DISCLAIMER:  Me= Spiritquest.  Poem= Mine.  You all know the sitch.  3 

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Down by the sea

Where the waters kiss the sky

And the rocky earth entwines with the cool, salty abyss

I walk with a restless heart

And a spirit thriving to go beyond

My thoughts pushed away by the calming winds of serenity

No longer haunting my every sense of being

Just to walk along the sandy coastline in complete awe

Drawn in by the very element that has captivated my soul for years

Not wanting to leave, but to become one with the crystal seas

To live underwater in the vast aura of blue

To go beyond where mortals have only dreamed to explore

Left to float and wander without a care

Leaving the land in which I for so long called my home

Making my journey to a place in which has always wanted to be my home

To watch the moonlight dance gently amongst the crashing waves

To feel the gentle drift of the ever-changing tide

To rise above and touch the stars

Beyond the naked eye

Past the boundaries of human life force

To float past the beams of reality

To crash amongst the rocks of eternity

And to bask in a world in which can only exist in our wildest dreams

To swim the sea with a restless heart

And a spirit to go beyond