Johnny Appleseed worked alone
No companion by his side
Just him alone on the land
With his bag of seeds at his side.
He worked and toiled
In the hot noonday sun
Planting and planting
Until his workday was done.
I think about him
And compare him to me
Cause I plant seeds too
But I want to see the tree.
I want to see the Lord work NOW
Like a flash of lightning in the sky
I want to see them get saved
And when they don't I wonder why.
But I am learning now from the Lord
That I have to let go
And go and plant other seeds
So many trees can grow.
It is now someone else's job
To water the work of my hand
I get to help plant the seed
After God prepared the land.
I think of Johnny Appleseed
A famous name I know
How if he had stopped and rested
And watched his seed grow
That no one would have known him
His impact would be small
He would not have made a difference
In his world at all.