She Held Him

She held him so he'd be near-by
As the Sun waltzed slow through the sky
And the Moon's shimmering glow cut through night
As the Earth heated up below
Making others adopt a glow
And as young children suffered from frostbite
As people worked
Feeling the pressure
Finally smirked
At two-days leisure
She held him pulled real close to her
'Til her white dress became a blur
Until her black shirt merged into the back
And her soft lips touched his pale cheek
So soft it could have caused critique
But then her hard fingernails did attack
Things were murky
The truth was covered
He would be perky
If truth discovered
She held him hugged in both her arms
Drawn in by his sweet happy charms
And the way he made her cry deep blue tears
Her heart flittered when she saw him
They filled Love's cup up to the brim!
She hated it when she accused her fears
She envied traits
That only he had
She really rates
And she thinks he's "rad"
She held him but we ask what for?
For the moments had one huge flaw
In what she thought was her one perfect love
He had already ran away
Sitting still he could not just stay
He wasn't meant to take her up above
He slipped from her
And crept out the door
Did not deter
Come back any more