Let Me Hold You

I am taken,
Though you are not,
And that means I can't have you,
Can't have you.

It doesn't stop me from dreaming,
From smiling when you look my way,
From blushing when you wink at me.

You've always meant a lot,
Stood for something significant,
And although my emotions are mixed,
I know that I will never hate you,
It would hurt too much.
Too much.

Another day passes,
Like another tear falling,
Even without you,
X-rated, my thoughts become.

And I fall...
Back into you.

That's me in the corner,
That you in the spotlight,
And we meet,
Somewhere, everywhere,
And I see you as you really are,
And I want you.

You even haunt my dreams now,
Your face, your body, but mostly your eyes,
We kiss.

We kiss for the first time in my mind,
But not for the last.

I think you know, and you feel the same,
But you won't say it.
You won't say it when they might overhear.
But we both know it's there.

Let me keep you in my dreams,
Let me hold you again.