I never new I could feel this way,
I never new it could be,
To trust in someone without flaw,
To be happy that I'm me.

I never thought this would happen,
I thought I'd stay the same,
But ever since you walked in,
I fear no shadow of my name.

I never new what to think,
Before you came along,
Maybe now my past can settle,
I can patch band aids over sores.

I never new why I was,
And why it hurt so much,
Just too live, just to breathe,
Just to feel the touch.

But I trust that you shant hurt me,
Like the others did,
Those memories are laid to rest,
Goodbye, I do bid.

So I thank you for your help,
For the trust you have restored,
A reason maybe to live again,
Despite my heavy flaws.

Surly if I cease to cry,
And bid my fears all goodbye,
If I can lay out my hand,
Let you know, and understand,
Maybe then you can look at me,
And you can glimpse, what I want you to see,

Can you trust me?
Like I do you,
The biggest step,
I have ever taken,
The longest path,
I have ever trodden,
The greatest thing,
I've ever felt,
My heart can trust,
My soul I have dealt.

By Siobhan
Date: 3/May/2004