Not a Solitary Walk

Look out the window into the thickening shadows
Your heart grows cold as you see the strangers' sorrows
In their unseeing eyes are all the sadness and lies
You start to feel afraid that you too shall never fly

Your mind is full of doubt yet no, you won't cry out
You won't let no one hear your vulnerable shout
But please know though as we go friends grow away
I will never be left lost along the winding way

As a believe life is no solitary walk in the rain
Take my hand and I will share your burden and pain
For a while I'll carry it, for some good long mile
So your eyes can be dry and your lips curved into a smile

Don't wait for the wind that has blown away
Let go the memories of your past sad days
You've walked proud miles though you've not found a cure
There isn't any slightest reason to feel like a failure

All the while you sat in the dark and dead of night
Why not light a candle and have a little light
You have to try to go on because life goes on
Remember, every time you smile an angel is being born

And you'll believe that life is no solitary walk through storms
Everyone has a fault, like all roses have their thorns
Even if there are times when love too seems to fail
At the very end of the tunnel, darkness won't prevail