My Addiction

My addictions burn like wildfire
They keep me chained like a prisoner
the consequences hurt sometimes, dyre
They're my demons, my insecurities, they lurk
As I see my reflection in the mirror
I see a completely different person, ugly and in pain
It hurts, It stings, It pains me to think
I must shut out my addiction
My pain is like a thousand needles
When one leaves nine hundred ninety nine replace it
People say im different without my addiction
People say im worse off without it
I say I wish I could return to it
my addiction burns, sears like a hot coal
My addiction is loved by few and hated by many
cherished by me. I need it. Now.
My addiction is something you know oh so well
It almost has two sides to it too
My addiction is you
My addiction is you when im all alone
My addiction is so much more than what people think
My addiction is gone but now has come back.
I hope she is addicted to me as I am to her
I hope it's not replaced with my demons inside.
I hope my addiction will only be you from now on...