A bird sits atop a lush vibrant tree,
Reclining in the dusky shadow where no one can see,
She frowns when she eyes the battered and bruised child,
Wishing with all her might, his parents would be more mild.

Maya, the exquisite mocking bird, stares with distain,
How could parents ever cause their child such pain?
She sees what no one else will,
The child's parents, she wanted to kill.

It's rather amusing, don't you think?
Actually, it makes my heart sink
That Maya will see what his friends will not,
Do the even the poor boy was once shot?

Why don't they notice? Why don't they care?
Everyone knows they can do more than stare.
If they would only say one small word,
All the boy's cries will be heard.

Save this poor son,
Help him, anyone.