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            At the mention of where they wanted to go, Shawn and Gabriel perked up a considerable amount immediately…definitely not a good sign.

            "Hey, let's go visit the cemetery! I want to see if I'm really dead!" Was Shawn serious? What kind of person wants to go and visit a cemetery to see if they died??? I definitely don't want to start digging up my Uncle's garden to see how well my body's rotting!

            "Morbid this morning aren't you?" Gabriel voiced my thoughts perfectly and went on to suggest, "How about if we all go to the movies? I still go there occasionally because being invisible is kind of a perk because I can get into any movie for free…but with you two it'll be much more entertaining."

            Movie theaters were fun, but I didn't want to go with just Shawn and Gabriel. It would just be weird to go alone, because movie theaters are not places for loners to hang out…I had to go call my friend Jules up. It would be fun to go with her. Jules was the only true friend that I had made so far, and she was a really awesome person. She could be stubborn and clumsy at times…but that was a good thing because it meant that she would fall onto a guy and get a date. If only she weren't so obsessed with being independent…the main reason why she had not gone out with a guy yet. She also had this issue with her feet being too small, which I couldn't understand because wouldn't that only mean that she'd be able to have a lovely huge collection of shoes? (Knowing her, each shoe would be a designer shoe carefully hoarded in an organized manner for the sake of being able to find the shoe for future shoe emergencies.) Now, the only problem with bringing Jules along was if Shawn and Gabriel decided that they wanted to talk to me, because I obviously couldn't talk back since Jules would be there. For God's sakes, she would think that I was a schizo or something because she wouldn't be able to see or hear Gabriel. I could just picture me saying to Gabriel, "Gabriel, shut up!"

            There would then be a long silence before me saying to an invisible Gabriel, "This is so weird, me trying to talk to you. Could you please keep your mouth shut for two seconds?" I could just see Jules running out of the theater now…

            I quickly grabbed a sheet of paper and jammed it, along with a pen, into my purse. "Shawn, do you want to go to the movie theater?"


            "Ghosts are such sobs aren't they?" Gabriel said disdainfully.

            "Guess who's acting like a know-it-all?"

            "At least I know that I'm dead!" Gabriel retorted back at Shawn.

            "So you're saying that you're smarter than me??"

            I sighed and grabbed the two of them by their elbows, Gabriel on my left and Shawn on my right, and grumbled under my breath about immature little idiots. I turned to Gabriel and hissed in his ear, "Don't you dare start a fight with Shawn. I know that you were in a gang and how you gang members like to solve problems by shooting at each other, but please don't do that here." After I said that, Gabriel seemed to stiffen. The room seemed to grow chilly, just like how it did when Shawn appeared, and I shivered. "Could you turn down the drama just a bit Gabriel?" Then, I noticed the smoke starting to curl out in thin wispy tendrils from Gabriel. This couldn't possibly be good. "Don't you dare mention that all we did in a gang was shoot at each other. You couldn't possibly understand what being a gang member could possibly be like because you were never there. You've never had to live the life of a gang member." I looked up at him and saw that Gabriel's eyes had lost their warmth…

            What was wrong with him? Uh, hello, gang members did solve their problems by shooting at each other. However, Gabriel obviously thought there were other ways that gangs entertained themselves.

            "Fine then, be a prissy drama queen." I snapped before dropping their elbows and walking over to my metallic purple telephone.

            Gabriel looked shocked that I had even dared to compare him to a prissy teenage girl…but that was how he was acting like! I finally got to my telephone and plopped myself on my bed. I dialed Jules' phone number quickly and the telephone rang probably about 25 times before Jules managed to get to the telephone. I was so happy to hear her pick up the phone…until she practically snarled "Hello? What do you want?"

            "Hi Jules."

            "Oh! Hey Nory! I thought it was this one telemarketer dude selling Dove soap again."

            "Lovely way of greeting people eh?"

            "Yup…now why did you call me?"

