To be human,
To be human,
To be human,
To be simply be human.

Isn't it weird?
The way this world works,
We're given a medal for killing,
As we watch our sanity disperse.

We observe the children cry,
With little but a cringe,
Leave them to suffer,
As we create more sins.

Why do we hurt each other?
What is the end result?
Is it really worth the battle,
To show who's at most fault.

We left love behind,
As death became our game,
Goodbye to the fair things,
Hello to the shame.

We hate, we cause death,
We do all that's evil,
Yet the sad thing is,
We are as lost as the devil.

We don't know what to do,
We don't know how to behave,
We are lost in a sea,
Within our own game.

We wonder aimlessly,
Throughout our minds,
We cry clear tears,
And dismiss the kind.

We are but humans,
But not proud to be,
For how could you be happy?
When we are no longer free.

By Siobhan
Date: 4/May/2004