How did it feel to see me standing there in front of you?
Smiling like I used to,
How did it feel to take me in your arms, just for a dance?
Hearts pounding, but head's thinking no third chance,
How did it feel to touch me again?
Did it bring back memories of back when?
I remember the day you first kissed my lips,
And I remember last night when you taught me to dance,
Hands on my hips,
I remember the day that we first got in a fight,
I remember yesterday when my stomach flipped when you came in sight,
How did it feel to see me there?
How did it feel to know that you still care?
I know you do,
Because last night when I smiled,
You smiled too,
And when I talked to other guys,
You looked mad and then confused,
And when you saw me shivering from the chill night air,
You gave me your jacket, instantly willing to share,
And when others were talking,
Laughing, oblivious to us,
I was remembering,
That you are one of the only people,
I've ever allowed myself to trust,
You looked up at the same time as me,
And I remembered how I had thought we were meant to be,
But life happened and pulled as apart,
And I'm not going to lie,
You did break my heart,
But last night things were perfection,
Like no time had passed, no tension,
Just two old friends,
Or rather two old flames,
Everything for once felt okay,
Because for once everything was the same,
As it used to be,
When I was happy,
When we were together,
But we're not,
Well, at least I'll always have last night to remember