I see the puppets on their strings
I know they can have better things
If only they will spread their wings
And see my soul as it sings
Pushed and pulled by another mind
Unable to live with thoughts entwined
They dance onward until they find
The truth, the fault, of their own kind
Lifeless bodies, hanging dead
I've watched them suffer as they bled
They cannot talk, things can't be said
Unless they choose to break their thread
I'm free to move without a master
Whilst you know nothing but disaster
I am not moulded by a caster
Running on, sprinting faster
Everyone's born with their own free will
This very will, some choose to kill
Not me not ever, I dance until
The air around me stands stone still
Why can't we all be free from wrong?
Just live our life and sing our song
The taste of freedom is ever strong
As it has been all along
So if you find me one day
Living life the only way
For each ones own. It shall stay
To no others I will obey