It Has Been Given Up For You

Part Two

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Warnings: This story is rated P3-13 for violence (at points, slightly graphic) and mention of drugs and alcohol. ALSO, IMPORTANT NOTE: There is minor hinting of a male/male relationship. There are no horribly detailed happenings, only remote mentions of feelings between two males and a small scene of interaction. If you don't like such things, then don't read on. I don't know what else to say. Only that flames will not be looked at nicely, due to previous warnings. So please, be courteous.


"Do not make me break my own rules, woman," Tobias growled, his eyes flashing as he glared at Cassandra.

Cassandra's eyes were just as fiery, though her demeanor was much less angered. She looked at Tobias with a cool expression. "You had to chance to kill him, and you did not take it."

"I work at my own pace," Tobias snapped, slamming his hands down on the desk. The cup of pens rattled. "I will revoke your offer, Cassandra. Don't be mistaken. Though I do not like tossing a job that I have already agreed to away, I will do it. Especially when my employer lacks the cooperation and common sense needed."

He leaned forward so that his nose was only inches away from hers. "I told you that I have no loyalties. It won't take much for me to slit your throat and watch you bleed. You try my patience."

Cassandra's eyes narrowed into icy slits. "You try mine, Phantom. I want that man dead! Every day that he is alive is another day that one of my own has the chance to be killed."

"And tell me," Tobias asked softly, though his intentions were clear. "Why is it that he tries to kill only your vampires? What did you do to deserve this fate?"

She placed a long, sharp nail under Tobias' chin. Even as she dug the sharp point into his chin, he didn't flinch. Her anger escalated at his lack of weakness. "That has nothing to do with our agreement."

Tobias slapped her hand away. He hated losing his temper, but this woman was impossible. He wanted to wrap his hands around his slim neck and strangle her. "And neither did attempting to kill me," he hissed. Her eyes flickered toward the door. He knew she was mentally signaling her guards; she felt threatened by Tobias and wanted them on their feet. He'd have laughed if he thought he could.

"Interfere in my work again, and I will change my target. It will become you, and the priest will go free." He raised a brow, though it was in anything but good humor. His voice was dry but as serious as could be. "Don't underestimate me, Cassandra. I will kill you without even flinching."

He walked out without so much as a goodbye.


Sebastian wasn't surprised, a few days later, when he stepped into the cemetery to see Tobias sitting on a gravestone, tossing a dagger into the air. He repeated the action several times, catching it by the hilt expertly, until he realized that Sebastian was there. Or maybe he'd known all along.

"Again you're here. Plan to kill me tonight?" The last two nights had been the same. Tobias would appear, but would make no attempt to draw blood.

"I have until Friday," Tobias replied easily, continuing to toss the dagger into the air. "Cassandra wants it done as soon as possible… so I figure I'll extend it to the last possibly moment."

Sebastian snorted and reached out a hand with lightning quick speed that Tobias didn't know he possessed. He grabbed the dagger by the hilt, stepping back to lean against a large statue of a cross as he examined the blade. "So you still plan to kill me."

"A job—"

"Is a job," Sebastian finished for him. "I know." He looked up at the perched vampire. "Since I will die eventually, can you tell me something?"

"You may ask," Tobias stated blandly, pulling out another dagger from his belt. He wanted to snatch his weapon back from the priest, but held back the urge. If the priest tried anything, he would just kill him ahead of schedule. It was as simple as that. "That doesn't mean I will answer, though."

"Fair enough. What's your real name?"

Tobias' gaze snapped to the priest, who was waiting expectantly for an answer. "No."

Sebastian raised a brow so that it disappeared under wispy bangs. "No, you won't tell me?"


Sebastian shrugged and without warning, tossed the dagger back to Tobias. The vampire caught it with ease, making disappointment slip into Sebastian's gaze. "You are more than you appear, it seems."

"And why is that?"
"You have morals, though they are beyond warped." Sebastian almost laughed at the incredulous look he received. "What?"

"Father, are you on something?"

Sebastian did laugh this time. "No, I 'm not."

Tobias shook his head, sheathing one of the daggers. "I have morals enough to refuse idiotic jobs. Otherwise, my morals are limited, priest." He continued to toss the other up into the air. However, Sebastian's next statement made him falter.

