DISCLAIMER:  Spiritquest's poem.  Simply said.  ^-^ 

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Secret lovers united under moonlight

Their quests shadowed in the deep ocean of night

Forever searching on their own

But bound together by the thread of passion

Only mere friends by the light of day

But by darkness, two souls wrapped in the web of eternal love

Forced to only view each other from afar

The falling of the stars their wanted release

The ease of pain from those that don't understand

Those that hold them back

And those that simply don't care

Their spirits wishing for a single moment

A time to walk together in the midnight sun

But until they may truly be together

This must deem their fate

Best friends by day

Secret lovers by night

Forever searching

The falling of darkness their solace

Relief brought from the acts of passion

The swaying grass and silver moon their only witness

The midnight winds their simple caress

Two tired souls escaping the everyday world

Seeking rest and shelter in each other

Two mortal bodies merged together

One heart, one spirit

Secret lovers united under moonlight