Life & America by writerforever

It's me. I don't even know what purpose this piece of writing has but I just needed to write down what I am feeling right now. It may not make sense but then again nothing makes sense to me anymore. I've been thinking a lot about life and how cruel it can be. It can snatch away the happiness in your heart, it can tear away your loved ones, it can destroy your dreams in a single moment. But yet life continues on and we have to survive it. We have to continue on in this fight for survival, this fight for our dreams and beliefs.

I'm only fifteen but already I fear that life is destroying me little by little. Already many of my dreams have been shattered by the cruelty of reality. So suddenly, so strange life wakes you up and things change. We ask ourselves "Why do things have to change? Why can't things stay the same?" I've asked those questions many times but no one can answer them and I don't suppose no one ever will. I realize that life has to change in order for the future to be but why must change be so cruel and hurtful? All my life I have always been the one to never change. I've always been the one who sticks to 'the old days' as they call them. But suddenly I find that I am the only one who does so. Reality and life finally shows me that I am alone in this never-ending battle, the never-ending battle of not changing. I hold onto those memories when things used to be so different with my family and my friends. But I seem to be the only one who holds those memories. Now memories is all I have of those days when life was care-free and everyone was happy. Now everything is different. There are more problems and madness than there is happiness.

In this world of change and unhappiness how am I to survive? How am I to go on trying to help those in need? My heart cries out for peace but no peace comes. I feel lost and alone in this cold and cruel world.

I try to be brave and I try to stay the same but it's almost impossible. I do not wish to change my ways and beliefs but everyone is against me for being myself. Today my best friend told me I was crazy for not changing and for not 'going with the flow'. He said I was crazy for not wanting to smoke marijuana, and for not wanting to have sex until after I'm married to the woman I'm going to spend the rest of my life with. What has happened to people these days? What happened to purity? What happened to Godly morals? Have we forgotten the true and righteous way of living life?

In this day people are saying wrong is right and right is wrong. Now days everything goes. Twelve-year-olds can smoke pot in a crowd of adults and never be questioned or rebuked, men can marry men and women can marry women, and people can have sex outside of marriage without a second thought, and innocent babies who had nothing to do with their 'parents' sin are murdered. All of these things and many more things are wrong and wicked no matter what anyone says. That is not my opinion that is the opinion of God and our ancestors and it is the opinion of life itself. There didn't used to be things like there is today. People used to have Godly morals and beliefs that actually mattered. What has happened to us America?

Although the world may change and do its wicked things I will never change. I will die for truth and right. I will continue to believe that hope and honor are more important than power and money, I will continue to believe that true love never dies, I will continue to believe that good always wins over evil, and I will continue to believe that God is sitting on His throne at this very moment, for those are things that are worth believing in. I may be hated for what I believe in, I may be mocked for what I believe in but I do not care.

People may not read anymore of my stories after they read this and it may offend some people but it is my beliefs and I truly believe that they are right because God says they are and America's ancestors say they are right for our ancestors lived pure lives and tried to follow God's leadership. Today not many people want to do things God's way but I pray that someday America will turn back to her right and true ways. God forgive us all for the sins and wicked things that are going on in this world. Please continue to bless America.