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Chapter One: Recalling


Eleanor's POV

"No! You can't take me away!" was heard in the hallway outside of Gabriel Grending's room. A nurse was dragging a very disheveled Allison Renaldson. "I could have saved him! Why are you doing this to me God? I still can save him! Don't take me away!"

            These cries still echo the hallways of Saint Lucifer Memorial Hospital. That cursed place. I might as well just tell you this. I'm an angel sent to earth. To be truthful, I hate it down here; I have to deal with human problems. Yeah, but that's the kind of thinking that brought me back down to earth in the first place. Plus the fact that I tried to kick God's shins, which I know now is very bad but how was I supposed to know that the hot angel that greeted me at the pearly Gates happened to be God? God was upset with my behavior, and sent me down here to calm down. I didn't even get a chance to see what heaven was like! Like I was going to just calm down. I hated being stuck in this haunted hospital.

Trust me, it was terrible when she died the first time in a terrible fire that consumed our home. My parents died in that fire, and so had Allison. When she died, I died in soul, but not in body.

But then, I was forced to move on.

So, I was moved from home to home.

Not such a fun life.

I was finally sent to my uncle's house, and he hated me. I met a friend at the school I went to there, and amazingly enough, her name was Allison Renaldson too. She looked exactly like my beloved sister. They had the same black hair and soulful brown eyes. The reincarnated Allie had the same heart my sister had had. Then, she fell for Gabriel.

He had an angel's face, an opinion shared by most of the female population at Dabloi High. He had the white-blonde hair and icy blue eyes, and he had been a mafia gang member. He had not gotten to the point of an ice cold murderer, but he had been close. Yet, supposedly he had potential, so that's how my sister got sent back to save the poor soul. And then, he fell for her, Allison Renaldson, my sister in her second life.

She had been blessed in her second life with angelic powers, and she could have saved Gabriel from dying. The problem was that the nurses dragged her away from him. To this day, you can still hear Gabriel's ghost wandering through the halls trying to find Allie. He's always saying the same thing, "Allie. Where are you? You said you would stay with me forever. I'm sorry for everything. Come back to me, please Allie? Where are you?" And then he repeats the same thing day in and day out.

Definitely not my favorite thing to hear as I happen to work there every single day after school. But then again, I really don't think that Gabriel's ghost haunts the halls of the hospital but his soul. I sincerely believe that he's somewhere wandering around without his soul, sort of like the opposite of what I'm doing because I'm in a different body with the same soul.

Well, Allie, after running away from the nurse, tried to go down the elevator, but found that it was going far too slow. She wanted to escape from the hospital and find a way to his window. She ran towards the staircase, and slipped. I had been a good friend of the reincarnated Allie, and I had found out about Gabriel's accident. So, I had rushed to the hospital to comfort my friend. Those stairs, they are really quite lovely. They are right in front of the visitor's entrance, and it's so high and elegant. Such a shame that someone died on them. I had just stepped in and I had a clear view of Allie's second body tumbling down the staircase, and making sickening crunching sounds as she fell. I just knew deep down that she had been my sister, and that she was gone.

            I wish I hadn't been right, but I was.

Immediately, the authorities came, and no need to bore you with all that they had said, but they pronounced her dead in the end from a broken neck. I gained about 20 pounds eating all the chocolate that I had eaten trying to comfort myself. I had lost my sister not once but twice to Death. It was unfair.

            It was probably a few weeks after the accident that my uncle got upset with me, again, and started to beat me.

He apparently did not appreciate my rebelliousness. He got a knife and stabbed me, and, no duh, I died. My body is buried somewhere in the rose garden, but that's not what matters right now.

I ended up in heaven dressed up in a big white robe. It made me look fat okay? So I was not in the best moods. When God talked to me, I was not in my most courteous state. I felt that the guy was disrespecting me, and so I used a nice lesson I had learnt from my sister, which happens to be where you kick the offending party in the shin. Sadly enough, I was then promptly sent back down to Earth because somebody did not appreciate my way of thinking. He got a bit upset. Never mind, a bit won't cut it. I meant a lot.

            So, then, he sent me back, and said, "You're not coming back until you find your love of your life." Thanks. He basically sent me down to earth for all eternity because there is sure as hell no such thing as love. And you know what the worst thing is? I'm going to age in years until I reach the age of 18. And then, I get to stay at that age, forever.

            You know what's the worst thing?

            I'm stuck in the body of a disgruntled teenager who happened to die in a car accident recently. Only, I'm keeping her body alive and moving by inhabiting it.

            It's kind of gross knowing that the body I'm in will fall apart the moment that someone from heaven ships my soul out of it.

            Sadly enough, that's probably not going to happen for a while since he's bent on making sure that I'm cursed with true love.

Afterlife is so unfair.

