A/N: I wrote this to an old friend of mine's father, who passed away recently. I also dedicate this to my granddad who died a few years ago. This poem expresses that death is not an end, but an awakening. It's those of us who live on Earth who are asleep. Thank you for taking time to read this!

Soar upon the winds of sweet reunion
Find your home in His heart
If your spirit won't live in flesh anymore
Awaken to another reality
Abide in the other temple with Him

Do you feel the wind brush your hair?
Do you hear the birds sing to you?
Can you see a bloodied man on the cross?
Can you feel death being swept away?

You know not the tears you've cried
Abandoned all signs of pain
You've jumped into your Abba's arms
Embraced the blood of the lamb
Soaring on the wings of sweet reunion

Do you remember the way he held you?
Do you know your Love again?
Can you look into His eyes as a child?
Can you see the work of the cross?

Farewell for a short while
Until I'm released from this dream
Know my heart follows you into reality
For that's where Father keeps my heart
Tell Him I love Him for me