Love is my life.
I have one problem though,
I don't believe in the fantasy.
It revolves around me,
But I push it away,
I don't want it here,
I don't want it to stay.
It's nothing but a dream,
And entire make believe,
The way love moves,
The way it kisses,
And holds you close.
I can cry from memories,
I never held,
But it's the future which scares me,
It holds to much hell.
I could cry from what's never been,

But I prefer it that way,
I never want skin on skin,
I never wanted the hurt,
The pain and the lies,
The way you break,
And say goodbye.
I never wanted the way of love,
The way it entered my heart,
But now it's got the grips on me.
And I fear that it shall part.

By Siobhan
Date: 2/May/2004