"You are somehow different than Cassandra's vampires. You have this odd sense of justice that is fueled by a heart which you seem to refuse to admit to having."

The dagger sliced the palm of Tobias' awaiting hand, smacking against the stone before it clattered to the dirt floor. He stared at Sebastian with empty eyes, blood starting to drip from the wound. Tobias Chamberlain, have a heart? A bitter laugher started to burn his throat, though it didn't escape his lips.

"You have no clue of what you say, Father. Don't be foolish."

Sebastian looked away. When he looked back, Tobias was leaving the cemetery. He watched him leave helplessly, not able to help feeling guilty. He'd pressed a button that had obviously caused the vampire discomfort. Despite the fact that the creature was hired to kill him, and seemed to be staying to his word, Sebastian couldn't help but like him. There was something about the vampire that drew Sebastian's curiosity.

With a sigh, he tore his eyes away from the retreating back of the vampire and started walking back toward the church. But his muscles froze when he heard Tobias' voice ring over the silent cemetery.

"My name is Tobias… Tobias Chamberlain."

Sebastian snapped his head in the direction Tobias had left from. But, of course, the vampire was already gone.


"He still isn't dead."

Tobias looked at Cassandra, his face devoid of expression. "No."

"What are you waiting for?" she yelled angrily, her nails biting into her palms. "Would you like God to bring you an invitation!"

"That would be most effective, yes," Tobias said, his lips slowly quirking into a smirk.

"You find this amusing?" she snapped, her control unraveling slowly.

"I do, actually. Why? You don't?"

Cassandra hissed and lunged at him, her nails once again biting into his throat. Tobias made no move to stop her. "Today is Wednesday. If he is not dead by tomorrow night, I swear on my non-existent heart, you will suffer. Do you understand me?"

"Why swear on something that doesn't exist? That doesn't make any sense, Cassandra. Tsk, tsk. You just love trying to fool people, don't you?"

Blood dripped down his neck as her nails broke skin. "I'm warning you, Phantom. Do your job, or you will regret it."

"Take your pretty hands off of me," Tobias said, his voice sweet but laced with poison, "or you will regret it."

Cassandra slowly released his neck, easing back into her chair, murder still in her eyes. "If you are not here by nine o'clock tomorrow night with him, my men will come to find you and your priest. You will both be killed."

Tobias smirked and brought a hand to his neck, swiping the droplets of blood away. "So you say."

"I am not joking!" she barked. "Leave me presence now! Before I tear your heart out myself."

Tobias blew Cassandra a kiss before he slammed out of the office.


The next night, at exactly nine o'clock, Cassandra sat waiting in her office. And at exactly nine o'clock, a letter arrived for the master vampire. Her blue eyes narrowed into arctic slits as she snatched the letter from the vampire who had bravely brought it to her. He went to stand in the corner of the room, awaiting the storm that would soon follow.

Cassandra tore open the envelope, pulling out the piece of paper inside hastily. She unfolded it and read it, her face slowly contorting with rage at the two lines. The letter read:

Dear Cassandra,

I play by my own rules; therefore, I will see you tomorrow. That way, I won't be late.

Cassandra let out a screech and pushed herself up from her desk. "Miles!"

The vampire standing in the corner stood up straight. "Master?"

"You are to get together my best hunters. Explain to them that they are to find and kill he priest, as well as the Phantom. And be sure to add in that if they fail, they will suffer the consequences!"

Miles gave a jerky nod and hurried from the room, leaving Cassandra to fume.


That night, Tobias appeared at the church, but this time, not for small talk. He needed to get the priest the hell away from the church, where the vampires would definitely look. He hoped that the nuns who resided there didn't get hurt, but alas, they weren't his problem. His only point of concern was getting the priest away from any possible harm.

As he practically ran to the church, he questioned his own morals. Why was he so bent on killing his own target? He had never been in a situation such as this one before. Never had an employer been as paranoid as Cassandra. Maybe it was the pride factor, or the need to finish what he had started. Tobias hated leaving things with a beginning and a middle, but with no end.

