The Silence Of Maria
By:Andrew Troy Keller

She was once a Courtney Cox type beauty,
Whose singing voice was to help her be
A Rock-N-Roll singing diva,
But that was before someone shot Maria
Sanchez in the face with bullets of three.

Once,she was living with a guy in Montana
For four years,until an upset Maria
Had decided to call it quits,only to have
Him swear revenge against the female knave,
Which had resulted in the silence of Maria.

It was on the First day of May,
When Maria and her new guy,Steven McCray
Had walked out of a local nightclub,only
To have her old boyfriend shoot her three
Times and do the same to Steven McCray.

After that was over,the shooter had took
Off,before someone was able to take a look
At the scene and discover that it was him
Who had shot at and klled the both of them.
The shooter is named David Hook.