By:Andrew Troy Keller

It had started on the last day of December,which was New Year's Eve,when Jonathan Renfield and some of his friends were partying the night away along with their fellow New Yorkers in the place known as Times Square--and while the others were having one enjoyable wild time after another,Jonathan had suddenly spotted a Brooke Shields type beauty standing next to a limousine and wearing nothing,but a fur coat.

And after he had walked over to the limo and gazed upon her eyes,Jonathan had let out a smile and said,"Hi there.My name is Jonathan Renfield.What's your name?"

"My name is Lucy Rider.",answered Lucy,who had also let out a smile."And if you want to do so,we shall return to my estate and continue celebrating the New Year within a place of warmth and beauty."

And after he had realized that it might be a good idea,Jonathan had agreed to go with Lucy to her estate,which had looked just like a place out of the realm of Hollywood Babylon.

After they had walked into the house and Jonathan had noticed that the inside of the estate was just as beautiful as it was outside,Lucy had walked over to the awestruct Jonathan,placed her gentle hand on his shoulder and said,"If you think that this house is truly something,perhaps you shall accompany me to my bedroom and see its beauty as well."

And after he had agreed with her suggestion,both Jonathan and Lucy had gone upstairs to her bedroom--and after she had closed the door behind them and removed her fur coat to expose her nude body,Lucy had slowly walked towards Jonathan and asked,"Well,Jonathan?Am I not as beautiful as you want me to be?"

"Yes you are,Lucy.",answered Jonathan,after he had placed his gentle hands on her bare hips."You are indeed so beautiful."

And with that,both Jonathan and Lucy had kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips--and after he had removed all of his clothes and they had placed their nude bodies on the bed,the two newfound lovers had started to make love to each other just like the lovers in the movies of old.

But then,while they were halfway through their moment of pure erotic embrace,a pair of fangs had grown out of her mouth and Lucy had drove those fangs into the neck of the unsuspecting Jonathan and began to drink the very life's blood out of his body,thus transforming him into the very creature that she actually was--a vampire.

Just then,on the evening after New Year's Eve,an unsuspecting Jessica Carlson was walking to her dormitory at New York University,just before something had appeared from out of the shadows--and that something was her lost friend,Jonathan Renfield,who was looking at her with a hungry look within his eyes.

"Jonathan,I'm glad that it's you.",said Jessica,after she had let out a sigh of relief."What happened to you?Where were you last night?"

The answer to that question had came soon enough,for as soon as a pair of fangs had grown out of his mouth,a growling Jonathan had grabbed Jessica by the arm,pulled her towards him and began to drink the very life's blood out of her body--and so,it has begun--the New Year of blood.