Standing upon the cliff
Waters swelling far below
The elements are my enemies
Fire, water, earth, and air.
Wind can send me crashing down
Fire will chase me off
The earth can crumble beneath my feet
Harsh rain will send me to my doom.

Yet here I stand, no where to go
No place to run or hide
The gentle wind mocks my fate
Passing whispers through my ears
Warning me of the consiqueces
Of these choices that I make.

One word slips and my fate is sealed
Down my body shall fall
Into the crashing sea.

Tears spill down my gentle face
This isn't fair this choice I make
My heart burns for those I'll hurt
But I made my choice
My heart knows what it wants.

Small sacrafices--
A part of me dies within
As the rest of me lives on
So here I balance upon the cliff
Tettering between life and death
Will my life me saved
Or will the elements
complete my destiny?