It was daytime, and as the sun shone her fantastic brilliance in the blue sky, there was two figures, curled into each other hiding from her rays. Well, technically one, as Azrulin's manage perfectly fine in daylight, but today Tim had been loathed to leave his lover's side, and Rigel had, for the first time, given into the Azrulin's pleading to let him spend the day with him. Timothy was shocked to find that Rigel, who always gave off an impression of wealth, actually lived in an abandoned churches cellar. A bed had been dragged down and every morning Rigel nailed the trapdoor shut - to prevent hunters and light slipping through. But this strays from the point of the tale.
The lovers were entwined in the gentle embrace of sleep. Both were naked, not because of any passion, but because Rigel always slept in the buff anyway (and from his clothing, or rather what remained, he nearly wandered around butt naked) and Timothy who had stripped to his trouser, suddenly desperately desired to know what it would be like to feel skin on skin contact. So when he was quite sure Rigel was sound asleep, he'd stripped off his trousers. The sensations that battered upon his body as he curled back into Rigel's arms were delicious. The soft warmth, the curves... the smoothness all roused the young Azrulin. Eventually, he managed to tease his lover awake with persistent kisses. And Rigel had been wonderfully surprised with Tim's boldness, and so rewarded him with gentle love play, until Tim dozed into sleep in his arms. Both slithered down, their limbs entangled, into a soft and gentle sleep.
But a few hours before dusk, Rigel's sleep had turned from peaceful, to disturbed. The youth tossed and groaned, a small tightened sob woke Timothy with a start. Blinking, he watched Rigel dream slowly reaching to stroke the scarlet hair.
"ALESS!" The Tuccian screeched suddenly, sitting bolt upright awakening himself from the nightmare with his own screams. "Aless..." He panted, grey eyes wide with fear, his slender hands reaching to nurse his head.
"Shhhh..." Tim soothed, gently taking his lovers hand, a tender squeeze a sign of reassurance. "It was just a nightmare Rig, it's perfectly ok. Shhh my love. I'm here with you."
Dumbly, Rigel nodded, lying back down. His slender arm wrapped about Tim's tiny waist, drawing him closer. Was that tears behind Rigel's eyes? The Azrulin frowned, tenderly trailing a finger across the youth's cheek bones.
"Tell me of your dream..." Timothy whispered, placing a loving kiss to the Tuccian's lips. In response, Rigel stared blankly ahead, that frown marring his fierce, sharp features.
"Aless... Aless was...people, strangers grabbed him, Beat him, dragged him away, They killed his master, Lady Badami...took the young ladies as slaves...he tried to stop them but they stabbed him. I...couldn't do anything.." The youth frowned, shook his head, "Never mind" He murmured. "It was just a dream, Pointless really." And the features returned, sharp yet soft, like the face of a predator. Tim raised an eyebrow. "Who is Aless?" "Just a friend." The Tuccian rolled over, "Sorry for waking you love. " And then he was back asleep. Later, once they had woken and began their wanderings Timothy plucked up the courage to ask his question again. He hadn't slept since Rigel had woken, and with his imagination, had come up with a thousand possibilities of what "friend" meant to the Tuccian.
"Tell me more about Aless" he whispered under his breath, hand subconsciously reaching for Rigel's, hands intertwining.
"Aless..." The youth sighed, stopping for a moment, the steel grey eyes scanning the depths of Tim's. "You' a right to know." Rigel said, as if reaching a conclusion over some inner debate. "But first, wine and a comfy chair. It's a fair story. " They found both in a nearby tavern, and with a heavy voice, Rigel began.
"Aless isn't really called Aless. It's Gino Alessandro Treschi, and I met him when I was 15. He was the same age. A real posh family moved into the town. Everyone was interested everyone wanted to know. Turned out it was a family called the Cavalla, a man, his wife three daughters and an infant son. Not to mention a whole assortment of servants, gardeners and all that gear. Anyways, I wasn't too interested until one Sunday three weeks later, when a bunch of the servants wandered in to the tavern. I was doing bar work for my parent's as usual. But what was odd about them was amongst all the uniforms, there was three boys dressed in black tunics with red sashes about their waists.
