I know I should just breathe,
sit back and wish this would rewind,
back to when everything made sense.
Back when I knew exactly what was on my mind.
Back when all these thoughts didn't blur.
When I laughed,
and when you never cared for her.
When seasons changed and yet all life was, was unspoken beauty.
When we ran in the rain together,
and you grinned at me, in bliss,
not even noticing the cloudy weather.
When heaven cried above us,
and though we knew not of its power,
we felt as though we were there, and it was wondrous.
I thought everything would always stay,
That no tears would stream,
And you would never stray.
But as time passed,
The rain turned into a forgotten puddle,
The puddle dispersed until one drop sat in the grass.
That drop still sits within my mind,
never spreading but never gone,
I want you to know I never leave our memory far behind.
I want you to still look out the window to see the rain,
to remember love,
and forget all the pain.
I want you to smile,
Like you always have,
With no thought or feeling of denial.
Those waves of aches pains
They're all part of me
Like our memories that run through my veins
But you can forget them
Leave them in the past
Only within me will they last.