A/N: Figure it out guys... The people who this is about would know who they are just from reading...

Everyday the same old stuff
I go and get ignored
No wonder why me and Ryan get bored
Now I think I've had enough

I hate you like you hated me
You make me lie some how
You did this yo me, just look at me now
Why cant you all see

The inside of me is not what you expect
You laugh at me because I'm dumb
I feel my head become numb
So now I could use a little of respect

You think you've seen the real me
You don't beleive who I say I am
inside hate and anger, clenched in my hand
I wish I couldn't be

Are you my friends or am I alone
You all don't tell me anyways
So It shows me on rainy days
Your friendship hasn't shown.