I watched her. I studied her every move. Every time she got out of bed, every time she left her house, I watched. Silently, without judgment or opinion.
Her name was Rowan. She lived in the city. I watched her grow up. I followed her to school, and then to college. After that came the internship, and then the contract with the law firm.
She liked to walk. Every chance she got, Rowan walked. Each morning she walked to the firm. In the evenings she would walk back home.
And I watched her. Always.
I was watching her that day too. I watched her walk down the busy city streets towards her house. I saw her notice the stranger behind her- the stranger following her. I watched her hasten her pace, and I watched as her followed suit.
Rowan was running now. I could tell that she wasn't paying attention to where she was going. She was just running. She was just trying to get away form the stranger.
I watched her enter the concrete building complex. Then I saw her turn her head around, to see her pursuer. I knew that she wanted to keep on running. I could tell that she wanted to with all her might. But she couldn't. She was frozen in place.
I watched as the stranger reached the complex as well. Under his dark hood I saw him smile manically at Rowan. I watched him pull out his sharp, glittering knife.
From there on it was all a blur. For the first time in my life, I had stopped watching. All of Rowan's life- during her entire existence- I had been there, looking at her. But now I had stopped- for just a moment- and she was dead.
Filled with anguish, I looked around, ignoring the stranger's swift escape. Rowan's body seemed to be drowning in a sea of concrete. All around her- the ground, the walls- everything was made of cold, hard concrete.
Walls rose around the courtyard- around Rowan- like a protecting fortress. No, I decided. They rose like a cage, keeping her locked within them.
I stared at Rowan's body, watching once more. It was then that I realized it. Then that I fully understood.
Rowan- she was me. And I was dead.