DISCLAIMER:  It's simple.  My poem.  Don't like my shit?  Don't read it.  It's that simple.  I won't waste my time with those that have their heads stuck in their ass.  Thank-you.

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She walks the earth as a shadow

A dark and deep reflection of a fate gone wrong

The once burning flame in her eyes now a fading ember

A smile now replaced with a simple line of silent skies

A light swallowed by the coming of a new darkness

The black abyss of what she once feared

Now her shelter through this never-ending storm

A horrid mirror reflection brought back and cast upon yourself

Her weakness the very heart of her very own demise

And yet, she still lives on

Lurking in the sea of misery that slowly comes to take her away

Into a place where nothing can hurt her

To a place where her dreams and hopes seem to burst all around her

Bringing to her riches and beauty far more superior than silver and gold

But, until she reaches that point of no return

She must live on as she was meant to

Loving so many

But completely unable to love herself

Pained and torn by a former love

Reaching out to that one final, dying star

Walking silently among the thick smog of black

Concealed in the veils of the midnight sun

Pining and wishing for that final journey to the great beyond

Away from who she once was

Away from the endless, living nightmares

When the sun meets the sky

And a new morning comes

To end her trial of tears