But then again, he refused to lie to himself. For some reason, the priest had found some piece of him that had been long gone. Affection was no longer a word in his cynical vocabulary, but Tobias didn't know how else to explain it. As a person, Sebastian was a good one, despite his knack for murdering vampires without being caught. And to his dismay, the prospect of killing him was no longer as carefree as it had been a week ago.

But a job was a job.

He stopped when he was in front of the large building, not out of breath despite his running. He literally stalked through the church doors. A nun, who had been straightening up the alters of dead flower petals, jumped up, startled by the sudden, loud intrusion. She stood up, looking at Tobias, who had stopped and was glancing around.

"May I help you, sir?" the nun asked nicely, though she didn't move from her spot at the front of the church.

"Father Sebastian. Where is he?"

"He just walked away. I could find him for y—"

"I'm right here," a voice called, cutting off the nun. She and Tobias both looked at Sebastian, who stood at a door on the far front of the church, hiding on the side of the alter. "Tobias?"

Tobias almost flinched at his name being said by someone else. It sounded so foreign. No one had known his name in years; neither employers nor targets were ever given any remotely personal information about the Phantom due to the fact that hundreds of people would have loved to kind and kill him. The fact that he had given Sebastian his full name troubled him. "We need to leave. Now."

"Why? What's wrong?" Sebastian's eyes turned into cloudy skies as concern masked his face.

"We need to go, Sebastian," Tobias repeated, his voice much more forceful. "Have any of your congregation leave, and fast. They will not want to be here tonight."

Realization slowly showed itself on the cleric's face. "I… damnit… Sister Nina, you need to go home. Do not come back until tomorrow morning, and do not let any of the other Sisters come, either. I will clean up everything." The woman started to speak, but Sebastian cut her off with the voice he had used on Tobias when they had first met. "Don't ask questions! Just do it and lock the front doors as you leave!"

He watched as the woman nodded frantically and hurried out of the church, locking the large wooden doors behind her.

Sebastian whirled on Tobias, his face slightly pale even as his eyes burned. "They're coming for me?"

"And for me," Tobias corrected blandly. "We must go now."

"Why for you?" Sebastian was already walking toward the back doors. "Come on, we'll go out the back."

Tobias followed him.

"Why you?"

The vampire raised his eyes to the priest's, his expression bleakly sober. "Because I refused to kill you tonight."

Sebastian's eyes widened a fraction. Tobias resumed looking in front of him as they entered an alleyway, not glancing toward the priest. Sebastian locked the back door with a fumbling hand, still watching Tobias. When he pulled the key from the lock, he turned toward the vampire. "Why?"

"Why what?"

"Did you refuse to kill me?"

Tobias started to walk away, his movements and expression completely empty as to if he was feeling anything. "Because today is Thursday, and I told you I would kill you on Friday."

Sebastian's throat became dry and he followed Tobias through the dimly lit hall of decaying brick silently.

Tobias didn't have a clue as to where he was taking Sebastian; he only knew that he was getting far away from the church and the possible attack of Cassandra's coven there. They would tear the entire place to pieces, he thought with mild annoyance. They could have been compared to animals. Drunk on the scent of killing. But despite thinking that something seemed wrong in his head, he believed them out of range.

The vampire believed they were home free… until he realized one very, very crucial detail. Though Sebastian was walking behind him and out of his range of vision, he could still feel the priest there. He felt no body heat, heard no sigh or tapping of shoes against the cement. He felt the priest's presence there. With a colorful curse, he turned around, causing Sebastian to smash into his chest because he'd been looking at the floor and not in front of him.

"I can sense you!" Tobias growled, his hands clamping on the priest's upper arms. "I can feel you, Sebastian!"

Sebastian looked up at him with startled eyes. "What?"

Tobias pushed the man away and looked away. He closed his eyes a moment, forcing himself to be calm. "I can sense you, Father. You did not hide your presence."

"Goddamnit!" Sebastian cursed upon understanding. "It completely slipped my mind, Tobias."

An actual flinch this time, as his name slid from the priest's lips, filled with emotional. "Just block them out now!" Tobias hissed, his eyes oddly bright when he opened them. Immediately Sebastian's presence vanished from his internal feeling.

