You showed me how to love,

You taught me to let my guard down;

That I could finally trust those close to me.

You begged me not to cry,

Not to let pain consume me.

You asked me what was wrong,

And told me "I'm sorry".

You made me think you wanted me;

Pulled me on you and used me...

You touched a part of me I didn't think was still there.

You grew on me.

I loved you for sticking around.

I wanted you all to myself;

Never let people push me down.

I can still remember, I can still dream,

I can still make you love me.

And now time will pass,

And spaces will part us.

I can see your face when I miss your last goodbye.

I can't say goodbye, till' I tell you the truth.

But I can't do either,

I'm nothing for you.