            'Could you please come with me to watch over two dead people? Oh, wait, make that three, because I am basically a dead person too.' I could just imagine the laughter I'd get from Jules if I ever told her, in the same scared quiet voice as that kid who said it in that one movie, "I see dead people." I think Jules would then die from her huge convulsions of laughter…

            "Do you want to go to the movies?"

            "Fine then. Hold on…let me go check in with my Mom. She still doesn't trust me after the little break in that I had to do yesterday."

            I nearly gasped. Jules was breaking into houses???

            "You broke into a house??!!!"

            "It was my own house hun. I locked myself out by accident, and Mom was sure that I was locked out because of my own 'underhanded' reasons."

            It was quiet all of a sudden behind me…it was only then that I realized that Gabriel and Shawn had stopped arguing, in an attempt to listen in on my conversation with Jules. I heard Jules ahem over the telephone, and realized that I had been standing there in silence for five minutes or so. "Jules, you're the only one I know who would break into your own house…and what with your Mom being as tough, stubborn, and smart as she is…"

            I heard Jules sniffle, "Yup. Sometimes I wish that Mama wouldn't be as single-minded or brave as she is…sadly that doesn't look like a wish that's going to be granted anytime soon. I'll be back in a second."

            As soon as Jules was off of the telephone, I turned to glare at Gabriel and Shawn. THEY HAD NO RIGHT TO LISTEN IN ON MY CONVERSATIONS! I was just about to yell at them when Shawn said, "Who's Jules?"

            "I'll tell you later. You'll get to meet her at the movie theater."

            It seemed that Gabriel got a slight look of dismay at that. "We're going with a mortal  friend of yours?"

            I glared at Gabriel before ignoring the two of them, again, to talk to Jules who had just gotten back on the telephone. "Jules?"

            "Were you just talking to yourself?"

            "Umm…er…I'm doing a speech thing."

            There was a long silence (YES! She bought the dumb excuse!)…until she said, "Do you normally talk about going to the movies in speeches?"

            Damn. I should have known that I wouldn't be able to get past Jules with that excuse.

            She did have a point though…what sane person would talk about movies with themselves???

            "Yup, Jules, you know how we're not exactly sane? Take that time in the cafeteria for example."

                        Nobody knows about the incident in the school cafeteria. It's one of those things that we have sworn to secrecy. Well...it all started when we tried to snitch the only edible snack that our cafeteria provides: two bags of chips that we spotted from the library window. They were just lying there, ON THE LUNCH TABLE! It was like a holy light was focused on those two bags of chips, forcing me and Jules to see them in all their glory. So, we decided to head to the outdoor cafeteria to be 'innocent' bystanders. We finally got to the cafeteria after taking many endless twists and turns, and were delighted to find that the cafeteria was empty…well except for a family of geese, but we thought that they were normal geese, so we thought that they wouldn't bother us.

            Guess what? They weren't. They were evil beady-eyed creatures. So, we headed over to the table and grabbed the two bags. All of a sudden, the biggest goose honked, and Jules was like, "GET OUT OF MY WAY! Nory, make it go away!" By now, the goose had walked over to us. It went forward suddenly and sat on Jules' foot. The goose just sat there as if it had all the time in the world to sit on Jules' foot. She stared at it, and was like, "What a sweet little goose! It didn't hurt us!"

            Or at least that was what she had been doing until the goose pooped on her foot. We were just standing there, me trying unsuccessfully to get the goose off of Jules' foot, when PLOP. A huge wet chunk of poop landed on her foot. Not good…she had been wearing high-heeled clunky sandals. I tried chasing it away again…until it decided that I made a much better form of entertainment than Jules. It started chasing me around. I was looking behind me at one point, trying to see if the goose was following me, when I ran straight into a table with a big BAM! I fell over and the goose ran over me. As it went over me, I yanked a feather out…which led to copious amounts of hissing from the whole goose clan. Jules and I were backing up, away from the mad goose mob (Probably a form of the Geesers Civil Rights Authority which disliked how I yanked out that feather.)Then, we backed right up into the back wall of the cafeteria…which fell over…which led to the geese running after us through the hallway and bird poop in the hallways everywhere for about a week. Nobody knows that it was our fault though…and no one ever will.

