Two years ago I stepped on the bus. I looked back once, you waved. I looked back again and you were halfway gone.

I remember hesitating. I really didn't want to go. If you had asked me, I never would have left your side.. I would've thrown away everything in my life, my family, my friends, school, everything, if you told me to.. but you gave me a nudge so I reluctantly obeyed.

When I saw you walking away, I wanted to run after you.

Two years ago was my first and only time.

Two years ago and I can still remember the way you smell and how you kissed.

Two years ago you asked if I wanted to cry with you. I kept crying from the car to the bus to halfway home. You never shed a tear.

Two years ago you said you'd love me forever.

Two years ago we didn't wake up beside each other..

Two years ago I stepped on the bus.