My Worship

My eyes closed,

Praises rise to You.

Through the lids of my eyes,

I see Your bright light surround me.

I hear the angels' voices,

Singing along their praise.

A peace so full

That words cannot describe.

Love washing over me,

Forgiveness and hope

Flowing from You.

I raise my hands,

Sink to my knees.

Humbling myself,

Before Your Holy throne.

I worship You with all my soul,

With all my heart and mind.

A vision of the cross,

Embedded in my mind.

Your hand reaches toward me

And lifts my spirits high.

I'm apart from the world now,

All I see is you.

I'm no longer in the sanctuary,

Or any place on earth.

I'm in a Holy Place,

Standing on Holy ground.

A place one can only reach through You.

A place of praise,

My worshiping ground.