New Blood/Quinn269

New Blood


April Quinn

Chapter 6

Nikolai set down a glass of blood wine in front of Marie. At first, she tried to ignore him. Then she sat glaring. Finally, she took a sip and pushed it away. This was definitely not one of the better parts of being a vampire. She had always fantasized about it, and in her fantasies she must have just thought it would come naturally. Or once she craved it, the craving would make her forget she once found it disgusting. She wished that was the case.

He made a tired sound and leaned close. "Keep this up and I will assume you prefer to drink from me." He gave her a feral smile that made her pulse quicken in response.

She quickly grabbed the glass and downed the contents like a person dieing of thirst. Then she slammed it back down and stuck out her tongue to show she was finished.

"If that was not the actions I had been planning on, I would be hurt by your reaction," he chuckled and kissed her temple before taking the glass away.

"Can we go check on Aimee before heading out to buy me clothes?" she asked hopefully, wanting to show off her new look to someone. Aimee wasn't going to like it, but she might as well get this out of the way.

"Lucian is bringing her here. It should not be much longer."

She looked at him disbelieving. "She agreed to come back?"

"Apparently," He said with a note of teasing in his voice. He took her hand and led her towards the front door. They stepped outside together to see the other couple coming up the steps.

Aimee blinked at Marie confused. "What the," she began. "I leave you alone for one night and look what happens to you."

"I'm thinner and I like it. My hair grew back, though," she gave a small pout and blew at the hair hanging in her face. "I don't need contacts anymore either and it's like my empathy got a super kick."

I adore your hair, mio cuore, her bloodmate murmured to her intimately. His hand slid from hers and to her back.

"And all this happened from the bit of blood he gave you last night? Don't tell me you let them make you a vampire already!" Aimee's hands balled into fists and Marie could tell it was to keep from strangling her.

"I really didn't have a choice in it." Marie tried to explain to her friend. "But, I'm not sorry at all that it happened. So you can't force me to feel guilty."

"I just bet you're all happy," the fiery tempered redhead rolled her eyes. "So they forced you?"

Her emerald eyes went to Nikolai accusingly and he gathered his bloodmate to him protectively. "I turned her to save her life." He looked back at her stonily, not backing down to her temper.

"And who endangered her life?"

"Me, and it was purely accidental."

"Really." She crossed her arms and looked disbelieving.

"Aimee! It was my fault, really. He's just too nice to admit that. I failed to tell him I was very anemic." She stepped forward to defend Niko. "So he did not know to give me less blood for a simple blood link."

Someone who has telepathic abilities should've known, came the angry response in Aimee's mind. Marie heard it as clearly as if it had been spoken to her. She opened her mouth to give an angry retort but Nikolai squeezed her arm gently to prevent the fight from escalating.

"Anyways," Marie said to try and change the subject before to waylay the fight as Niko wanted. "Because of my new body and the fact that I really didn't bring anything with me, Niko is taking me shopping. I am definitely going to raid Hot Topic and get all the clothes I either couldn't get in my size or couldn't afford before." She smiled encouragingly at her friend. "I'll get you something while I'm there."

"You can't bribe me to like him," Aimee thumbed towards Niko; then Lucian, "or him." Then she looked at Niko and chuckled, "She only likes you for your vampire abilities and pocket book."

"And for my ability to-"

Marie elbowed him in the side. "You are a dirty man! And a total liar!" She put her hands on her hips and looked at the others. "I am very much still a virgin."

"You are very harsh on him," Lucian finally spoke laughingly.

"Well someone has to be," Marie huffed. "He totally has too big an ego for himself."

"Good; he needs you to do that."

"She is not as harsh as your own, dear friend," Niko returned with a chuckle and tugged Marie close. "Let us go and leave them to work out their own issues."

Marie nodded and gave Aimee another reassuring smile before moving down the steps with her bloodmate. He took her into his arms and did the quick travel thing again; within seconds they were outside the local mall. She looked around in shock, not at the speed, but at the fact that other people could have seen them.

