Alone. Aflame.
I stand alone
In a realm of Night.
I cannot roam
For I'm merely Light.

I stand aflame
In my tiny world.
Long ago I came
Long ago I unfurled.

I stand alone
One small bright fire.
A vibrant tone
Amongst weary mire.

I stand aflame
My wings outstretched.
I cannot be tamed
In this earth I am etched

For all I atone,
All punishment I claim.
I stand Alone.
I stand Aflame.
Author's note: I actually quite like this one. just the 'all punishment I
claim' is out of rhythm, but that was the shortest word I could find with
the same meaning . Anyway I did this picture before, and I called it
"alone. aflame." And so this poem was created. It goes nicely with the
picture, I might upload it and so eeeeeeeeeeveryone can see ^^ ARG evil stuffed up the formatting, there's supposed to be a triple-dot
thingy after the word alone in the title and the lines are where there's
SUPPOSED to be a paragraph thingy. *shakes fist* curse you,! *cough*