"I served them their drinks...but one of the boys was late in coming, and when the door opened he stole my breath away, He was so delicate. Slender a swan curving figure. Soft blue eyes that appeared so girly with his blonde curls falling in his face. His hair was unruly, and yet he carried with him a grace and a style that was ethereal. The red sash about his waist emphasised how tiny it was, and how slim he really was. "Aless! Rounds in so you'll have to get yer own!" One of the other boys shouted. The boy grinned, bounded over to the bar and asked for red wine. Dumbstruck, I fetched it in silence and as he dropped the coinage into my hand, he winked.
Things went on like this for several more weeks. Every third day the boys would appear, get fairly drunk and then leave. And every time Aless bought a drink off me he'd smile, or wink, or sometimes, when the wine was affecting him, he'd stick his tongue out at me in a playful gesture. And sometimes, when it appeared that he was growing weary with his companions conversation, he'd watch me. And we'd catch each other's gaze for a few moments.
"One day, my father walked over. "Like him do you?" He asked. I nodded, and he grinned and slapped me on the shoulder. "You realise what that uniform means don't you Rigel?" I didn't, he explained that boys who wore black tunics with red sashes were eunuchs. He then explained what eunuchs were. Naturally, I was flabbergasted.
"As it turned out, there was a 'school' in the east, if you could call it a school, that took in vagrant boys, orphans, families selling surplus sons, boy with beautiful soprano voices, and trained them. Those with the singing talent were trained for choirs and for the opera. Others were taught how to wait upon women, households, and eventually sold to rich households that wanted escorts for their female members. This was for many reasons, but the main being so that if the woman and her escort got too friendly... there would be no resulting pregnancies.

"So Aless was a body guard, companion, tutor and personal fuck-toy, should she desire it, to one of Lord Cavalla's daughters.
"But the boys seemed so content! So happy and carefree, how could they endure such a status?! My father explained that Lord Cavalla was a kind man, and treated his slaves as members of the family. No doubt they had all served him for most of their lives. And so Aless and his friends drew my attention more. What was it like? Living as a creature between sexes? I was enchanted.
"But one Sunday, Aless wandered into the tavern by himself. He was already in the tavern when I emerged from my room for my shift. As soon as I was behind the bar he wandered over from his seat by the fire. I fetched his usual of house red.
"There's a rumour flying around that your a vampire. Any truth in it ?" for a moment I stared at him, knowing he was teasing me horribly, and unsure how to handle it.
"Its not a rumour." I managed. "It's a fact."
"Really?" Aless said, his innocent bubbly face filling up with curiosity. "Tell me more!"
"From then on we became fantastically good friends. Every night he had off we'd talk, and sometimes he turned up in the afternoons to wander down to the cellar and sit in my bed chamber with me. At nights we'd go for walks, and in winter we went ice skating. Sometimes we stole wine from the wine cellar and got horribly drunk. On those nights we'd sing. Aless had a wonderful voice, high and falsetto. He should've been trained for the opera, but Lord Cavalla offered a high price for him.
Aless told me he didn't remember his family, and had been cut at four years old. Very young yes, but he didn't remember it at all. There was a vague recollection of being allowed wine, but that was it. He also explained to me that he felt passion just like any other man, only real difference was his physical build and the fact he would never father any children. But that idea did not bother him - he was looking forward too looking after Lady Badmia's children when she had them. Anyway, as it turned out he was the love and lover of one of the other castrati, the one that served Lord Cavalla's wife - called Gary. 7 years our senior, tall, long limbed with cobalt eyes and chocolate brown hair. He had a gentle disposition that often came across as simple. Aless insisted that he wasn't once you got to know him, and apparently was a complete demon in the sack.
But one night...something...different happened. We were in my room, myself attempting some tune on the violin, while Aless leafed through my books. Suddenly, a scent caught me off guard. It recalled my senses, back handed me across the face and drove my hunger. Blood.