Not to worry; I simply cloud their minds so they do not notice anything amiss, Nikolai told her.

Full of yourself, Marie sing-songed in his head teasingly as she headed for the front entrance. "We should probably get my bathroom stuff and other essentials before moving on to clothes." She nodded and headed for one of the bath and beauty boutiques.

Marie started to grab soaps, shampoos, lotions, and other feminine hygiene products. She paused by the kotex and got confused. She had never had any books she read address this part of being a vampire. But then, most didn't say they could get pregnant. So did a vampire get her period?

She looked at Nikolai, indecision clearly written across her face.

He chuckled and shook his head. "No, you do not need such things. Our bodies are made to consume blood, not waste it. I mean, we live for hundreds of years; so if we were as fertile as humans we would have hundreds of children. We would overtake the world in vampires."

"Some of us wouldn't complain," She winked at him with a cheeky grin.

"But, if we wipe out the humans, then there goes our food source. As awful as that may sound to someone who was recently human." She felt a comforting energy flowing from him. He wanted to make sure he hadn't insulted or alarmed her in any way. His tenderness was one of the many things she was finding so endearing and making her fall so fast for him. "Anything else you need from this store?"

"Nothing that can't wait until we are at our permanent home," she smiled wistfully at the thought of a home with Nikolai. It was a thought that warmed the heart.

He took her things up to the cashier to pay for them. While he did that, she wandered back to the entrance. Across the way was a cosmetics store. She tilted her head and started towards this store.

Nikolai was immediately beside her. "You really do not need that either. You are lovely as is; even if you do not believe me."

"Even pretty people wear make-up, so why not me?" She looked up at him, slightly annoyed that he was bringing up their argument from the night before again.

"Vampires have a sort of glamour that makes them even more attractive to the opposite sex."

"Like faeries?" she chuckled.

"Actually, yes. Only from what I have heard, they can change their appearance, too. We simply have an attracting energy," He kept a straight face, though she could sense the struggle to give in to her kidding.

"So, I only find you attractive because you're a vampire with faerie glamour?" She asked, biting her lower lip in thought.

He curled an arm around her to draw her close. "You find me attractive?" He chuckled at his own joke, trying to lighten the mood.

"No," she grumbled. "You're too full of yourself."

"Liar," he pressed a kiss to the top of her head. "And before your troublesome mind goes in that direction, I found you lovely before you were turned. The moment I saw you my heart was yours."

"You'd liked me if I was dirty with messy hair and all naked," she grumbled. But, at least she hadn't argued.

"Oh yes I would," he gave a low growl of arousal as he obviously pictured that mentally.

She chuckled and shook her head. "Can I get a few things to make me feel better? You said many still kept human habits." She looked up at him pleadingly.

He looked down at her for a couple seconds then finally said, "Fine, go ahead if it will make you feel good about yourself. I will be pleased to do anything that will help you feel better about yourself."

She tugged on the end of a lock of his long black hair. "I wish you would get off this."

She turned on her heal and strode towards the cosmetics store. He followed after her and stood around as she selected beauty products he didn't think she needed.

Afterwards, Niko took the bags from the first two stores and prepared to take them to the "car". Which meant, he was going to run them up to the house in the few moments it would take him to travel that distance.

"I would rather not leave you here alone," he told her almost argumentatively.

"It won't take you long, and I can't get into trouble in that short of time," she replied and motioned around.

"Hopefully you will not get yourself into any sort of trouble by the time I return. Already, I have come to see that you have a knack for attracting trouble." He smiled.

"I'll just be in the Hot Topic looking about 'til you get back." She started to turn to go that way.

He caught her shoulder and turned her back. He bent towards her to lay a kiss on her lips. "I like your troublesome spirit. I will never be bored."

She looked up at him. Why did he have to melt her indignation away with sweet words? "I'll be okay," she told him softly and tugged at a lock of his hair again.

