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Chapter Three

Diana twirled a piece of her hair around her finger. Detention; this would so not look good on her social image. And it was that entire brat Chris's fault. She'd get him in time. She glared at him from her seat, and wondered whether it was illegal to stab, so long as he didn't die.
Meanwhile, Chris was trying think of ways to tell his parents that he had gotten detention, but do it in a way that wouldn't get him grounded. Not that was exactly a punishment anymore, for did he really have any friends here? Nope, not a soul. Chris sighed. All this worry had made his mouth dry. He raised his hand, and received permission to get a drink.

Diana watched him go, and sulked. How come he got out, if only for two minutes? They should let her out! She was the Queen, after all. She'd make them release her! The girl's hand shot up.

"Can I go to the bathroom?" she asked.

"Go on." The teacher said. Diana walked out swiftly, but gracefully, making sure everyone noted her. If she was going to be here at all, she may as well catch attention. She could brush it off later. Her word was rule.

When she was finally out, she saw Chris talking to a girl. For some reason, this infuriated her. She wanted nothing more than to rip the girl to shreds. She smiled sweetly as she approached them.

"Isn't that sweet, two freaks hanging out together. Must be a match from strange world." She said sarcastically.

"One, we're cousins. Two you should now, you are the Queen of all the freaks." Luna shot back.

"You vixen!" Diana screeched. She slapped Luna across the face. Then, Diana visibly cringed, as she waited to be slapped back. Luna was all sent to do just that, but Chris held her back.

"Stop it." He told his cousin. "She's not worth the energy."

Diana opened her eyes just to see them leaving. And then she realized that her enemy had just defended her.


Walking home from school that day, Diana pondered what had happened. 'He shouldn't have done that.' She thought. 'I wouldn't have done that for him.' Why did he waste his energy on defending her? They were enemies, brutal, awful, horrible enemies!

"I'm home." She called out as she entered the mansion. No one greeted her. Diana dropped her backpack down, and entered the kitchen.

A plate of carrots and a glass of apple juice awaited her. A note nearby said that her parents had gone to watch Vivian's (her older sister's) lacrosse game, and wouldn't be back until late.

"Isn't it always like that?" she thought. "Vivian this, Vivian that, Vivian est la reigna del el mundo! (Vivian is the queen of the world)" she finished the last part in Spanish, for the words in English hurt a bit more, perhaps because of Diana's standing in school.

Diana flopped onto the couch, and watched TV. In the end she turned it off, hating to see families where everyone was equal. She walked up to her bedroom, which was more, her chambers. There was a sitting room, a study, the actual bedroom, and an enormous bathroom. She checked her phone messages. 41 new messages. 20 spam, 20 from guys who wanted a date or to get her into their beds, and then one message from Sophie. She clicked play to hear Sophie's.

"Hey! It's me. Yeah, listen, I have to go out to a family dinner, so I can't come by today. Sorry. Later."

Diana flung the device across her room. In landed in a beanbag chair. Diana crawled onto her bed, and started crying. What happened to her Friday night? She couldn't believe it, she had nothing to do.

She heard the phone ring, but ignored it. She instead listened as the answering machine picked up.

"Hi, um, this is Chris. Yeah, um, Listen, I wanted to apologize for getting off on the wrong foot with you. Let's just treat each other civilly, alright? I mean, we're seniors in high school, there's no reason to fight like cats and dogs. Yeah, um, bye!"

Diana sniffed and picked up the phone. She didn't care about how low she was stooping. She was lonesome. She clicked the button for re-dial.


"Glad that's over with!" Chris said as he placed the phone back down. As soon as her did, it rang.

"Hello?" he said, picking up the phone.

"This is Diana. I accept your apology." She said.

"Ah, thanks." Chris responded. He noticed how her voice sounded; defeated, tired.

"Are you alright?" He asked the girl.

"Huh? Of course, what gives you the idea that I'm not?" Diana said accusingly.

"Just that you sound like you've been crying."

"Oh, yeah. I was just a little upset, I have no real plans tonight; my folks are out worshipping my older sister. But other than that I'm fine." She said a bit sarcastically.

"You're all alone? Wow, I expected you to have a million plans." He said in shock.

"I don't. It's kind of funny, isn't it? The Queen bee has nothing to do." She laughed bitterly.

Chris sighed inwardly. He had no idea why he was about to do what he was going to do, but chose to go through with it anyway. Well, he was a gentleman . .

"Diana, if you're so lonesome, do you want to come over here or something?" he asked.

Queen of the Kittens: That's Chapter three peoples! So, what will Diana say? And what will happen if she says 'yes'? All this in the next chapter!