Last night.
He was there.
I knew he would be.
I knew he would see.
I had dressed.
Sexy skirt.
I had laughed.
With my friend.
About hating him.
While secretly thinking.
Remember not to flirt.
Make up done.
Hair fixed.
Fearless smile.
Had to hide.
The way I was.
Shaking inside.
Thoughts rambling.
You don't care.
You aren't scared
It's no big deal.
It doesn't seem surreal.
But it does.
He was there.
Bright eyes.
Adorable smile.
Gave me his shirt.
To keep warm.
And it was then.
That I remembered his charm.
We danced.
He knew what he was doing.
I didn't.
It was too complicated.
Mexican music.
Something he knows.
That I do not.
But somehow he taught me.
It might not have been the steps.
As much as his touch.
When no one saw.
He'd smile at me.
And I remembered how things used to be.
It used to be fun.
When I thought he was the one.
But things got in the way.
But the feelings.
Were gone.
Buried, because I hadn't seen him.
Until yesterday.
What do you do?
When you remember
Why you were in love
But you can't get it back
You can't go back
There are too many complications
One night.
One dance.
One smile.
One word.
One boy.
Changes everything.
And I'm back again
Knowing that we've already met the end
But still reliving each little smile.
Each lingering look.
Each sentence, trying to decode a meaning.
A meaning that's not there.
But somehow last night.
He looked like he cared.
And I don't think I.
Was the only one scared.