[A/N:  My very VERY strange and choppy dream.  It also has A LOT of run-on sentences, but it's a dream, people!  Dreams don't come in A+ form!]

            I dreamed that Mommy and Scott and I had landed on an island with twelve tables and small trees with fruit (pineapples, oranges, and whatnot).  We wandered three tables down, Mommy and I picked pineapples and Scott opened Mommy's with a pocketknife, and I thought it would have been nice to bring mine too.  Then another group came and the captain threw down a bloody sheep and we decided just to eat from whatever grew on the tables, not the floor.  I went up a few tables to see what was there and met a little person who told me that one can only move twelve spaces maximum, or they can never leave the island again.  I ran back to tell Mommy and Scott without thinking and Scott pointed out that I had already used seven of my moves on six tables and I would need nine to get to the end.  I had five.  I'm sure they meant well when they said they would leave and come back for me if possible.  So I waved goodbye and watched them leave on the ship.  I was sad. 

            Then the little man came out and took me around the island which was now a semi-room.  I mean, it was open to the air, but it had walls if you looked.  Besides the twelve tables there was a corner with books, like a kiddie library; you know with beanbags and triangle bookshelves and bright colors.  And there were more little people.  So I asked a woman if there were more books, cause I wanted to read something that wasn't kiddie and didn't star little people.  So she took me around and showed me how all of the walls were lined with shelves and the shelves stuck out and hid little places to curl up.

            A lot of time passed, I think, I learned their language, and lost myself in books.  Ships stopped by every so often to stock up on water and food, I think the island was that for them and a room for us.  Mommy and Scott never came back.  I was sad, but adapting.  I took to hiding with the little people when big people came.  I liked the little people better.  There was lots to read, tons of nooks and crannies, and loads of books.  And the tables had turned into long half-bookshelves. 

            One day a ship came.  I hid in the back corner between three bookshelves – just enough room for a beanbag and me (my favorite place).  The first little man searched me out.  They needed a translator.  I asked him why not him and he said only one little person could know big-people-talk at a time, and I knew it, so…yeah.   I realized that I had been speaking in little-people-talk the whole time I was here.  So I went and it was a group from some elf country and they needed a savior and the Prince was The Guy, except the Unicorn's Horn wouldn't pierce him so maybe the Caramel Unicorn can.  They had someone who could speak a little little-people-talk, and he tried to explain except he kept screwing it up so I took over.  I took their map and tried to translate the prophesy into little-people-talk, except I realized that the translator sheet I was using was flipped to big-people-talk, so I had to start over.  I couldn't really write big-people anymore, I was used to little-people-script.  They asked if they could take the Prince into the back room to do the ceremony cause it was too public on the island.  They asked for help to carry him because he was unconscious.  …  They managed.  Some of the following is in quotes cause I can remember.

            They took him in and he stood in front of them, and they tried the Unicorn's Horn, but it didn't work (again).  So the big burly Captain who frightened all the little people and me said "let's try the Caramel Unicorn" and they blindfolded the Prince and took his hand and said 'don't move' and they took the sword and put the point on his palm.  Silence and then – "aaaaa.......AAAAAAGGGHHHH!" and blood was everywhere and the Prince was screaming and the first little man ordered the captain to bring him to the island.  And the first little man (who was really old) took the Prince's hand and healed it into a keloid scar that looked like a four pointed star – you know, the ones used in nativity scenes – and there were seven small scars, pinpricks mostly, around it and the prince asked why his hand was like that and the first little man said "when the Caramel Unicorn pierced your hand it shattered and the seven shards landed in your hand.  The star is the actual blade mark."  And he flashbacked to the scene – the Captain placed the point of the Caramel Unicorn on the Prince's palm, it sank, there was a flash of intense light, it shattered and the Prince screamed, yeah, you know the rest.  The Caramel Unicorn was whole and marked by the Prince's blood, the elf scholar said it made it his (the Prince's).  Then we were discussing whether I should go with them or not cause I had such an important role in fulfilling the prophesy (?).  And I think Mommy and Scott were there waving from the ship, but then Daddy woke me up and I lost it and I felt like crying.

Yeah, I was kinda disappointed, aren't you?