As soon as he left –after getting another kiss-, she began walking towards the other end of the mall where the store she wanted was located. She was passing the food court in the center when she got the feeling that someone was watching her. She paused and glanced around. There were many people about, even at this time. It was hard to tell who it was or if it was just her nerves with her being such a fledgling. Niko would be able to, but she didn't want to sound an alarm for nothing. That was probably all it was. Nothing.

She paused to roam in front of each food stall, sniffing at the delicious aromas. They had said she could still eat food, even if they didn't digest it. She decided to get in line for a milkshake. She wondered if Niko had ever had one.

Once again, her spidey-sense began tingling. She glanced around as she waited. She finally noticed a young woman weaving through the crowds with eyes locked on her. She didn't look to be much older than Marie. She had short-cropped black hair and determined blue eyes.

Marie got her milkshake and hurried away from the food court. She walked quickly, not wanting to run and show she had been spooked. She got to the stairs and glanced around nonchalantly as she went upstairs. The woman was still making her was after her.

She still didn't want to call Nikolai and alarm him. He would be there soon enough anyways. She would just get to Hot Topic and wait for him. He would realize what was going on as soon as he got there probably. She just hoped she was only be spooked by nothing. She got to the store and slipped inside. She stood just inside watching for the woman following her. The woman was approaching the store a bit slower since she couldn't easily see Marie anymore.

Just then Nikolai appeared in the entrance to the store, as well as Donovan. She saw the woman blink for a moment from the affects of their obvious mind-fog to keep people from realizing what they had witnessed. Then the woman apparently decided it was best not to continue chasing Marie with Nikolai and Donovan there. She turned and disappeared into the crowds.

Marie hurried over to Nikolai and held out the milkshake with a forced smile. "Have you ever had a milkshake before? It's good."

"No," he took it and sipped at it. "Delicious." He looked down at her. "You cannot fool us, little one. We know that you were in danger. You forget that besides being linked to me you are also linked to Donovan. He gave blood to you as well. Not that you were able to block me very well, I just did not realize it until Donovan pointed out that he had sensed trouble from you."

"The girl following you was the vampire hunter we told you about," Donovan told her. "Best we can tell, she can sense vampires. Likely, it is a gift passed down through her family as she comes from a line of hunters."

"We do not mind hunters tracking and killing the bad vampires, some hunters have helped us in the past. But, most do not realize there are good vampires as well. To them, it is an idea that does not compute since they were obviously raised to hate them."

Marie looked down at her hands. "I just didn't want you to come running back and then think you can never let me out of your sight again."

"As much as I think I would like that, I would never consider keeping you under thumb. It was just unfortunate that she found you and you happened to be alone." He bent and kissed her head. "Now come on, let's get you some clothes. She is unlikely to return with Donovan and me here."

They had got there not long before the store closed. Donovan slipped the manager a generous tip and when they pulled the front gate down they let Marie continue her shopping. She had fun trying on clothes and modeling them for Nikolai who marveled at the styles of today's youth.

Taryn arrived after a bit and Donovan snuck off with her. It was doubtful the hunter was returning with the only place still open being the movie theatre.

Marie came out of the dressing room this time with a see-through top and a very short skirt that barely covered her butt. She posed for Nikolai, then turned and shook her hindquarters at him. She knew perfectly well she was teasing the hell out of him and got her payback when he let out a low growl before pushing her back into the dressing room.

He pinned her against the back wall and looked down at her with intense eyes. "Do not tease unless you plan on backing the offer up. Not to mention, it is very dangerous when I have withheld from bonding completely with you, my bloodmate, because you are not ready." He dipped his head to bury his face in her hair. "I liked everything. Get it all and you can constantly wear all these enticing garments for me to see what a prize I have. But, I am also jealous, so get some... less provocative things so I do not have to share that prize with other eyes."

"You would have me cover from head to toe?" She arched a brow as her hands snaked around his waist. "But then, I could cover myself completely and still look provocative in a leather catsuit that hugged my body." She wiggled her hips for emphasis.

