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Chapter One

"Move out of the way, shrimp!"

"Move it, loser!"

"A VIP walks among us, so MOVE!"

Just a sampling of the comments aimed at Chris on a bleak September morning.

"Well," He mused aloud. "People in North Carolina sure are friendly." His voice could be mistaken for the Atlantic Ocean from all the sarcasm soaked into the statement. Sighing, Chris bent down to pick up his books for the fifth time in three minutes. Not surprisingly, they were knocked right down again. He looked up to see who his latest 'friend' might be. She was a blonde girl, who wore too much make-up, golden colored jewelry, and a smirk.
"You're in my way. Could you please move?" she said in a voice so sweet it became sarcastic.
Maybe it was that Chris was a guy from Connecticut spending his senior year in North Carolina. Maybe it was that people had been ticking him off all morning. Maybe it was that he just didn't like this girl. Maybe it was a combination of all three. But whatever it was, what happened next would go down in yearbooks.
"Walk around me." Chris told the girl. The hallways stopped moving. People gawked and stared. The girl looked at him like he had just told off the Queen of England.
"Do you not know who I am?" she said, in a voice that said only an idiot would not know who she was.
"No, I don't know who you are. Care to introduce yourself? Oh, by the way, my name is Chris." He stuck out his hand, and the girl looked at it like he was offering her a pile of fish guts.
"Paullina," she said, snapping her fingers at whoever Paullina was. "I bestow upon you the honor of telling 'Chris' who exactly I am."
The girl Paullina gave out an excited squeal and jumped in front of the blonde girl.
"This," she said dramatically, "Is the one, the only, Diana Reynolds!" Diana struck up a pose just for good measure.
Chris was unimpressed. "Well, Diana, that's great, but I really don't care right now." And the he walked away. He just walked away from gaping and gawking faces, and from a furious Diana.
"I'll get him yet." Diana muttered to herself angrily. "Watch out, Chris, you're in hot water with Diana Reynolds, and I never go without vengeance."

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