Princess Of The Stars
By:Andrew Troy Keller

On the Fifth day of May,Debbie Nelson was jogging
On a path in Edgewater Park,when she saw something
That she hadn't noticed before--a large and deep hole
With a rod sticking out of it to check for snow.

At first,a shocked Debbie was about to start running
All the way back to the ranger station and tell
Them about her little discovery from the bowels of Hell.

But just as she was about to do so,something
Was calling to her and urging her to jump into the very thing
Before her and see that it didn't come from Hell.

After she had realized that the summons was too powerful
To ignore,Debbie had jumped in and landed in a room full
Of soft cushions and pillows,which had broken her fall.

And then,after she'd gotten back on her feet,all
She had said was,"Why?Why am I in such a beautiful
Room?Am I suppossed to be a princess in a
Time lost land or a sacrificial lamb to be dipped into molten lava?"

Just then,a door had opened and a handsome young
Man had walked into the room and filled it with his strong
Presence before saying,"At long last,my darling Jina.
You had returned to me.Now,we shall return to
The planet of Zordrock.We shall indeed now return to
The world of your birth--and where we shall be
Able to be finally wed in front of the entire city
Of Zord.I love you,Jina--and I knew that you would return to
Your true love,for you and I shall always be as one."

But just before she was about to say that he'd mistook her for someone
Else,he had kissed her ever so passionately on the lips
And placed his gentle hands on her hips,
Just before asking,"Do you remember that one
Day back on Zordrock,which had became the last time
That we saw each other,before the rebels had committed the crime
Of stealing you away from your home and taking you
To parts unknown?I was brave enough to search for you,
While those idiotic bureaucrats had continued to waste their time
With putting such a rescue mission to a vote.
My darling Jina,I've hoped that by giving you this note,
I would help you regain your true memory."

And after she took the note and started reading it,Debbie's
Eyes had grown wide,for the truth was on that note.

Then,after the Danielle Fishel type beauty
Had turned towards her lover with so much pity
In her heart,she moved closer to her long lost beloved,
wrapped her arms around him and said,
"Oh,Chasin.Please have mercy on me.
I've been taken from Zordrock for such a long time.
And then,those rebel pigs had performed one more crime!
They've took my memory away from me and left me
On this planet to live on for all eternity!"

And while they were hugging each other,the sound of chimes
Had just let the gallent Chasin know that it was time
To return to the planet where the first crime
Has been committed against the royal family of Zor and
Their homeworld by those who thought that it wasn't so grand
To be living on a world ruled by a kingdom all the time.

And so,after the hole has been closed,Chasin had
blasted his ship off and away from such a bad
Place for a princess of the stars to call home.
While the ship had continued to rome
All the way back to Zordrock,they've realized that they've had
Enough time to reclaim their lost love--and so,after
They had removed all of their
Clothes and placed their nude bodies on the bed,
Chasin was pleased to notice that instead
Of screaming her head off,Jina allowed her
Beloved Chasin to give her a moment of true sensual
Pleasure that she had been longing for all
Her days on her prison of a planet called Earth.

And indeed,for what it was worth,
It had became the most erotic experience of them all
To the two reunited lovers.

Just then,at the journey's end,Jina had looked and her
Lips had produced a smile,for she'd noticed that she
Had truly returned home to the one planet where she
Really does belong on--the world of her
True home known as Zordrock,where her royal subjects were
Waiting on a landing platform to welcome Jina back to her
Homeworld and help her remove the stentch of her imprisonment.

Meanwhile,back on Earth,Debbie Nelson has missed her appointment
To go see a psychiatrist named Doctor Colleen Ludlow,
Because Debbie was plagued by some weird dreams and she wanted to know
What those actually mean to Debbie's life and those within it.

But little had she known that Debbie has been taken
Back to her real home after the imprisonment that she was in--
The imprisonment of the planet known as Earth.

As for Danielle Fishel,who looks just like Jina,
I would like to say--in such a
Very nice way--that I want to wish her a Happy Birthday
And may she find love and happiness all the way
Through this entire millenium,just like Jina.