He took another deep breath of her scent and stepped away. "No catsuits." He chuckled. "Just things you would wear around your parents. I think that is a good rule. Now, let us hurry for we are keeping the poor store manager way too late as it is." He left the dressing room to stand guard yet again.

She changed and then went to get a few modest outfits like he had requested. She wouldn't have gotten only provocative things. She had only been doing that thus far to drive him wild. Flirt. She liked having someone she was comfortable enough around to flirt without getting embarrassed afterwards. She went back into the dressing room to try them on, too. Then in the end, she left on an outfit of loose black pants and a tight navy shirt sporting the logo of a band she liked along with sneakers that had thick soles to walk out of the store in. She had the tags in her hand to give the manager when they rung up all the clothes.

She looked at the price with concern, but Nikolai just handed him cash. For it all! Guess there was at least one stereotype that was true. They could accumulate cash over the many lifetimes they survived.

They went outside and she put her arm through the crook of his elbow since his hands were full of shopping bags. She had tried to carry some, even at least the small ones, but he had insisted on being the "gentleman." She had just shaken her head and went with it. So now, she hugged his elbow as he once again did the speedy transportation thing back to the house.

Nikolai went upstairs to put the bags in their room and put away the clothes. Marie stood in the living room where Aimee and Lucian were watching the television that sat in a wall where it was usually hidden behind a panel that had been opened. She linked her hands behind her back, holding the one bag Nikolai hadn't taken upstairs.

"So, what are you watching?" she asked, even though she could clearly see what it was. She wanted to break the silence.

"I think she said the name was Spider-man," Lucian answered. "It's interesting."

Marie went over to the couch. "How long are you going to be angry that I turned vampire? Are we not friends because of a lousy accident that made it so they had to turn me to save my life?"

"If you hadn't been so eager for him to share blood with you so quickly," Aimee sighed and didn't finish the thought. She crossed her arms and didn't look at Marie, but asked, "You promised me Hot Topic goodies."

Marie knew that this was the closest she was going to get to a truce so she brought the bag around in front of her. She opened it and pulled out a long blazer of dark charcoal with pinstripes. Aimee liked pinstriped things.

Aimee looked up and her face softened. "I eyed that last time I was there."

"I know. I was with you." Marie smiled.

"So this is what it takes to win you over. Clothes from this store you called Hot Topic," Lucian looked over at Aimee with a grin.

"Not even all the things in Hot Topic would make me lie down and spread my legs for you, bub," she replied while trying on the blazer. "Though, it would be a start and I'd tell you where to go from there. But, wouldn't you rather get me liking you for who you are, and not what you buy me? Hmm?"

Marie walked away from them and went upstairs to find Nikolai. She paused in the doorway of the room and watched him finish storing her clothes in the armoire. Ruby came running in and yipped at Marie's feet. She bent over and picked up the puppy, letting the bundle of fur snuggle into her arms. She kissed the soft head and then looked over at Nikolai again.

He was gathering up the shopping bags when he looked over at her.

"Would you like to go anywhere else or just stay in and... well, lady's choice," he smiled as he brushed past her, hip grazing hip as he went to dump the bags in the trashcan.

She watched him and bit her lip in thought. Where could they go? She usually went to the local Huddle House if she wanted to go out in the middle of the night. But, they didn't really need to eat. If she said she wanted to stay in he might assume she wanted to do some private hanky-panky.

He came back and curled an arm around her waist. He kissed her before telling her, "I would not assume you wanted that unless you were thoroughly sure you were ready for that. We can go out for a walk, though. The area around here is lovely, especially in the moonlight."

She nodded and followed him downstairs. She waved a hand to Lucian and Aimee as they passed on their way out. She set down Ruby just inside the living room with another kiss before slipping out the door with Niko.

On the front steps, Niko paused and squeezed her hand.He bent over her to say in a hushed, but strict tone, "Do not go farther than this without me or one of the others. Do you hear me? I do not want you putting yourself in danger. I want you where you can be heard by the others."

