Fluttering eyes
Gold with despise
churning hatred
And thoughts of demise

God, I can't stand you!
I'm not exactly new
Here you go again
With the same shit too!!

When will you get
A new line
With your cigarette lit
Out to dine
On those pathetic souls
Lost in their meek
Stealing is wrong
Even if it is only for a peek

God, I hate you!
What's with you?
Can you go away
And let my sanity stay?

God, you make me so tired
With your endless talk
Of how you should be treated
Damn you and your talk!
What about the rest of us!
When do we get our turn
To stalk and burn?

Of course, never
We aren't you
We can only live
With hatred to give
Because of people like you
God, I am so tired