Ballad for Sir Gawain and the Loathly Lady
There once was a kingdom of olden yore
Where knights learned to treat women with a dignified lore
And among the knights there was a round table
With it goes King Arthur and his famous fable
One day while King Arthur was hunting around
Out came a mysterious person whom made not a sound
The man challenged Arthur to a duel
However stopped and decided not to be completely cruel
He asked Arthur to find the answer to his task
So Arthur beckoned for him to ask
"What is it that women most desire?"
This question was like trying to live through fire
Arthur pondered the question as he rode home
And asked women their answers as he would roam
Arthur could not find the answer he was looking for
However a loathly lady told him the answer while riding through the forest
Women most desire to have their own way she said with a sweet voice
In return for her answer the lady could have anything of her choice
The loathy lady then asked for a mate
King Arthur faltered and looked at her state
She was hideous, a monster, ugly, and a freak
However his word said a knight he must seek
So he pondered which knight he would have to sacrifice
It wasn't as simple as rolling a dice
Sir Gawain demanded that he should help
So King Arthur agreed while he tried not to yelp
The two were married the very next day
While other knights were so sorry for Gawain they started to pray
After the ceremony the couple went to a room
And Sir Gawain felt like he was falling into doom
Sir Gawain slumped back in his chair wondering what to do
But when he looked up, the loathly lady looked brand new
Her hair was long and golden with a perfect figure to match
The lady crept forwards towards Gawain and her arms did attach
Gawain gasped and tried to swallow
However the lady said that in this image he should not wallow
By marrying the lady she was half-released from a curse
Almost like and ailment being cured by a nurse
To stay like this by day or by night was Sir Gawain's choice
Both ideas were expressed by his voice
However it seemed that both ideas were not ideal
So Sir Gawain asked the lady what idea to her did appeal?
This answer happened to be right
So that the lady would never have to live in fright
A celebration was held that night
And this story takes off to another flying like a kite