But it was too late. He had dismissed his uncomfortable feeling as irritation, when in fact it was the tingling of his senses. He could feel them, like a pack of wolves, closing in for the kill. They'd known where he and the priest had been the entire time, not even attempting to hide their presences well. The feeling of discontent settled at the pit of Tobias' stomach. He looked at Sebastian, who was staring at him with troubled eyes. "Do you have a weapon?"

Sebastian nodded.

"Good. Because you are going to need to use it." He watched as Sebastian's eyes alighted with understanding, as the boy reached behind his back. He wanted to laugh at the long sword that was withdrawn from inside of Sebastian's cleric robes. So the priest had been wielding a sword in some type of thin sheath under his priestly robes without Tobias realizing. It was too ironic.

He grew serious as Sebastian settled his gaze on him again. He bit back his pride and spoke, though his voice was still bleak. "If you die tonight, I am sorry." First apology in years. It made his veins burn. This feeling of guilt, of remorse…  they were foreign to the body of Tobias Chamberlain. He didn't like it, either.

Sebastian gave a soft laugh. "It is God's way."

Despite himself, a tiny smile quirked Tobias' lips. "This is the first time, Father, that I've heard you actually speak like a priest."

Sebastian returned the smile, though it was rueful. "And it's the first time, assassin, that I've seen you smile."

Tobias' smile slowly faded as he looked into the priest's turbulent eyes. But his thought process was interrupted by a cat-like voice. "I'd like for that smile to be wiped off of his face permanently."

Pairs of glowing, iridescent eyes started to appear around the dim street. Slowly figures showed themselves, as well. Tobias saw glinting fangs and brandished knives of all sorts. His stomach threatened to drop. He didn't care that he had to do this. If they would have all been coming for him, it would have been easy. But now Sebastian was involved, almost like a sitting duck compared to the agile creatures of blood around him.

"Don't do anything unless necessary," he hissed to Sebastian, his back now to the priest. He heard Sebastian murmur an 'all right'. Slowly he backed up towards the nearest wall, pressing the priest back with him as he shed off his jacket. If anything, he could keep Sebastian safe from both sides. "Stay behind me."

If Sebastian answered, Tobias didn't hear, because four vampires suddenly lunged for him.

He had his sword out in seconds, lashing out so that it sliced easily into a wrist and then into an abdomen. The smell of blood flooded his nostrils. He slashed in front of him, each time his blade coming in contact with flesh. He made sure to go for their heads or their hearts; those were the only ways, other than with sunlight, to kill a vampire. He heard, over the growls and hisses of his enemies, Sebastian suck in a breath, making him wonder how the priest had killed the vampires. But he didn't get to wonder for long, as more vampires were sauntering towards him.

He didn't flinch when a blade caught him in the arm, though just barely. He fought back the urge move away from Sebastian and to slice one of the vampire's heads from their shoulders. But he refused to. With his eyes glinting and a growl escaping his lips, he let his upper body lunge forward. His sword met the chest of another demon, hitting at the heart. Yanking the blade out to protect himself for other blows, he saw the body crumple to the ground.

He suddenly jerked back away from a blade coming too close to his face, stumbling past Sebastian and into the wall. But as one of the vampires brandished their sharp, long claws at the priest and swiped, Tobias snarled and lunged. His hands braced against the wall, his body helping to box Sebastian against it. Sebastian yelled in protest, his eyes flashing as the sound of ripping flesh reached his ears.

Tobias felt the slicing open of his back. He felt the blood dripping down towards his hips, warm and thick. His pain, however, only fueled his rage. With a snarl, he snapped around, putting both hands around the hilt of his sword so that he could drive it with extra force into the vampire's neck. Its head was severed from its shoulders, falling to roll on the ground.

Tobias slammed his fist into a pale face before, with a loud growl, he slammed the hilt of his sword against the vampire's cranium. Then the blade took its place, except it went right for the heart. The vampire twitched before it fell to the ground, motionless. Tobias knew he had hit the mark of the vampire's heart; he never missed. His blade smashed, again and again, into the pale flesh of those attacking him. He felt their blood soaking through his shirt in splotches, as well as his own dripping down his back. As another came towards him, Tobias flicked his wrist with expertise, watching as the vampire stopped a mere foot away from him, fangs bore. His neck slowly slid from the junction it created with his shoulders, his head hitting the ground with a sick thump.

