A/N: This one is interesting to me

Ghosts they don't know who they are
They don't usually go to far
They're spirits that have an unfinished job
Some are here for little things, others come to rob

Sometimes ghosts can be
Something you don't want to see
Some are nice and some are bad
Some are really really sad

Ghosts don't know they're dead
They take on normal life even go to bed
They live like everyday life
Sometimes accompanied by their wives

Ghosts are like me and you
You're all forgetting they were people too
They may haunt us and scare us to death
Then we join them after the last breath

Ghosts are often misunderstood
I wouldn't want to be one if I could
I wanna join the angels in the sky
That's what I'll do when I die.

PerpetuousDreamer~ ALWAYS A DREAMER