I'm cursing myself right now
I said I'd never love you again
But like I've said before,
You're a seed in my head

This world inside my head is crazy
I need to catch myself again
Before I decide to fall
Back again

God why is this happening?
Is it because I was so out of it that one day?
And I let him hold me
Should I shut the door and lock it
Throwing away the key
I just want to forget
And move on


I hate myself right now
I'm confusing everyone
And myself
Can I stop and pause this life?
And see the flaws that have happened
I want to
Rewind and replay
Scratch out and edit
But my excuse today is..


To you I give this rose
Of my
Deepest sympathy
Because I'm so confused right now
I can't make up my mind
And it seems neither can you
So lets stop and pause this life
See our flaws
And scratch and edit


Scratch, rewind and edit
Stop and pause
I wish my life was a movie
So we could edit out the bad parts
And keep them for bloopers
I just wish
Our life right now was a movie
So we can edit it
This life is crazy, crazy, crazy..

Fade away...