It was then that Tobias realized, with his blood pounding in his temples, that none of the enemy remained standing. He looked around, his eyes glowing bright at the scent of blood that snaked through the air. Bodies were strewn across the cement, blood leaking in puddles to form one big river. He could feel none of their presences. He could see no movement.

He turned to look at Sebastian, who was staring at him with blank eyes. But no fear showed in his face any longer. A blew blemishes of red smeared his face and his vestments, but otherwise, it seemed he was devoid of any injuries.

"You are not hurt?"

Sebastian shook his head.

Tobias nodded, annoyed at the swimming of his head that was causing him to become dizzy. "Good." His eyes slid toward the massacre of vampires.

Suddenly, a hand caressed his face. Tobias jumped, again dragging his eyes toward Sebastian. The boy looked at him with concern, his gray eyes dark yet glinting with metallic specks of silver. Tobias stared at him with slightly wide eyes, his eyebrows drawn together tightly. "What are you doing?" he hissed, almost surprised when Sebastian didn't flinch away at the poisonous tone.

"Are you all right?"

Tobias felt his head spin again. He wanted to slap the priest's hands away and bring his sword up in defense. He did not like this. He didn't like the emotion in the priest's eyes, nor the current situation that had the priest's fingers dancing over his cheek. But when his head spun again, he tilted slightly.


Sebastian was quite strong, for being so small in frame. He caught Tobias as the vampire staggered forward, wrapping an arm around his waist. "Come on, we need to get you cleaned up…"

"I'm fine."

"And I'm Jesus. Just shut up and try to walk." Sebastian leaned down and grabbed Tobias' sword and coat. He carefully put the bloody sword into the sheath on Tobias' back and then wrapped the coat around him before once again using himself to help the vampire stand.

It was like that the entire long, long walk back to the locked church. They took the side streets, making the walk even longer, so that they would not run into any curious people who wanted to know why someone dressed in a priests Tobias would randomly stagger from blood loss, causing Sebastian to carry both of their weights against him. He hurriedly unlocked the back door to the church, ushering Tobias inside. The vampire collapsed in front of the front alter, his eyes closed and his cheek pressed against the floor.

Sebastian didn't say anything as he disappeared into another room. Tobias didn't, either. He just stood on the floor, breathing softly. He had lost too much blood from the slashes across his back. He hadn't felt in a few days, either, which didn't help. His system was weak enough from lack of blood. Losing the rest due to wounds was not going to put him in top-notch condition. He braced his hands on the carpeted ground and tried to push himself up. But suddenly, hands pushed him back down. He glanced over his shoulder, exposing his fangs.

Sebastian looked down at him with a look that said 'oh, please.' The priest pulled the bloody trench coat away from Tobias' body before he set to work. He then tore off the rest of the fabric of his shirt that was still holding together. Last but not least, he reluctantly ripped the band of leather that held the sheath around his back. It had been ripped already by the claws of the vampire and was hanging together by a thread. He let the sheathed sword clatter to the ground before he pushed it away.

Sebastian almost blanched at the long, jagged wounds that dug deep into the vampire's back. Pieces of skin hung off, blood still oozing from a few parts of the wounds. Sebastian reached over and grabbed the water basin he'd grabbed, dripping a piece of white cloth into it.

"What do you think you're doing?" Tobias hissed as Sebastian started to gently clean the wounds.

"Fixing you. Stop speaking."

Tobias grunted, but let himself relax. Sebastian continued to dab gently at his back, wincing every so often when the torn flesh was exceptionally bad. Blood was soaking the piece of cloth and staining the water in the basin red. When he finished cleaning it, he slathered some ointment on the wounds before placing gauze strips over it.

"Sit up, if you can."

Tobias obeyed, sighing at the tightness of his muscles. But despite the tingling pain, he froze when Sebastian's arms slid around his waist. He drew in a breath, his muscles involuntarily ready to shiver, when he realized Sebastian was wrapping strips of long, thin gauze rap around his chest and waist to cover the long scratches marring his pale back. He forced himself to relax, though he was not comfortable with the current happenings. Least to say, he was glad when Sebastian claimed he was finished with his back, but filled with more dread as the priest moved to the gash in his arm.

"It won't take long."

