Not Your Time
By Remy Chartier
Oh, Sweet child
Let me sit with you for a while,
Lying so still in this hospital bed
The doctors say you soon will be dead
.But what do they know?
Oh, sweet child
Let me talk with you for a while,
You pour your fears unto me
And beg me for my charity
.But it's not your time.
The sparkle has gone from your eyes,
And you contemplate your demise
Child of innocence
Child of sin,
Both of them I see within.
A life lived for others,
You forget yourself,
Your sorrow and pain
It's too much for you to bear.
So much love for others,
You ignore yourself,
Embracing your pain,
Why struggle when it seems noone cares?
Yesterday, a boy came,
And held your hand and whispered to you,
"I will always be here,"
You heard him say.
. But did you really hear him at all?
Today, he came, and stayed all day,
Though the doctors said "don't touch her",
He wiped away your tears,
And calmed your aching fears,
.But was he really there at all?
A flicker of hope in your eyes,
But all you think of are lies
Child of beauty
Child of hate,
Why can't you see that with you, he waits.
One love to lead you,
Safely through one life of pain,
For you, he'll wait forever,
Though sometimes you wish him to go away.
A love who will greet you
He sees beyond your pain,
The girl he said he'd leave never,
He stays with you another day.
Oh, Sweet child,
I see you still don't believe,
Perhaps your mother can convince you
For she too comes to see you.
.Or do you care?
Oh, dear child,
I see that you wish to believe,
See how she sits
With tears in her eyes?
.Or do you care?
For you, she prays and cries
She too sees your demise
Child of anger,
Child of despair
Deep within, I know you care.
So now I am here
In response to your prayer
But my glory will not take you away,
Empty will remain these arms of mine.
Child, I know you fear,
Sometimes life won't be fair
But so many want you to stay,
So live again, it is not your time.
I see you still aren't convinced
Then, perhaps one more?
Your love, your mother and now friends,
Watch as they come through the door.
....Now do you see?
Perhaps, now that is enough?
To convince you you have reasons to live?
For them do you live,
But they live for you too
.Oh, Dear child, it's now up to you.