It's killing me to wait,
I hate the sound of your voice,
In the past,
I want the present and you.
.near me, with me,
Loving me like I do you.

I hate the way I have to wait,
The way I have to stop the kiss,
The way we have to say goodbye,
Why can't you stay?
'Coz we both have separate lives.

But even though the months go slow,
The end is worth the wait,
To see you there,
Standing there,
Arms open,
Holding my fate.

It's killing me to wait for you,
As I know you shant return,
It's my entire fault,
I shall always take the blame,
That day you left.

It's killing me to wait for you,
So I shall fill my words,
I shall take the way you did choose,
I shall take the blade,
I shall no longer wait.

It's killed me to wait for you,
As I new you shant return,
So I came to you babe,
I came to you.
I waited for you all this time,
But you weren't there waiting.

By Siobhan
Date: 2/May/2004