"You sound like you're talking to a child," she frowned at him, not liking the way he was talking to her. They were supposed to be having a romantic walk, not a lecture on where she could go. "I appreciate the concern and I would worry if you didn't, but I will not give up my freedom to you."

"You are not and I am sorry if I made it sound like I was speaking to a child." He took a deep breath and she knew he was restraining himself. "I would like to just throw you over my shoulder and carry you around so that I know where you are at all times, but I am at least keeping myself from doing that." He smiled.

She smiled in return despite herself. "I'll decide later if that is a good or bad thing, being carried around." She turned to walk down the rest of the steps.

He hurried behind her, though, and caught her up in his arms. He kissed her and then began down the path. "Well, we can see how you like it for now." His arms pressed her firmly against his muscled chest and she just reveled in the feeling of being safe there.

"Are we going to always be in danger from vampire hunters and evil vampires?" she asked tiredly after awhile. She couldn't help it. Her curiosity had gotten the better of her and she would worry on it if she didn't ask.

"Yes, there are always going to be those out there who want to harm us. But, right now there are certain ones that are an immediate threat because they are following us specifically."

"Like the woman who found me in the mall," she sighed. "How long are they going to be an 'immediate threat' then?"

"Hopefully, not long." He tried to reassure her. "Let me remove that worry from your mind at least for the rest of tonight." He kissed her.

He walked into a clearing and at the other end had a river running through it with a water fall and a clear pool at the base. He walked to the edge and set her on her feet.

She let out a breath. "This is a wonderful spot out of a dream." She glanced up at him. "Did you know this was here?"

He nodded. "I brought you here on purpose, yes." He tugged his shirt over his head and then began removing his pants. Her eyes followed his hands with interest. "Let's go for a swim."

She nearly missed what he said, but after a moment nodded and started to somewhat shyly removed her own clothing. She berated herself mentally. He had already seen her naked more than once. As soon as her clothes were off, though, she tried to make a break for the water.

A strong arm caught her about the waist and stopped her in her tracks. "Step one for eventually getting you ready for the idea of getting intimate with me is being able to feel comfortable around me with us both undressed." He whispered in her ear.

"Can't we wait awhile like most people? A few years, maybe?" She asked with a sigh.

"I have found it terribly hard to wait a day, much less a year," he said huskily and kissed her shoulder. He turned her around so that they were facing each other. "Look at me, all of me. Do not be ashamed. I want you to stop being shy of me."

She looked up at him dubiously, but he was serious and looked as if he was going to keep her there until he accomplished his goal. So, she bit her lip and started to let her gaze drop from his face to his strong shoulders draped with his dark hair. Then, his strong muscular arms that were holding her captive at the moment. They held so much power, but were always gentle with her. His solid wall of chest was just there in front of her face. She enjoyed being held against it. His narrow waist straight on down to his hips. She wanted to stop there. It would have been safe to stop there. But, her eyes kept going lower to where he was showing evidence of arousal at her presence. Her eyes widened a bit and quickly they continued down his muscular legs to his feet and the ground.

His hand cradled her face and brought it up to look at his face again. "Was that so horrible?" he asked with amusement.

Her nose wrinkled. "Do I have to keep doing that until I agree to have sex with you?"

He laughed. "Maybe." His mouth covered hers and he drew her against him so that she could feel every inch of what she had just surveyed pressed against her. His hardness pressed into her soft stomach. He brought her hand down to touch him there and kept her hand there when it would have jerked away. Be comfortable with me, dolcezza.

He curled an arm under round little bottom and lifted her against him so that he could carry her into the water. He set her down in the surprisingly warm water and brought a hand up to trail water down her arm with a smile.

"What's the next step?" She cocked her head to the side and arched a brow. She brought up her wet hands to smooth his hair back from his face a bit.

"Getting you comfortable being intimate with me. Not having sex, mind you, but like we talked about last night... just having fun." He gave her another quick kiss. "But that can wait. Let's just relax here and enjoy the private paradise. I would say it is our new spot, but I am sure Lacey and Marcus have discovered it already. They would have gotten to know every inch of their land, at least, even if they have not taken advantage of this one spot yet."

