in a threatening tone. Monica's mother faced her daughter angrily. "No Monica. stay out of it. stay out of it!" She snapped. Monica's eyes widened and her face re- composed. "What? Why the hell are you sticking up for him after what he's done to you huh why!"
"Monica" Her mother said in a surprisingly tone. Monica shot him another death glare before heading towards the door. "Screw this" she scoffed as she left the house. "Monica. Monica!" Monica ignored as she walked down the sidewalk with her hands in her pockets not to sure as to where she was going. Dark gray clouds and soon a heavy rain filled the sky. Monica quickened her steps that's when she had this feeling like. well. it's hard to explain what it was. All she knew was that it was coming closer and closer. Monica didn't look behind her instead she quickened her pace bowing her head down. The feeling made intension grow thicker Monica broke out into a soft jog. She rushed down the sidewalk before quickly turning down an alley covered in puddles and ditches. Monica felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up as she ran down the muddy alley.
Finally reaching a dead end Monica turned around to face the guy who was following her. "Stop following m-." Monica was suddenly cut off to see a glowing blue floating ball. Monica's eyes widened as her heart thumped widely inside her ears. The ball hovered closer until it was just inches away from Monica. She tensed feeling her blood run cold she took a few steps back. She opened her mouth to scream but noting came out. Monica's heat raced as the thing kept nearing. Monica backed up until her back hit up against a wall.
She picked up a rock and threw it at the ghostly figure. The rock simply went through the floating orb but never went out the other side. That's when the sudden urge to reach a hand up to it took over Monica's mind, soul, and body. She couldn't struggle and couldn't pull away only look on in awe. The floating ball suddenly looked pretty to her and couldn't resist the feel of the aura around the ball.

Monica reached her hand out inside the ball. That's when. Monica's world and time was changed altogether. All Monica's bones suddenly felt squishy like liquid, her vision went cloudy, and she no longer heard the sound of anything at all. Her eyes closed as Monica was sucked into eternal darkness.

Planets, sun, blue and purple colors

Dinosaurs, Mrs. Huges, skateboard after skateboard

Sam beating on mother

Sister playing in the backyard

F- on my test

Swirls, football, hot dog

Mrs. Baker lives across the street

Stars, wait a shooting star!

Fire, lava, a volcano

A seal is swimming in the water

Three no four maybe twelve monkeys

Its raining syrup mommy!

Monica fasten your seatbelt now!

Gaia where is everyone

Where were you all day!

Why do you stick up for him all the time!

Grandpa when are you going to stop smoking?