Anyway, due to the fact that the dead girl happened to be in high school, I now have to suffer through high school, again. Could there possibly be anymore torture that somebody in heaven could inflict on me?

Hoping for a no.

So, that leads me to where I am now, walking to Jefferson High School. You know, it would be a very lovely school. It's very quaint, what with it being made out of brick and all and having these lovely little windows with lovely arches over them. And the fact that the front of the school has a whole 50 rows of steps in the front with a huge veranda and about fifteen, twenty marble pillars in the front probably helps with giving the school its blue-ribbon image. We students call it hell, which detracts a bit from the school's lovely façade.

Last week's lack of school spirit at a football game has also done a bit of detracting from the school's reputation. So, the whole five-hundred students or so here are now forced to stand outside every morning and sing our school song. We are also forced to do school bonding activities, and such.

There is only one word to describe it.


As you can tell, I'm not one for true love or school spirit. However, we do miss about 35 minutes of first hour, so I'm happy.

I headed down to the front lawn to a miraculous dry spot of grass by the pond, in order to sit under my favorite willow tree. The willow tree attracts me probably because my sister was practically in love with willow trees. And probably because I'm able to hide under it for about 35 minutes everyday without anyone seeing me.

I plopped myself down onto the grass and damn!

My backpack zipper was stuck to my hair.


Gabriel's POV

He had wandered here, of all places, again. Why was this cursed place so appealing to him?

            Gabriel was standing in the shadows, as usual, letting bitter thoughts take over. He stood watching the mortals walking around from the shadows behind a pillar at Jefferson High School.

            He let out a bitter laugh all of a sudden, which would seem weird to most people but he couldn't help it. He was bitter.

            Gabriel, although the prince of shadows, was always a mere shade in this world. Nobody could see him, nobody could hear him, but they could always feel his presence. Gabriel angrily struck his fist against a pillar, desperately wanting to feel some kind of emotion, pain even, but he felt no pain.

            'That damned incident ruined me.' He walked a little bit out of the shadows towards a couple making out. He smiled a tiny bit at the thought of making mischief "At least I can still do something" and walked towards the couple. He walked right through them and started jumping on both of them. Of course, they felt it and started panicking.


            Well, he tried, he conquered, except for the fact that no one knew that he had done it. What's the use of being able to play pranks if no one knows it was you who had played the prank? There was a sort of perverse wanting for recognition for doing something bad.

            Gabriel walked down the path to the side which was pretty much shaded by oak trees, and headed towards the pond.

Gabriel couldn't but think 'Yup, that's me. Reduced to scaring ducks…and first sign of insanity is talking to yourself'and he headed down to the pond, right past a huge willow tree.

'Hmmm. There just might be another couple making out here today. I might even be able to summon the shadows to give me some sort of form…' and he started heading towards the willow tree. He brushed aside curtain of willow branches and was startled to see Allison.

            That bitch.

            He couldn't wait to scare her. He couldn't believe that he had been startled by the sight of her, and he quickly gave himself a mental slap. Wait, he hadn't done that in a while. What was it with this girl that she could do this to him?

            He walked up to her and was 5 feet from her when she turned her head to look at him with a glare.

"THAT'S IT! WHAT HAVE I DONE TODAY THAT MAKES GOD WANT TO PUNISH ME SO MUCH!" she suddenly yelled and made Gabriel jump. 'Maybe this wasn't such a good idea…'

            Allison was standing up all of a sudden and walking towards him.

            He started backing up, because hello? Anyone would if there was a 110 pound or so girl walking towards them with a die-boy-die look on her face. '

            He started talking to Allison, even though he knew that she couldn't hear him.

"Listen, Allison, I'm very sorry. Ok? Why are you so mad anyway? God, girls these days."

Scaring the very essence out of him, the girl started talking to him. He even checked over his shoulder to see if she was talking to someone behind him.


            Well, he wanted her to shut up.

            Deep down, he knew that this was so not a good idea.

            Gabriel kissed the nameless girl.


Nory's POV (aka Eleanor)

            HE KISSED ME.

            The freaking, you know what I mean, kid kissed me. This is so not funny.


            Who did he think he was? And why, in the good Lord's name, had he called me Allison? Wait, he looked familiar now that I thought about it except for the fact that he seemed to have shadows at his feet that were whirling and swirling around his feet. It was just that fact that I couldn't remember why he looked familiar.

            When he finally let me go, I think the freak of nature actually enjoyed what he did. I couldn't help thinking, "Not for long…" I laughed my evil laugh which sounds like a normal laugh, but do not be fooled. I looked up at him with my innocent face pasted on. Yeah, I know I'm an angel and everything and I'm supposed to be doing wonders for this girl but I can't help but have my old nature.

            Yeah, I kicked him, enter sheepish look here, but still. He deserved it.

"Take that you evil freak of nature!" I yelled triumphantly, and I was feeling pretty proud until he stopped my victory dance by grabbing me.