            I wouldn't be surprised if the geese had strategically placed TWO bags of chips on the table on purpose just to trap and torment us, and had weakened the door on purpose. How, I do not know. (Maybe they were all banging at the wall with their little beaks?) I could just picture the headlines now: YE OLDE GEESAR CLUB MEMBERS BANGED DOWN SCHOOL WITH THEIR SHEER BEAK POWER!

            See why we couldn't tell anyone about this? Sadly enough, Gabriel and Shawn had been listening in on our PRIVATE telephone conversation, so the moment I got off of the telephone (After hearing Jules promise that she would go to the movies) they started interrogating me.

            "What incident in the cafeteria?" (That was Gabriel)

            "Yeah." (Shawn)

            Like I would ever tell them. It was humiliating enough just to know that it happened to ME of all people. And a wall fell over because of me. For goodness sakes, if Gabriel and Shawn were ever to hear about this incident, they would know that a bunch of geese and two bags of chips nearly brought my downfall. However the beauty of it all was that no one knew about this little incident resulting from lack of insight upon Jules' and my part.

            "Come on. We're going to be late for that movie that we were going to see…" Sadly enough, my attempt to divert their attention didn't work until the doorbell rang. Gabriel and Shawn were off like rockets down the stairs and I watched as a look of surprise was on Jules' face when she saw the door mysteriously open. (It was really by Shawn since Gabriel couldn't connect with solid objects.) "Wow, Nory, I didn't know your house was so high-tech. You have to show me how to open that door like that!"

            Ummm…how could I explain that a ghost lived with me and decided that it would be fun to open doors and close them mysteriously?

            I didn't think that would run too well with Jules though, but Jules would be getting me the desperate help I needed from locking me in an purple-padded asylum. Then again…I really wouldn't be able to tell anyone that the reason for my mental break-down was on account of helping two good for nothing dead people. "Nope, family secret. I can't tell you how to open the door."

            Jules gave one of her infamous puppy dog faces before settling for a pout, "Fine then! Keep your evil secrets! Let's get going. I'm looking forward to a whole tubful of hot, steamy, buttery wholesome goodness that some call popcorn." Shawn looked amused and Gabriel just looked disgusted. I shot him a death glare to try to send him a telepathic message to not act so disgusted, but he started breaking out into convulsions of laughter. (Laugh) "You" (Laugh) "really shouldn't" (Laugh) "give any-" (BIG Laugh) "-one death glares."

            I couldn't give him the proper tongue lashing that he deserved lest Jules think that I belonged in my purple padded asylum…so I settled for pretending to stretch. (In reality, I was knocking Gabriel in the head.) As we walked out of the door, Shawn floating through because he accidentally got left behind, I heard Gabriel muttering indistinct things…probably about inconsiderate angels. We were just passing my house when I noticed that the house to the right of me had people moving in.

            "Wait…the old family moved out?"

            Jules gave me the are-you-seriously-that-dumb look before saying, quite slowly, "Yes…the old family did move out. That's why the van in front of the house says 'We Can Move It, We Can Do It'. Wow, that's sad. The movers are so low-selfesteemish that they need to have their van give them encouragement. WHOA!" Why did she just say 'whoa'? I followed her eyes and then…

            I saw what might have been the hottest guy I've seen in a long time. There was this super tall guy, and he had hair that looked super thick. It was a lovely caramel color, and he had these gray, or were they hazel? Wait…they seemed to be blue from this point of view. It was interesting to see that this boy's eyes changed color. He looked to be about 17 or so, just perfect dating material for me and Jules…then I heard a huge cough, and I turned to see Gabriel coughing.

