I wish you'd never touched me,
I wish we had never met,
so many times you've hurt me,
this love for you, I regret.

But I can't change who I am,
nor who my heart calls for.
I wish I could so much though,
I don't want to love you anymore.

You left me because you dreamed,
refusing me the only thing I need.
All I needed was to be at your side,
and now alone, my heart shall bleed.

Rivers of tears and blood,
flowing deap shall spill form me.
Never will you or anyone again,
see the woman who I used to be.

This pain has changed me,
but has not changed my love.
I can never forget you,
and shall never rise above.

You are my one and only love,
wether you chose to stay or not.
Though I know you love me too,
it seems your dreams must be caught.

To be with you is my only dream,
Thats all I really want to do.
I'm giving my dreams for yours,
so please return, when your through.