"Don't you dare call me a freak of nature. How can you see me?" were the wonderful words that he spoke to me (please note the sarcasm).

            Was he dead? Wait, hell no! This can't be happening!

Could he possibly be the Gabriel my dear sister knew and loved? I looked up at him so suddenly that I think I gave myself whiplash. Ah well, it's all well in an angel's second-life because I can't die until the big guy in heaven wants me to. To this day, I still can't understand why my angel sister died…okay enough about that. It was starting to make me depressed.

            I looked at him closely. Wait! He had the same white blonde hair and blue eyes, which seemed an icier blue than before. Oh my Lord.

            I tried to squirm out of the dead man's grip, only he held on tighter. This was so surreal. All I wanted to do was avoid the school activities and I get stuck dealing with a dead man.

            Yup, someone up there hates me.

"Okay, so you're not a freak of nature. I understand. Now, could you please let me go?" I said, and I couldn't help but do it with a hint of pleading.

            I know that normal people don't like dead people holding them, and I'm not all that different that I enjoy dead people holding me.

            I wondered if it still remembered its name…

What I really wanted to say to Gabriel was, "Hi, Gabriel. Well, umm, Allison, your old girlfriend? Yeah, she's dead. And it just so happens that I'm her sister. So, could you please let go of me? Did you know that you're dead too and that you're freaking me out. So, could you please let go of me?"

            The question should also have consist of asking what was he and why was he here on Earth when he should have been dead and happily rotting away in his grave?

Instead of saying what I wanted to say, knowing that the last time that I had voiced my opinions that good things had not happened, I settled for, "Hi, Gabriel. I'm not Allison. I'm her sister Eleanor. Nory to you, because no one calls me Eleanor, and could you please let go of me?"

            All those times that I've been told to use tact have paid off, sort of.

            The dead person let go of me. YAY! But then, Gabriel had a sad look on his face. I couldn't help but study it, which I know is weird but still. He had the iciest blue eyes that had a haunted look on them. His face looked as perfect as ever. Wait, what was I thinking? I gave myself a mental slap and stood back a little bit to see how well he was rotting.

            He didn't look dead at all. He still had on the black baggy jeans that he had been wearing before, and he had a loose black t-shirt. I looked back at his face only to realize that he had noticed me staring at him.

"Heh, yeah. I don't look dead do I? Well, I am. I should be happily rotting in my grave right now, but I'm cursed to walk the earth as a shade. I'm the prince of shadows but a mere shade in this world." His face looked defensive at this point, and he chuckled a tiny bit in a weird bitter way and went on from there, "And you look exactly like your sister, which is undeniably scary. How can you see me?"

            Good question.

            "Er, uh, hmmm, I really don't know, but it might have to do with the fact that this really isn't my body but someone else's, and the fact that I'm an angel sent back to live in this body."

            I swear it just came out. I couldn't help thinking about how he and I were both dead people sent back to Earth as freaks, so I might as well tell him my secret. It's not like he can tell anyone about my secret. Now that I think about it, he's worse off than I am.

            Temporary insanity is my only excuse for what happened next.

"Hey, do you have anywhere to live? If you don't, you could live at my new house." popped out of my mouth.

            I felt like kicking myself when he smiled and said "Sure, why not?"

            I heard the bell ring and could only think, "Why me?"

            I hurried to first hour, and sat there, bored nearly to the point of tears.

            A jock had come up to me earlier and said, "Hey Eleanor!"

            I wanted to make a dent in his mind that would drill the fact that I am not called Eleanor by anyone, because it is always Nory. Plain and simple. I miss my old name, Sammi, but I definitely can't use it anymore because Sammi is officially dead as decreed by the officials who had been trying to find my body. (In fact, they're probably still looking for my body…)

            He promptly had his butt-kicked by my wonderful Gucci boots which I found lying in the dead girl's closet. I know this sounds selfish, how I found the dead girl's boots and took them to be my own and all but I really do care about the dead girl. I know that I'll never be exactly like her because her soul is officially gone. I had gotten a pamphlet for heaven's sakes, and it had been full of information about her. It told me how to act and how to be like her basically. However, it also told me about all the good things that this girl had done. Pity that she died, because she had been a really great person.

            If her soul hadn't run off after the car crash, why, she'd probably still be alive and happy. Sadly enough she did, and I was sent down to replace her in her body. I can't help but wish that she lived.

            I wouldn't be stuck here on earth, and I wouldn't have to deal with my new undead, prince of shadows roommate.


            The rest of the school-day went by well. Excepting the fact that the same jock kept giving me weird stares. The only reason why is probably the fact that I had insisted that he call me Nory. You see, the previous Eleanor had been called Eleanor by all her friends.