            Gabriel noticed that he had caught my eye, and said, "Hi, can we move on to the movie theater now?"

            Gabriel was seething with anger when Jules and I walked up to the gorgeous guy. "Hi, we're the welcoming committee. Jules lives to your right and I live to your left. Welcome to our lovely little neighborhood on Pineview Avenue!"

            He looked shocked at first, but then he broke into a knee-melting smile before saying, "Damn! I'm surrounded! Ah well, at least it's by you two…it could always be two evil hags. So…my name's Daniel." Gabriel made a gagging sound in the back before continuing his barrage of death glares. Shawn was giving Gabriel puzzled looks {Why is Gabriel so mad?? Shawn had a look on his face of complete cluelessness, probably wondering why Gabriel was so worked up. Shawn whispered something that sounded suspiciously like, "Be happy and clueless! Like me!"}

            "My name's Nory and this is my best friend Jules. Do you want to come to the movies with us?" Daniel couldn't possibly say no.

            "YES! I've got a way to get away from unpacking the boxes, but can I bring my little sister Deidre?" Daniel said, and I was nodding my head and just about to say 'Yes' when Jules decided to answer, a bit too quickly, "Of course."

            "I wasn't asking you."

            "Who says that I can't talk to you?"


            "You can't control me."

            This looked like the start of a beautiful friendship didn't it?


            It was so weird sitting in a movie between Jules and Daniel with Gabriel trying to sit on my lap and Shawn sitting quietly and enjoying the movie to the left of Jules. I was sitting on her right and Daniel was on my right and Diedre was sitting on Daniel's right, at the very end by a big fat old guy….

            …this was just so confusing. I rubbed my hand over my forehead and sighed. Now that I thought about it, I think Shawn was the only one who was truly enjoying the movie and 'watching' it. Well, Daniel's sister might have been too, except I couldn't really tell because she was sitting so far away.

The whole trip had been a really dumb idea. Diedre was well behaved on the walk to the movie theater, but Daniel and Jules had bickered the whole time while Gabriel kept trying to put his arm around me. I think that was an omen telling us not to go to the movie theater. Jules was still mad at Daniel, over the dumbest thing too. She was mad at Daniel because he ignored her when she was the one who had liked him in the first place (I think those feelings had changed by now.) and Daniel was mad at her for being a stubborn 'bitch'. His words, not mine. During the last quarter or so of our walk, Jules got really mad and kicked Daniel in his poor undefended shin. I could see why she had done it too, so I forgave her. Daniel, apparently, did not. So, they decided to sit as far as they could from each other, which explained why Daniel was sitting to my right and Jules to my left. Diedre looked upon the whole fight between Jules and Daniel in amazement the whole time.

            I sighed again. Seriously, this was getting to be pitiful. A girl shouldn't sigh this much. Ah well, at least I can still find comfort in my popcorn. I reached into the jumbo bag of popcorn only to find, much to my disappointment, that it was empty. Damn…I finished all of the popcorn.

            "Daniel, MOVE! I'm going to get popcorn." I got up and stumbled my way through the aisle, trying to avoid popcorn and miscellaneous paraphernalia plopped down on the ground. And the feet that seemed to mysteriously get in the way. I could distinctly remember that there weren't this many feet before…and then I fell on my face after tripping on a huge bag of some sort. Did hobos live here??? I looked up, only to get the shock of my life, to see the big fat old guy staring down at me and grinning. I quickly got up and ran the rest of the way out of the aisle. The moment I had gotten out of the aisle, I felt like bursting into song, or at least until I noticed Gabriel sitting in my chair. Just what did he think he was doing? He was probably trying to get it as cold as a block of ice so that my butt would freeze to it the moment that I sat down…oh well. The popcorn mattered to me the most at that moment and not the thought of yelling, "Hey…can someone call the theater manager please? It seems that I got my butt stuck to the seat because it was freezing cold…" 

            I could then picture me chasing Gabriel around the movie theater the moment I got out of my seat and the people wondering why I was running around the theater like a crazy person. Hey, at least they could get an idea of how happy I was to get myself free of the seat…they just didn't know that I would also be happy that I was free to run after Gabriel with the hope of being able to tear him from limb to limb.