"Our home, wherever we make it, will have our spot," Marie smiled softly, once again warmed by the thought of sharing a home with the ones she loved. "For now, we will make anywhere we go our spot."

She moved away from him and dipped under the water to get herself more completely wet and take pleasure from the warmth. She came up as Nikolai was doing the same thing and she swam towards the waterfall. She pulled herself up onto the stone ledge and sat in the spray. It felt so nice.

Nikolai spotted her and came over. He rested his hands on her knees and kissed one thigh then the other. She looked down at him with faux disapproval.

"I thought you were going to wait before continuing the lessons," she chuckled.

He looked up at her with glittering blue eyes that were a shade darker than normal, darkened with lust as she had witnessed before. He gripped her knees firmly, but not hard, and moved her legs apart some. His lips trailed up the inside of one thigh and down the other, eyes always locked with her. Then his hands slid up her thighs and around to her back as he pressed his lips to her stomach. He nipped at the soft skin there with his sharp fangs before resting his chin on her legs.

Her small, pale hand played in his velvety black hair as she smiled softly down at him. Feelings were welling up in her, with his every tender touch and the loving way he acted with her. She was overcome with emotion and she said what she had yet not told him.

"I love you," she murmured and kept threading her fingers through his hair. She brought the long wet lock out to drape over her thighs idly. She had always liked guys with long hair, she thought to herself, nice long hair. If they were going to have long hair, just like women, they needed to take care of it. He had wonderfully nice hair; though, it was most likely that vampire glamour he had told her about.

A low growl rumbled in his chest and she felt it tickle her calves. He nipped at her soft flesh again playfully. His smile broadened, "There are not words for what I feel for you, mio cuore."

"Did you really have to outdo me in sharing endearments?" she asked with a small pout. "You and your ego." She huffed.

"I was not trying to win," he chuckled. "I was only speaking the truth."

She huffed again and put her nose in the air.

He pulled her down into the water with him. "Well then, why not say something even better than what I said so that you can win instead."

She bit the corner of her lip in thought. "Well..." her eyes got large as she found herself at a loss for words. She had barely gotten over her shyness with his naked body. Now she was supposed to say something totally moving? "You're right. There are not really words for it and love doesn't seem enough. You drive me wild ad calm me with your touch all at the same time." She gave a quick, embarrassed smile.

"I concede to you," he brushed his thumb across her lips.

"You wimp," she bit his thumb.

He pressed himself hard against her, pinning her to the rock she had previously been sitting on. "A wimp?" he asked with a determined glint in his icy blue eyes.

She wasn't sure what he was up to and she was leery of prying into his mind to find out. She lifted her chin stubbornly and gave a nod. "Yeah."

"Really," he growled and his mouth attacked hers. His tongue forced its way into her mouth and rolled around with her own. He kept pressing more firmly against her as his mouth tried to devour her from the inside out.

Her arms linked around his neck and her legs wound around his waist. Her body moved against his wantonly as she returned the kiss. She was completely over her shyness by now, having been very much aroused by his touch quickly.

His hips kept pressing into her. His arousal prodded her sex impatiently, but the tip pressed against her folds firmly and he stopped. She almost demanded to know why he had stopped, but she realized he was waiting her permission. She kept her mouth locked with his and gave her response by reaching down to take ahold of him, guiding his manhood more firmly into her so he got the message quite clearly that she was ready and willing.

He let out another low growl of arousal as he grasped her hips. He began to enter her slowly at first, wanting to be gentle for her first time. She began to writhe and he misinterpreted it as discomfort, which would be normal.

I will do my best not to hurt you, he murmured gently in her mind. Do not worry. I will be very gentle.

She frowned at him and squeezed him with her thighs. That's not what I'm squirming for. Stop going so damn slow. You're killing me with anticipation.

He tossed his head back and laughed at her response. "As you wish, my love," he kissed her again and drove himself deep into her with a firm thrust.

