Not So Cheerful Now

And you thought you were doing the right thing
Just doing what everybody else said was best
Your story began at the end of spring
When the TV broadcast that great protest
You listened to the wondrous words they sang
And soft they slowly seeped in through your ears
You listened to the dictator harangue
How glossy everything appears!
So off you ran to join the crew
Left behind the ones you cared for
The one whose words were deathly true
The ones you choose to now ignore
Part of another happy world zone
That you thought was sober and clean
You beg to be one of their clones
Just to escape your grey routine
Then your smile began to glow bright
You were up for their adventure
Up to win the long pointless fight
Which nobody else dare venture
So they sent you off to run round
Carry out all the modest jobs
Eventually you 'came renowned
So they sent you with higher mobs
And how you danced that very day
In your head where no-one could see
This would be your finest array
You would follow this bold decree
That night you snuck out in the dark
With those the name "friend" you gave
You hope on you they would remark
So you would be leader, not slave
You found what you would call your home
For the next long hour at least
You touched the glass and touched the chrome
For your eyes it was but a feast
This place had beauty never known
To your young and once-free soul
You almost felt you must atone
For not stopping with your control
Suddenly you stopped and stood still
The atmosphere felt too heavy
Was this a role you'd too fulfil?
Or a fine you just had to levy?
You wanted to stop, take a pause
But your chance has already past
For life had not obeyed your laws
And penalty had for surpassed
Suddenly the room exploded
In raging oranges and raw reds
Their soft virgin flesh eroded
And their clothes reduced down to threads
Their harrowing screams echoed through
Your blazing mind and burning room
Through your skin their words did imbue
As they reached their dark dreadful doom
Now their skin is charred and blackened
You can see their ivory bones
And their muscles have all slackened
They've joined other rebel unknowns
Your leaders say you were lucky
To leave with your heart still beating
They regret that you weren't more plucky
But perhaps that would be cheating
Little do they know what you hear
When the moon is glowing up high
Those voices screaming so austere
So vivid- did those people die?
Are they angels above the clouds?
Or do their spirits walk the world?
Your memories are wrapped in shrouds
And you hope they won't be unfurled
You began this path all glowing
And wandering through the warm sunshine
But was your snug home worth forgoing
To love what you do now decline?
The trees are over-grown near here
They got like this-you don't know how
And now the scene is full of fear
I say you're not so cheerful now