General Meade. Death

Yellow, green, orange

Rainbow in my shower

Black roses?
Monica blinked a few times adjusting her eyesight. 'This noise what is it? It's so annoying.' Monica thought as she looked around. 'Where am I?' Monica examined her surroundings a cave? Moss covered only parts of the cave while the rest walls and ground alike was nothing more but gray stone. Monica pushed herself up on a pair of wobbly legs noticing that behind was a waterfall. That's when something else met the eye. 'Other people? Who are they what are they doing here?' Monica blinked a little more still trying to decide if this was a dream or not and that's when. "All have come" A loud rugged voice echoed through the dark cave. Monica's heart thumped. She snapped her head to the right to look at the other people. Everyone seemed just as surprised as Monica was. 'Thump, thump, thump' the whole cave shook as a massive dragon loomed out of the shadows. "Hello" it said with a loud deep voice.
"....." Monica saw from the corner of her eye a boy wearing long knee high gray stockings, trousers, and a weird looking hat stepped up motionless staring at the dragon he raised his hand pointing at the dragon then. "AAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!" He screamed loud and hard. Monica and the other people followed in. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
The dragon closed his eyes as if to hide away from the noise. Everyone stopped screaming together and stared quietly before everyone spun on there heels all at the same time and ran fast very fast to. anywhere but here. Monica didn't care she just didn't care she had to get out of here. She wasn't sure what was happening, but for someone reason she couldn't believe that this was a dream it had to be real. Monica pumped her arms and legs faster than her body even allowed. Tears streamed down Monica's face as she jumped through the waterfall followed by the rest of the people. Monica's heart pounded her legs growing numb from running so hard but that didn't stop her.
Sweat beaded down Monica's forehead as she ran through the woods. Bushes and tree branches grabbed and ripped at her trying to force her back but Monica pressed on. Monica meant to jump over a log but instead crashed into a. boy wearing a long white robe and leaf like things in his hair. Both Monica and the boy screamed at each other before standing and running opposite directions. 'WHATS HAPPENING!!!!' Anthony, who still had his horse, raced through the terrain dodging trees yelling "HA YAW!" Anushree picked up her heavy robe running through the field with Ikkakujyuu. Cornelia and Joey charged through the creek screaming. Monica kept tripping over the thick tree roots bulging out of the ground. The second she fell she immediately stood up again and raced across the land.
Massive wings flapped against the air making strong winds form. Monica looked up above to see the large reptile flying over head. Monica let out a small scream as she covered her head for protection. The dragon glided over the land and the tops of the trees spotting out all nine of the people. Some running in the east others the west. One thing was for sure though the dragon couldn't let them get into the left side of the valley. That would mean there were out of reach. The dragon blew out a whirl of fire creating a long chain of flames to keep them from going any further. Monica gasped as the flame appeared before her. She fell backwards on her hands and looked around frantically. She heaved deep breaths as she looked around for some sort of protection. Then rushed under a willow tree. Monica sunk down hugging her knees and shaking unbelievably hard.
The dragon dropped down so it was gliding over the land just barely off the ground. Anthony turned around to see the dragon gaining on him. As quick as a whip he turned his horse a sharp turn to the left. But never got far. The dragon reached out a massive clawed hand capturing both the rider and horse. He flew up towards the sky planning to use height as a weapon against the man. Anthony shouted out curses as he struggled for his sword in the beasts grip.
The dragon drew its hand up until its eyes shinned into Anthony's. Anthony could only stared fearing for what was to happen next. The dragon dropped him, then watched as he fell screaming. The horse also fell kicking it legs and tossing its head about as both Anthony and his steed fell. Right as Anthony reached the tops of the trees the dragon darted down in incredible speed catching Anthony right before he hit the ground. Anthony gasped while waving his arms. "Please have mercy on me!" he cried as he dangled from the dragon. "Listen carefully ALL of you." The dragon begun. Monica lifted her head from the protection of her legs to listen but still to scared to come out. "I mean no harm please all settle yourself and follow me back to the cave. The dragon placed Anthony down then started to walk a lizard like walk back his domain. Before entering the cave he turned his long neck so he could say one last thing. "If you want to know that empty feeling you feel. Then enter my cave and I shall tell you who you are." Monica's eyes widened as she heard the sound of the dragon pull himself through the waterfall.
Anthony patted his horse's side for comfort both for himself and the noble. He panted as he leaned against the animal heavily. Anushree was tight in between to boulders sitting on her knees and panting from the long run. The fire died down and the breeze swept over her. She closed her eyes forcing back her tears. 'What's happening to me?' Cornelia was buried her brothers tight embrace as he protected her dearly both panting heavily. Ilsa was sitting three trees away from Monica panting with wide, wide eyes. 'An empty feeling?' she asked herself as she bit down on her lower lip. An Hour past and Monica still was seated under the willow every now and then she pinched herself to see if she was sleeping. Sometimes she clawed at the ground.
Evening was already falling making everything seem much more shallow and comforting. Finally Monica did what she knew was for the best, she stood and slowly walked back down the trail to the cave. Anthony, Matt, Ilsa, Ikkakujyuu, Anushree, Cornelia-Cornelius, and Joey watched as Monica neared the cave. Ilsa stood "Is she mad? She'll be killed." Anthony who only stood a little ways from her shook his head. "No she's smart and brave."