NOTICE: yea feelings are so mixed up. I don't know what I'm feeling
towards this guy. Just go with the flow of my words please. I know, it's
long. Sorry, but please read and review!

I can't say I hate you.
And I can't say I love you.
It's in between.
I want you to go away,
Yet I want you to stay.
When I say leave me alone,
I catch myself thinking about you.
Holding me,
Then I slap myself and curse.
Damn what's with these feelings?
You're like poison in my veins,
A disease.
Forever in my blood.
It's like you implanted yourself in my mind.
So if you leave,
I will always think of you.
But when you come back,
I want to take away the sunshine
That's letting your seed grow in my head.
When you come online,
My heart skips beats.
I cover it by saying I wish you wont speak.
I was planting one day,
Then thought of us making love one day.
Who knew you could be kinky with gardening?
So I slap myself again,
Saying I don't care.
I hated the time when you said feelings for me,
Then slapped another girl's ass.
And she did nothing.
Just laughed.
You both did.
I hid behind my long brown hair,
And scowled with hate.
My brown eye's blazed with hell's fire.
You put your hand on my stomach one day.
And kept holding my hand,
Saying you missed me.
And at that same time,
Your hand was traveling north towards my breasts.
I kept pushing it down saying no,
But you say: "Why not?"
Do you think you still own me?
Of course when I pass your house,
I wish you would come out.
Why these feelings?
I'm numb to you to the point where you're just another guy.
But not any other guy,
You're the guy that wants me back.
But, after mentioning it,
You turn away like nothing happened.
I still remember the day,
Talking to you online.
Saying kinky things to me
And asking if I would try them.
I said I don't know.
You said it would make you happy.
So I write you a note the next day,
Saying I might try.
Then at the end of the day,
I get a note that say's: "I like another."
I crinkle it up and toss over my shoulder.
I wanted to rip off your head.
Rip out your heart and scream:
Do you want me or not?
I wait for your call to confirm these things.
But do I get one?
The line is silent.
And when I hear it ring I hope it's you.
But, hell no.
You kissed me lightly one day,
After saying: "I miss you."
So I called you,
Just like you asked.
You say: "You didn't need to. Hold on, I'll call you back."
So stupidly I wait for your call.
And I get none.
I want to rip off your 6 inches
So you can think clearly on what you want.
But either way,
You'll still be that boy,
Forever stuck in my mind,
Never going away!