            I really don't know why, but I want to make sure that I'm somehow noticed. I know that sounds undeniably selfish but I really don't exist anymore. Right now, I'm supposed to be Eleanor. But, I couldn't be her because I'm me, Sammi. I'm trying to find an outlet for me by asking people to call me Nory because I want to be noticed no matter how much I'm not supposed to.

            Okay, enough wallowing in self-pity. Plus, I bet none of you understood that previous paragraph. I just needed a time to vent.

            I was happily sitting out and staring off into blank space (at the door out of the classroom) when I saw Gabriel wander through the door and into the classroom. He started swaggering down the aisle between row one and row two (I'm talking about desks here).

            "So, Eleanor, how's life? You look beautiful as ever." he said in a scarily musical sexy voice.

            He ran a finger lightly up my arm, and I shivered. What the heck was the boy doing? And he knew that I couldn't say of do anything or else people would think that I was crazy, since they couldn't hear him. I stared at my pen and started twirling it in between my fingers. Wait…paper and pen…I grabbed my binder and flipped it open. I flung a folder open, nearly strewing a bunch of health papers on the ground, and grabbed a sheet of paper. He stood behind me with his hands on my shoulders and his face by the side of my face. I mouthed the word freak at him.

            Apparently Gabriel noticed this flurry of movement, you know the opening folder and grabbing paper thing, and raised an eyebrow, apparently now interested.

            I started writing my opinions on the sheet of paper, and Gabriel now read it with interest.

            "GABRIEL! WHAT THE HECK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING???!!! Stop touching my arm you sick perverted shadow thing. God, it's nasty! WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT FREAKY EYEBROW THING?? And why are you here anyway??!!!"

            His eyebrows were way way up at that point. What the heck???

            He grabbed my hand, still wrapped around the pen, and guided it along the paper. To form:

            "Hon, you should realize that I'm visiting you happily. Shouldn't you be happy to get a visit from a shadow man? Who happens to be the prince of shadows?"

            I let out a snort of disgust, which attracted a look from the cheerleader sitting to the right of me in row two. I glanced at her and gave her a "What??" look, and looked back down at the paper.

            "What freaky eyebrow thing?"

            What freaky eyebrow thing??? He didn't know that he did the freaky eyebrow thing??? Ah well…I'll just have to tell him later.

            I wrote, "Gabriel, shut up now, and leave me in peace."

            Sadly enough, the weirdo didn't leave nor did he leave me in peace. He did shut up though, so I think that might have been an improvement. He went to the back of the room and sat on the table in the back, looking at me intently. Well, at least the boy had made some kind of improvement.

            Or at least, that's what I was thinking until I saw him start throwing the paperclips in the apple-shaped basket beside him at my dear Health teacher. Crap. I wanted to kill him, I really did. Problem is, he's already dead and can basically feel nothing.

         I shot a desperate glance at the clock, and found, to my delight, that there was only a minute left until class was dismissed! WOO HOO! After what seemed like forever,

            Gabriel walked beside me in the crowded hallway, and I couldn't help but notice that the people that he walked through seemed to always emerge chilled and freaked out looking…

            He must have that affect on people.

            He walked silently beside me, just like a shadow, and I found it sort of intimidating. Obviously, being me, I couldn't keep my mouth shut. "Why the hell are you so quiet??"

            He merely glanced over at me, and said, "I'm thinking, mainly about me, and also about you…"

            I wanted to whack him over the head with my lovely black clutch purse, but doing so technically wouldn't hurt him since he is a shadow, so I would just be embarrassing myself.

            I found myself in front of my locker, rather quickly too considering the time it normally takes for me to get to my locker, and all of a sudden, that same jock from earlier walked up to me with some of his friends. They surrounded me like a gang and not a happy one either. A new jock, someone I had not met until that day, walked up to me and stood directly in front of me. Of course, me liking my private space, kept backing up until I could not because the blasted locker was in the way. Crap. Why did I sense that this was bad???

            I saw Gabriel behind the jock looking very pissed. He had a pout on his face and seemed to be seething. However, I was trying to focus on the matter at hand (i.e. weird scary jock dude too close to me)

            "Er…what do you want?"

            "Will you go out with me?"

            The boy was about 5 inches away, and I was so freaked out. Why the hell was he so close? This was so not right! It's not like Eleanor was all that great looking of a person. Or maybe she was except that I refuse to see that now that I inhabit her body.

            "Who the hell are you?"

            Hey, I was trying to make it simple. The dude went from practically pinioning me to the locker to saying "Will you go out with me?". He was being direct, so I figured that I might as well do the same.

            He smiled a kind of wolfish smile, which I had seen Gabriel smiling during Health class, before saying, "You forgot about dear old Brandon?"

            Technically no because I never knew you. Does that get me cookie points?

            Then I saw Gabriel give the wolfish smile for the second time today. Uh oh, and he had a very scary mad glint in his eye.