The Meaning of Everything

So, there's this boy, right?
Just your average boy corrupted with hormones
But he has this amazing smile
And these eyes that hold future promises
Now, don't get me wrong
He has his flaws
Because of him I get points taken off for math
You ask, how the hell is this related?
It's because my whole journal is filled with, doodles...
You can imagine
And I'm probably going to die 10 years earlier
My heart skips beats about 30 times a day
That can't be healthy
But dieing 10 years earlier and subtracted points from a journal
Doesn't mean anything
Neither does this thing I would hardly call a poem
Not a lot of things mean anything anymore
One thing does though
My average boy that's corrupted with hormones
With his amazing smile
And those eyes that hold the meaning of everything