            I finally got to the concession stand and stood in line.


15 minutes later

            I WAS STILL IN LINE FOR MY FREAKING POPCORN! And I was bored out of my mind. I had already looked at the movie posters hanging on the walls about five times already and knew what movies were playing at what time. It was saddening. This little girl and her five friends decided to get in line behind me for popcorn and who knows what else when one of the little girls, an especially bratty one with blonde hair and blue eyes and a stuck up ski-slope nose (Who was probably the most likely to become a super popular girl when she got to be my age) asked what time the movie was. I didn't mean to blurt it out, but I said, "3:30 pm, 30 minutes after Shrek 2 starts. After that is Raising Helen at 3:50 pm." The Mom accompanying the girls gave me a frightened look. {Did she think that I stalked the movie theater or something??? Do I look that scary to you? (long silence) Wait…I do look scary…especially each morning. I look into the mirror and practically scream, "UGH! Who is that freaky person? Wait, that's me."} The Mom then hurried the six girls off to another line, probably hoping with all her heart that I didn't have other stalker friends in the other line.

            After another fifteen minutes or so, where the Mom leading the six girls kept shooting me anxious glances, I FINALLY got my popcorn. The guy at the counter was super hot though, which made up for the evil Mom's accusatory glares, and I was even flirting with him until I heard a loud AHEM come from somewhere behind me. I looked behind me only to see Gabriel standing there looking impassive, definitely an interesting change. He usually had some kind of smirk on his face, and the fact that the smirk was missing made me wonder what was wrong with Gabriel. Then again, why should I care?

            Stupid idiots who ruin flirting moments. I HAD A GOOD MOMENT GOING ON THERE!!!! I flashed a flirtatious smile (Or what I hoped to be a flirtatious smile and not an I'm-going-to-bite-your-head-off kind of smile.)

 "I'll see you around then." The guy shouted, and I couldn't help but smile to myself. Gabriel was looking at me now with a look of disbelief.

            "The guy works at a movie theater selling popcorn!"

            I tried to wipe the grin off of my face, but Gabriel still stared at me with a look of incredulity on his face. Hey, a girl could dream! Thank God he was unable to read my mind. Was it possible for a person to be able to read another person's mind? No, that couldn't possibly happen…but it would probably be quite a curse if someone could.

            "Nory, you have really strange taste in men."

            I hurried off to the movie theater with Gabriel right at my heels, my popcorn crunching around in the jumbo tub, and my hair flying behind me like a thick black curtain. Gabriel and I made it into the movie theater. I headed over to our seats and stopped right outside of our aisle when I noticed that Jules was sitting there with only Shawn and Diedre for company. Where did Daniel go? I stood there in shock for a few seconds.

            Gabriel seemed to be wondering the same thing because he kept looking at the empty seat and then looking at me. His face was unreadable in the darkness though. It seemed like Gabriel could blend into the darkness when he wanted to. His hair had taken a duller gleam to it, and his ice-blue eyes seemed veiled. "Come on! You're blocking the aisle angel darling." I chose to ignore Gabriel, again. I seem to be doing that a lot nowadays…

            However, he deserved it for daring to call me darling! Finally, I reached our seats after endless careful maneuvers up and around miscellaneous objects and feet/legs lying in the aisle. I sat in my former seat and Gabriel promptly sat in the seat that Daniel had 'disappeared' from. Where was Daniel? Then I noticed that he was sitting about fifty rows in front of us, and I looked at Jules only to see that she was practically glowering at the movie screen. Daniel sat below us with his arms folded and was also staring resolutely at the movie screen.

            "Jules, what did you do? Why is Daniel sitting about 50 rows away??"