"I need to leave, priest. So I can feed before the sun comes up."

Sebastian ignored his annoyed tone and started to clean the wound on his arm. It didn't take as long, considering the cut wasn't horrible. After dabbing it with a wet cloth, Sebastian wrapped it up and then sat back on his heels.

"I'll be back in an hour."

Sebastian didn't even get the chance to respond before he grabbed his trench coat at his broken sheath and left the church by the back door.


Tobias did return to the church, as he'd said he would. His cheeks were flushed a pale pink from feeding and he was dressed in clean, bloodless clothing. He didn't wear a trench coat due to the only one he had being torn up, so all of his weapons were exposed to anyone who looked. A new sheath was on his back, made of brown leather with a strap that fit over his chest.

Sebastian looked up at him only when he sat in the first pew. "You came back."

"I said I would."

"That doesn't mean I had to believe you," Sebastian replied with a shrug. He'd cleaned up the basin of water and the items he'd used to clean up Tobias' wounds. A few faint stains of blood still colored the blue carpet a dark shade of purple.

Tobias sighed and stood up. "I don't know why I came back here. I can't stay. The sun will be up soon. I need to go back to my apartment. I'll be here in the night, around eight." He didn't even glance at the priest as he walked towards the front door.

He was stopped when a hand clamped around his wrist. Tobias slowly turned his head around to see Sebastian there, a frown on his features. The look in his eyes made Tobias want to flinch. There was an intensity there that put him on edge.


"I'm leaving," Tobias said blandly, tugging his arm away from the priest.

A hand stopped him again, however, as it was placed on his shoulder with a tight grip. He was spun around, only for his body to be pulled up against the smaller man, who leaned up and pressed his lips against the vampire's, his other hand moving to settle itself on the other shoulder. His eyes were closed tight, in fear, in surprise, in need. He hadn't a clue what in God's name had possessed him to do such a thing, but he refused to back out of it now.

Tobias felt every fiber of his being freeze as Sebastian's lips slanted over his own. He was overcome with the sudden urge to flee, which was an inferior feeling him. His hands balled into fists as he tried to restrain his need to get away from the feelings of fear and emotion. Finally, not able to take it, he pressed his hands against the clerics' shoulders, sending the dark haired boy stumbling backwards. Sebastian tripped, falling onto the floor with a heavy thump. He looked up with clouded eyes, his chest heaving and his bangs falling in wisps over his range of vision.


Tobias cut him off with a quick motion of his hand. His chest was also heaving, though with much sharper breaths than Sebastian's. His eyes seemed to glow some surreal color, one Sebastian had never seen before. "Don't…ever…"


"No!" Tobias hissed, his hands clenching into fists periodically. "You had no right…"

"No, I didn't," Sebastian stated quietly, wanting to look away. But he couldn't, not now.

"Eight o'clock," he said in a monotone, his voice unusually empty. He looked Sebastian in the eye, hating the tremor that threatened to slide through him at unwanted memories of the past. "Be ready."

Sebastian breathed deep, running a hand over his face as Tobias stormed out.


Tobias snarled as he threw a fist into the mirror of his bathroom. Droplets of blood dripped onto the dull marble sink, but he didn't notice. He kept punching, sending his fist flying until there was nothing but small shards of reflecting crystal still stuck on the frame where a mirror used to be. Glass shards were scattered across the bathroom floor and the sink, along with beads of crimson.

Tobias sunk to the shard-ridden floor, clutching his head in his hands as remembrance of before and after his turning flashed in his mind. He choked out another forced breath, his back and stomach muscles, still tight from the wounds he had received, contracting and sending quivers down his spine.

You are so precious, my little toy. So precious.

He could still feel the sharp nails of the master vampire from so many years ago as they slid down his body.

So delicate.

A mouth covering his wounds, sucking the blood from them without puncture from the sharp canines. But so much pain…  Tobias let out a shuddered breath, pushing himself back against the tub, his hands moving to clutch and pull at the messy spikes of hair.

Your blood… it tastes like wine. Shall we spill more of it to quench my thirst?

A dagger slicing his arms, his stomach, his chest. Cold steel digging into his flesh, warm blood sliding down his clammy skin. The master vampire chuckling, dipping his head every so often to lick up streams of blood.

