Okay, this essay is merely me working through my PERSONAL philosophy in my mind and jotting it down to get it all straight - whether you agree with everything I say is entirely up to you. I am fully aware that this subject might offend some people, let me make it clear that I do not intend to diminish in any way your faith in whatever deity you choose to believe in. I'm sharing this to see if anyone else can follow the logic of this or whether I'm just crazy.

I'm sometimes an atheist, sometimes an agnostic. I think the problem is that I'm an optimistic cynic which tends to make me waver. I don't want to believe that after death we just disappear but nor can my logic allow me to believe in a God that belongs to one church or faith. So, I've come up with a theory that should put my mind at rest because, whatever the outcome I will have covered all bases.

Most religions in the West believe that God is inherently good.

So, if there is a god then the general consensus agrees that he is the ultimate justice.

So, a good God would let people in to heaven if they had lived their lives by trying to help people and live in peace.

Not only that, many religions agree that any creator God must be omnipotent and omniscient so God would be able to see all my motivations and reasoning and be able to judge fairly if I had tried to live my life well.

So, as long as I live my life trying to make the world a better place then God would let me in to heaven whether I believe in God or not.

If God only let in people who believed in him then he wouldn't be good because that would imply selfishness.

If God is not good then I'm doomed but who wants to be in a bad God's heaven anyway?

If there isn't a God then why the hell am I worrying? I'll never know about it anyway!!

So that's it folks, if you have a particular religious belief then take comfort in knowing that if you've picked the wrong one you'll go to heaven anyway! If you're an atheist you'll be fine as well. I know this is a simplistic view of it all but it's food for thought.