Never Will You Know

Never will you know
Never shall you see
Even just a glimpse
Of the light in my eyes you shined for me.
My heart suddenly flutters
My knees go weaker
Insecurities arise.
Things I would not want you to see.
My mind screams to tell you how I feel
But how can I?
My lips are sealed.
Your voice, your smile, your laughter
Made me fall for you.
So hard. so unexpected.
Never will I tell you
Never shall you feel
The warmth of my love
For you is real.
Time will pass
Maybe you'd find someone
Someone who had much more courage.
Than I ever had.
And I'd forever keep regret in my heart
For someone I loved so much.
I did nothing and just let him depart.
For my mind had its own resolution.
"Never shall you know.
Just let things be.
Never show the love
I've kept for you.inside of me."