You are too frail as a human. But I, my love, have a cure for that. It won't hurt much… I promise.

Cold hands grabbing his body, razor-sharp teeth breaking skin as the vampire sucked the life out of him. Were those screams really his own? Tobias slammed a fist blindly into the tub behind him, sending cracks through the marble. He didn't want to feel his body dying, like he had so long ago. He didn't want to remember.

"God, no," he murmured, wrapping his arms around himself as he brought his knees to his chest. He tried to breath regularly, but even his usually unaffected system was taking a beating by the sudden wrack of emotions that coursed through him.

Eventually, Tobias dragged himself up from the cold, tile floor of the bathroom. He glanced out the window before he pulled the thick curtains closed to see a faint pink staining the sky. The sun was close to showing its face above the horizon. With a sneer, he pulled the black material closed before he climbed into his best to sleep the day, and his nightmares away, with a deep, soundless sleep.

He found it oddly amusing, as he slipped off into blackness, that unlike humans, his only solace from his demons was blackness.


 Sebastian sighed and looked down at the tombstone, marking the grave were his sister Celia laid. It was dark, close to eight o'clock. It had been around seven when he'd excused himself from the company of the Sisters, and he'd been out in the summer air for a while now. It was only a matter of time before Tobias arrived, only a matter of time before he was with his sister again.

He touched the cold stone tentatively, clenching his jaw again the rush of emotion flooding his veins. Too much had happened in the last week. Too, too much. His heart was torn, as was his common sense. He could have run. By now, he could have been across the country, away from this assassin who was going to mark the end of his life. But what was the point in running? The Phantom never left a job incomplete.

So all Sebastian could do was wait.

"It's so stupid, Celia," he said softly, running a hand through his hair. "I care about someone who is going to kill me sometime tonight. It's absurd, really."

Of course, he received no answer. Not even a howl from the wind.

"Do you know what's even worse? I'm a priest, Celia. A priest! I'm a man of religion who's got feelings for some vampire. A demon, of all things." Sebastian gave a dry laugh, shaking his head.

He stood there silently, his eyes slowly closing. Yes, too much had happened. Maybe death would finally put his soul to rest. Maybe it would free him. Who knew.

"Father Sebastian."

Sebastian felt a chill run through him at the voice, despite the warm weather. He didn't turn around, though. He didn't bother to open his eyes. A rush of guilt and foolishness ran through him.


The voice was right behind him, much too close. But Sebastian had no choice but to turn around as a hand gripped his shoulders and forced him. He opened his eyes, his eyebrows knit together as his vision was filled with Tobias' impassive face.


Sebastian followed Tobias without question. He vaguely noticed the suitcase Tobias carried, dismissing it as more weapons. He didn't say anything as they walked out of the cemetery and down the street. Sebastian hadn't a clue as to where they were going, but he didn't care. His insides were slowing numbing to the prospect of death. He'd hoped that maybe… just maybe Tobias might have thought twice after spending time with him… that maybe he would have, for the first time, revoked an offer.

But it wasn't going to happen. The Phantom had a one hundred percent success rate. Who would ruin that for some dim-witted priest?

After many long minutes of silence and walking, Sebastian found himself and Tobias standing out in front of a club with the word Sangre scrawled across the façade. The line was long, almost the length of the block, filled with people waiting to enter the club. Many cursed and groaned as the man working the door let Tobias and Sebastian in without so much as a word.

The priest found himself amidst a multitude of smoke, bi-colored lights, people and liquor. He glanced toward the floor below them, staring at the mass of bodies moving to the beat of the techno music that echoed in his ears. But they didn't go that way. Tobias grabbed the priest's hand, so as not to lose him in the crowd, before pulling towards a door in the back of the building.

Tobias halted for a moment, turning to look Sebastian in the eyes. The priest could see something behind the bland look, but he couldn't put his finger on what. "Do not mention my name. These people do not know it, and I would appreciate if it stood that way."

Sebastian nodded mutely, bowing his head so that he could stare at the floor.