            There was a looooonnng silence before Jules turned to me and practically spat back, "That freak didn't appreciate my remarks about the movie that I was making and decided that I was 'too immature' to sit by so he decided after saying, 'Since there is nobody decent to talk to, since someone is too busy being obsessed with criticizing the movie, I'm going to move.' What is wrong with him? I'm telling my mom that I want to move! Preferably not to China…but I won't stand having Daniel for a neighbor!"

            Jules started glowering at the movie screen again. I looked at Diedre and she shrugged her shoulders.


            The rest of the movie passed in this way. Jules was grumbling under her breath about 'inconsiderate morons' while Shawn sat there enjoying the movie, apparently oblivious to the excitement around him. Shawn leaned over occasionally to whisper things in Jules' ears (What he whispered…I can only guess…) and Jules seemed to hear them a bit, him being a ghost and all, and she noticeably shivered when Shawn put his hand on her arm. I noticed that hurt filled Shawn's face before he turned his head back to face the movie. Gabriel sat to the right of me occasionally making funny remarks about the movie. (I would never admit to his face that his remarks were funny though.) Gabriel had made a bag of popcorn appear out of air a few moments ago, and he was currently pigging out on it. I glanced down at Daniel occasionally out of curiosity, and I usually found him staring intently at the movie screen. (Except for that one time when I caught Jules and Daniel seemingly in a staring contest…Jules denied it of course and said in a very threatening voice, "Just watch the movie.")

            It was the last fifteen minutes of the movie when Gabriel and I started arguing.

            "Yes, he deserved to be slapped!"

            Gabriel stared at me as though I were proposing that I set the theater on fire, "No, what did he do wrong? He just professed his undying love for her…and she goes and slaps him!"

            "…and that's bad how?"

            "YES! It's bad! You know why? Because she just basically broke his heart and made him confused!"


I so did not need to know that…whatever. I didn't even know that Gabriel could get sentimental! The truly sad thing was what we were arguing over: whether the girl should have slapped the guy after he professed his undying love and kissed her.

            The movie was finally over, after another 15 minutes or so. When the movie was over, Gabriel and I started bickering over another aspect of the movie. Gabriel was obsessed with the lead girl character's, ahem, chest. I was trying so hard to make Gabriel realize that they really weren't as impressive as he thought and that he should shut up if he couldn't talk about normal things. It didn't work. Jules was wondering why I was talking to myself…and kept shooting me bewildered looks.


            Yeah right.

            Gabriel was seriously going to drive me over the edge, which was why I hated him with every fiber of my angelic soul. (I could just see God aiming his thunderbolts at me for daring to say that I was angelic…) Jules rushed ahead of me in order to avoid having people stare at her. (I could just hear the preps in the group in front of us saying, "Oh my lord, why is such a pretty girl hanging out with a person who clearly belongs in a purple padded asylum room?") Seriously though, there were times when I was a tiny bit jealous of Jules. She was super pretty, and she didn't even know it. I couldn't see why Daniel didn't like her, because Jules wasn't one of those girls who were all "OH TAKE ME HOTTIE!" No…Jules was definitely not the throw-yourself-in-a-guy's-arms kind of girl. She was funny, smart, and in control.

            I watched Jules as she hobbled down the stairs in her 3 inch heels (Hmm…she must have kicked Daniel.) …and then I watched in horror when I saw Daniel walk out of the aisle right in front of Jules. Apparently, Jules didn't notice…


            Jules had crashed into Daniel and both of them were toppling down the staircase at an alarming speed. Gabriel and I shared a look of horror. MY GOD! Was Jules going to ruin her 65 dollar shirt that I desperately wanted to borrow??? Gabriel was obviously not worried over a shirt, but over things like, 'Is Daniel okay? Is Jules okay? Are they going to break their necks?' Shawn had his mouth gaping open in horror, and he sprinted down the rest of the steps, causing those he passed by to feel a sudden chill and start complaining loudly. The group of preps in front of us went on and on about the cheap air conditioning and how it kept on changing. Popular people always bothered me for some reason with their insightful (not) views on things such as air conditioning. I ran past them 'accidentally' knocking one of them down. Gabriel followed, and his icy presence seemed to put the girl into shock. She kept going on and on about how her hair felt like ice. Diedre was behind Gabriel, and she accidentally stepped on the preppy girl's fingers. I sort of felt bad for the prep.