I stopped playing, and slowly turned to Aless. "Your bleeding.." I managed to whisper, just. Everything in me was bent towards that scent, that flavour. I tried my hardest not to pounce him. I'd been raised to feed upon animals so as not to frighten the townsfolk. The only human blood I'd smelt was a woman's menses should she enter the tavern at that stage of her cycle. But never this. Not the hot heat of a fresh wound on something as tender and as young as Aless. I advanced, his face turning into that horrible teasing grin he loved to torment me with. We drew nearer, the scent of his blood dancing across my every nerve taunting as it always did. Only this was different. It was human.
Aless wound his arm about my neck, trailing his bleeding finger tip across my lips. "Just a paper cut my friend... just a little nick."
Oh how he teased me! The powerful scent intoxicating now that his blood had touched my lips. It sent shivers through me.
I don't remember tearing open his shirt. I don't remember throwing him upon the bed. But somehow I did because the next thing I knew I was going for his jugular. I stopped myself in time, only for him to press my lips against his skin. "Small, tiny mouthfuls Rigel. Little bites. Do it."
I did. From that moment on he was my blood doll, every chance I got I stole a small tantalising mouthful from him. After a while, Aless brought in Gary, and the two of them demanded I drank from them. And every night it happened, I stumbled to sleep in a daze, reeling from the blood that was coursing through me.
Have ever tasted mortal blood Tim? It's a drug, it carries the warm honey of like that immortal doesn't... I cannot comprehend it, but I was addicted.
Life was blissful, until the winter before my 18th, Aless entered the tavern one night and demanded that I take the night off. My mother obliged... as if she knew something I didn't.
"Lady Badami is getting married." Aless sighed, over a glass of wine in my room. Lady Badami was his charge, a plucky girl with the kind disposition that was going to make her the perfect grandma. No matter what scents Aless smothered her in, to me she always smelt of cookies.
"Isn't that good news?" I ventured, unsure where this conversation was heading. Aless shook his head. "She's moving west. I have to go with her. " And so two weeks later, Aless left my life. Gary took it hard, and spent all his free time with me. Blood play was no longer a past time. Lord Cavalla bought his wife a new escort, and that was Gary was allowed to moved west to be with Aless. Occasionally I received letters. I always wrote back. And then, I left on my quest. I haven't heard anything of Aless or Gary since. That was three years ago. I miss them..." When Rigel concluded his tale, he crawled into Tim's arms. It was plainly obvious to them both. Rigel's dream was not a meaningless nightmare. Aless was in trouble, and neither was sure how to deal with it.
**** Aless fumbled in the darkness, and came across the chains that had tied him to the wall. His eyes flickered open and he was surrounded in musty darkness, surrounded by many other caught slaves. The room swayed as if on the ocean.. Aless could smell the salt of the sea, he heard the waves outside.
A slender hand curled around his chains, a thumb idly stroking the surface. He sat up, lets slipping under him. "Gary..." He mumbled, shaking his head as the tears began to fall. What was the point? They were dead, all dead. Gary had been stabbed through the heart, falling dead to the floor when the pirates came. He'd answered the door! The foolish boy... Lady Badami... Lord Bipod... the twins. All gone. He'd received a blow to the head, and passed out. Now unsure where he was going, and what was happening.
The youth curled up sobbing silently to himself. Where was he being taken? No doubt to be sold on.
After a few days they dragged him out to the deck. The sun stung his eyes as he was brought forward, a rusted iron collar slapped about his neck. Aless didn't struggle. He didn't care. His life was in tatters.
Frequently the horrors that had stole him raped him. They beat him, and once they realised there was no fight in him, they made him their personal slave. Cooking for them, serving them, washing their clothes. He waited on them without a word.
One night there was storm. Aless lingered below deck. He hated the sea. Suddenly all was chaos as the slavers ran around, snatching the more expensive slaves and dragging them to life boats. The ship had hit rocks, and was now sinking.
The mast had been torn by lightning, and from the looks of it the captain had been crushed. The lifeboats were gone as Aless emerged from below deck, and the few pirates that had been unable to scramble to their safety, were leaping over board. Aless followed their example, diving over board in a beautiful swan dive. No one saw it, for no-one cared. He was washed up on a beach. The soft sun of Azwualt drying out his curls. Many people walked past him, but person stopped.