Gentle fingers, causing him to once again have to look Tobias in the eyes, tilted his chin up. Tobias looked almost reluctant to speak, but he did, his voice almost hushed. "Had you not been a target, I would have been honored to know you otherwise." He seemed to have to force the next words out. "I did not mean to reject you last night with such….anger…" He trailed off, averting his eyes for a moment before explaining. "My past still scars me, and your actions brought back the burning. But you must understand, my feelings cannot run that deep… for anyone…"

Sebastian swallowed the lump in his throat, nodding his head slightly because he didn't know what to say.

"I will not forget you, Sebastian. Mark my words."

Sebastian offered the vampire a remorseful smile. "Nor I you." He let out a breath as Tobias' fingers ghosted against his cheek before withdrawing.

Without another word to Sebastian, Tobias took the few steps forward and knocking on the door, speaking to whomever was behind it. "Open the door."

The door was opened immediately. Sebastian felt his stomach turn as he was lead inside by Tobias. Vampires loomed there, watching him with a malice that burnt him like acid. But he kept his face and movement stoic.

Another door was opened. Tobias put a hand on the priest's back, forcing him to move forward. He was met with the sight of the most beautiful woman he'd even seen. Her long golden hair shimmered down her shoulders, her bright blue eyes seeming to bore into his soul.

"Father, we finally meet," she said, her voice like honey laced with arsenic.

"It seems so, yes," Sebastian replied nonchalantly, trying to seem as comfortable as possible.

The woman directed his words towards Tobias, who set the suitcase he'd been carrying down onto the floor. "You killed many of mine last night," she said, her voice a deadly calm.

"You tried to kill mine," Tobias replied, his voice easy.

Cassandra stood up from her desk and walked towards the two. She bared her teeth at Sebastian before once again focusing on Tobias. She flicked a nail over his cheek, a smirk playing on her red lips "He's here… and not even scarred up. I must say, Phantom, you're no fun at all."

Tobias said nothing.

She rolled her eyes and snapped her manicured fingers. A vampire entered, placed a suitcase on Cassandra's desk, and left. The blonde vampire, moved back towards her desk, unlatched to locks so she could show the piles of green inside of it. "And so is the rest of your payment. Finish the job." She sat and lounged in her chair, a devious glint in her eye.

Tobias turned to look at Sebastian, who only gave a forced smile and an almost unnoticeable nod of his head. Without order, he sunk to his knees and bowed his head. Cassandra snorted in an un-ladylike fashion as the priest started to murmur a prayer, his hands clasped together and his eyes closed.

Tobias listened to the priest's soothing voice, slowing reaching over his shoulder to grasp the hilt and draw his sword from the sheath. He looked down at Sebastian, watching the man's lips move. The vampire was almost startled when the priest suddenly opened his eyes and looked up.

"In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, your sins are forgiven so that you may find peace in paradise some day."

Tobias hated the dryness of his throat as he touched the tip of the blade to Sebastian's neck. The cleric didn't even flinch. He just kept his eyes locked on Tobias as he continued speaking.

"This is my body…"

Tobias drew the blade back, getting ready to strike.

"It has been given up for you."

He let the blade slice through the air and towards Sebastian's neck.


Blood splattered Tobias, who was trying to control the tightness in his chest as he looked at what he had done. For the first time in his lengthy career as a man for hire, for the first time since he'd been turned, he felt like he was becoming nauseated. But he refused to show it. He placed on a mask, making him seem unaffected by his work. The bloody blade was shoved forcefully back into its sheath.

He reached and grabbed the suitcase he'd brought with him. With force and speed, it was tossed at Cassandra, catching her smiling face off guard. The suitcase slammed against her chest, the locks unlatching because of the impact. Green pieces of paper fell out, littering her lap and the floor. She sucked in a breath and turned angry eyes at Tobias.

"This is your first payment. Its yours to keep," she said, annoyed and confused.

"I don't want your tainted money," Tobias replied softly. "Understand this. Never contact me again or step foot in my city, or you will be killed." He left her staring after him, not daring to glance back at the body of Sebastian for fear that the swelling inside his chest would make him crash.

Sebastian had forgiven him of his sins so that he could one day find peace. Tobias knew that was impossible. His soul was stained with the blood of an innocent… stained by the blood of the one person who he'd let himself be even partially close to in the last one hundred and sixty years.

There was no such thing as forgiveness for that kind of a sin.


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