She gasped, her fingers and toes curling.

His mouth moved down her neck and across her shoulder. As soon as he was sure she had been given enough time to adjust to him, he began to work his hips back and forth slowly. He smiled against her shoulder when he heard her small whimpers of pleasure.

"I am glad you seem to be enjoying this," he chuckled.

"Your ego really does need to be deflated," she returned with a smiled.

"Would you feel better if I inflated your ego as well?" He murmured against her ear. His hands squeezed her buttocks. Then one hand slid up to cup her breast. "I do so love touching you. I can never seem to get enough." He nuzzled her neck. "I never will. Not in a million years."

"Ah, you mean I'll never be safe from you trying to feel me up?" She chuckled.

"Never," he agreed and began plundering her mouth once again. His hands massaged her thigh and breast while he thrust into her. His thrusts picked up as he sensed her pain was completely gone. His mind merged with her fully so that they could share in the pleasure they were giving each other.

She gave a small cry of pleasure and bewilderment at the new sensations. Her mouth moved across his chin, giving him soft kisses, a bit tentative as she tried to do things she had only read about before. She hoped she was doing well and not disappointing him.

"You could never disappoint me," he whispered softly and nibbled on her ear. "And there is something that will make our joining complete and push me over the edge."

"What? I want to do whatever I can to make this great," she asked eagerly.

In her mind, she saw her fangs burying into his neck and him then doing the same to her. She smiled. Just like one of her vampire novels, she thought and knew he would hear that.

"Well at least they got one thing right," he growled and his thrusts picked up speed, obviously turned on by the image he had just relayed. "I know this will be your first time feeding, but it will come naturally." He wanted to assure her.

She kissed his neck and moaned lightly at as a ripple of pleasure rolled through her stomach. She tried to concentrate, though it was hard when he was doing what he was doing to her. Her fangs lengthened and she nipped at the skin lightly before sinking them in deep. Blood poured into her mouth and she drank hungrily. She realized how much she had been denying herself the last two days with that wine mixture as she drank her fill happily.

He chuckled and bit into her breast. She groaned and he only smiled wider, if it was possible. They were locked together, sharing blood and pleasure. Their climaxes slammed into them simultaneously and he clutched her to him tightly. Her nails tore at his back as she convulsed around him.

Afterwards, he carried her in his arms, still linked. He lay on the soft ground on the banks of the river with her curled in his arms. The gashes on his back healed quickly. He brushed damp hair from her face as he kissed her forehead.

Her heart was still racing and she looked up at him with wide, loving eyes. She was sore all over from his thrusts, his hands clenching her thighs, and his teeth having bit down on her breast a little hard during his orgasm. She enjoyed it, though. She snuggled in against him as much as she could.

"I'm sorry now that I made you wait, even if only a day," she chuckled and looked up at him with amusement.

"It was worth the wait and I would never think of pushing you to do something you are uncomfortable with." He gave a chuckle. "And overall, I am lucky because with everything else you have been so easygoing. I did not have to fight to prove to you that I am a vampire. I did not have to struggle to prove that you were my bloodmate. And, unlike poor Lucian, I did not have to struggle for you even to be nice to me."

She laughed which ended in a small shiver. Obviously, as a vampire, she did not suffer from the cold, but she could still feel changes in temperature and maybe it was another human habit to shiver when cool air brushed her skin.

"It probably is, but either way, let's get you dressed." He finally withdrew with her to stand so he could go gather up their clothes where they were discarded.

Marie watched the graceful way he moved happily. That was hers. She smiled to herself. Her eyes devoured him as he quickly pulled on his own clothes and then she slowly got up to go join him.

He gave her a warm smile when she got close and dropped to his knees. He slid on her panties, fingers trailing fire up her legs and over her hips. Then he had her steps into her pants and he pulled those up. He stood then discarded her bra with a devilish grin and pulled her shirt over her head. As soon as her head emerged from the neck hole, he captured her mouth again.

He stilled and started to straighten. She blinked in surprise. Why had he stopped?