Look how far I've come, yet I seem to slip away from you when I need you the most, when the things of this world become too much, and I just need you. Lord I want to be with you, I can't wait for heaven and all but it just seems I'm failing you? And sometimes I wonder about Grace. Does Grace cover all of me, even when I turn away. Lord I just ask that you create in me a clean heart, cause with the tainted blackness on it now, it's hard to get rid of. Memories of the past that haunt me, the things I did that I wish I never would have confuse me. If they're in my past why do I let them bother me, is it possible that it's the demons with in raging war with on me? Or am I just too weak?

What can I do, what could I have done better?
Lord you guide me home safely
For I fear without you I won't go anywhere
Take me Lord and Guide me.

Let it be your way Lord, remind me you have the whol picture in mind, you see future, past and present, while I remain on past and present still. My heart goes to you but it is a little disturbed on the way. Cause I need to be in the place where you wrap your arms around me, and I just need to be where you want me to be where I can be to feel your grace fall on me like rain. Cause in my brokness is when you can take me and make me new I know this to be true. I just want it to happen again. Cause all my praise and worship is to you. Father take my hand and help me through this time, and if needed to be break me and make me yours where I can be filled with you, this empty me.

Lord I ramble on not knowing
What to really say
But in my groans and pains
you feel my heart and you
know what I need for you're
My Lord
My Savior
My Friend
My Brother
My Shoulder to cry on
My Love song
My Faveorite
My Hero
My All in All
My Prince of Peace
My Father
My Everything