            Shawn was the first to be at Jules' side and I tried to help Jules up from the floor. The whole situation looked awkward because Jules had fallen on top of Daniel, and he was continually snarling, "Jules get off of me." I, with some help from Shawn, finally got Jules standing up, and Diedre had helped her brother up.

            "What is wrong with you??!!" You'd think that Daniel would have enough common sense to realize that yelling at Jules was not a good idea.

            "What's wrong with me? I didn't do anything! I was just trying to get out of the movie theater and then you pop up in my way! And then I go hurtling down the staircase like Buttercup on that hill."

            "Buttercups? What are you talking about?"

            Jules' face was impassive at this point, but I noticed how her fists were clenched until her knuckles were white. If Jules keeps this up any longer she's gonna lose circulation in her fingers…

            "I said 'Buttercup' as in from PRINCESS BRIDE YOU FOOL!"

            "You have a very nasty temper don't you?" Daniel noticed that Jules was mad? This was strange…but Jules hardly ever shows off any of sign of emotion that a guy would notice, because she doesn't want to show any sign of weakness. She does tend to show emotion around me because she trusts me though. Guys are a completely different story though…Jules doesn't trust any guy whatsoever. I really don't know why…she has never really mentioned it to me.

            Jules' voice suddenly went very soft and sort of deadly sounding as she said, "I'm glad you noticed."

            Then she grabbed my arm and then grabbed Diedre's arm before marching us outside. "Did either of you plan this?"

            Jules was furious. And a furious Jules was a very bad thing because there was no telling what she would do in such a state.

            This was probably also the first time that I got a good look at Diedre's face. She looked so elegant and beautiful, and her eyes were a light brown color. (Of course, her face had a scared look on it, which sort of detracted from her beauty.) Diedre's hair was a dark shade of brown, and the patch of sunlight streaming across it gave it a reddish brown tint in some areas. And then I realized that the girl was super tall. She was not wearing heels, but she was already taller than me.

            "Diedre, how tall are you exactly?"

            Did that just pop out of my mouth? Oh my dear lord…I hope she doesn't take it as an insult.

            "Umm…I think I'm somewhere around 5 foot 9 inches."

            Apparently Daniel and Diedre had someone really tall in the family. Jules was still staring at Diedre and I with calculating looks.

            "Let's just head back Jules."

            I whirled around to figure out where Daniel's voice came from. Instead it came from the balcony above us. Daniel was hovering over us and looking at Jules with an amused look on his face. Jules seemed to be trying to control the urge to strangle him. (Her fingers were twitching oddly.)

            "What a brilliant idea Daniel. It's a pity that it was you who thought it up."

            It seemed to take Daniel a moment to digest this information. When he finally realized what she meant, Daniel's mouth seemed to quirk up a tiny bit at the corners, and he just said, "Pity that it was you who realized it. I didn't think you would be able to comprehend that what with your limited mental abilities."

            Jules' dark brown started flashing daggers before she shot back, "At least I was observant enough to notice things, something that your limited mental capabilities were unable to understand. Diedre, please try to keep your brother safe from harming himself because he has the mental prowess of a squirrel. Diedre, I guess I'll see you later. Nory, let's go home."

            Jules grabbed my arm and dragged me through the doors of the theater. Then, Jules whirled around to face me. I prepared myself for a tongue lashing…until I noticed the look of sheer horror on her face. I spun around to try and see what had put Jules into a state of extreme shock.